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Typical Sensational Sunday-ness

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This morning started with some Cut the Rope playing.


Someone is obsessed.

It was just the 2-year-old and I.


The 8-year-old slept over a friend’s house and The Husband slept in, as usual.

I was enlisted to read Don’t Push the Button! and because I know how much he likes it I settled in with my grapefruit.


We read it 3 times.

I decided to put a pot roast in the slow cooker so dinner would be easy.


Just WAIT until you see how good it came out.

While I was cooking…


Dad woke up, I made eggs, they played MORE Cut the Rope.


The Husband was enlisted to do a puzzle but before too long…


Told you. Obsessed.

I picked up the Boy Scout.


He had a great time.

I finally got a moment to organize the new purse I got for Christmas.


I LOVE this pouch bag from Haiku. It was an REI find and I put it on my Christmas list.

Right now Roblox and Skype are very popular in my house.


I feel like we have virtual kids living with us.

It was getting close to nap time.


And my lunch date time!


I met a friend at Clementine. A cute little place in the city.

I ordered the most amazing BBQ chicken sandwich and chose a Moroccan carrot salad as my side.



When I got back I had to kick someone off the computer.


And we started the laundry.


Even Irish pitched in.


We then straightened up the basement and had a snowball fight.


I highly recommend this Indoor Snowball Fight set. We got it for Christmas and it’s definitely the sleeper gift of the year.


The kids love it and, well, parents do, too. Let’s just say you can get a lot of frustration out by whipping balls at each other.

To get my #2014RunStreak run in, I bundled up the kids and headed to the park. I was pretty sore after yesterday’s competition so we ran at a slow pace.


The park ended up not being as interesting as this leftover snow pile but we had fun all the same.

Everyone was freezing but they still didn’t want to leave. It had to take some convincing.


I came up and unveiled the Crock Pot Masterpiece!


I will share more detailed on GreenLiteBites. It was my best pot roast to date! Everyone loved it.

After dinner we cleaned up, danced, and played “don’t let the balloons touch the ground.”


Then we folded the laundry while watching America’s Funniest Home Videos.


It was a great day. After the kids went to bed The Husband and I watched TV while working on my new site.

I’m exhausted and I’m ready to drag my butt to bed.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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    January 13, 2014

    Oh I need that snowball fight thingie! My daughter just turned one… so she doesn’t need it, but how fun for me and hubby! hehe :)