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10 Ways I Try to Live Life Younger (Than I Am) 

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In September I took a Health Assessment as part of my HumanaVitality membership and discovered that my Vitality Age, a number that tells you what age you’re your body is living based on a survey, was the same as my real age: 37.


I can’t lie, I was a little disappointed. I hoped it would tell me my healthy, active lifestyle was keeping me younger.

In so many ways, I enjoy getting older. I’m more confident, established and secure than I’ve ever been, but I still have an intense desire to stay young (doesn’t everyone?)

These are the ways I consciously try to stay as young as possible. I can only hope they are helping.

10. Continually Learning. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t learn something new. I try to live life through the eyes of my kids. Everything is new to them. They aren’t callous, bitter or jaded. There is a genuine interest and awe in how the world works, especially nature, animals, and science. I love it and try to watch educational shows with them as much as I can. I also love to read tutorials online and take classes. A few years ago I took a drawing class and it was an absolute blast! If you are a HumanaVitality member you can even earn rewards for taking CPR, first aid classes and many other health and well-being education courses online.

9. Keep Moving. If you ask my friend, Jen, what it’s like to vacation with me you’ll get an earful about my “moving” habits. I go out of my way to walk, take the stairs and move my body.

Screen shot 2014-01-14 at 8.27.31 AMI ALWAYS take the stairs, even with luggage. 

I know I’m a bit of a nut about it, but I can easily remember a time when I lived my life completely opposite. I would do anything I could to NOT move. As someone who’s been on both sides of the active coin, I can honestly say moving more makes me feel SO much younger. With HumanaVitality, moving helps me earn Vitality Points and Vitality Bucks, which I can redeem for rewards, like Amazon gift cards and music downloads. Not only that, but the more active I am, the lower my Vitality Age is likely to be, and for some reason that makes me happy. :)

8. Play. This kind of goes hand in hand with Keep Moving but there’s a play mentality I adopted to help me consciously stay young, especially as my oldest enters adolescence. It may seem insignificant, but little things like jumping off swings, playing hide and seek, and racing to the car are simple ways to interject play into your everyday life, and I love how young it makes me feel. Plus it helps me earn extra steps on my pedometer, which get me closer to extra Vitality Points.

Screen shot 2014-01-14 at 8.29.57 AM I joined him right after I snapped that photo.

7. Get Physicals. My doctor actually remembers me! And it’s not because I’m sick all the time. I’ve been getting physicals for a few years now and she calls me “boring” because I’m active and maintain a healthy weight. She cracks me up!

6. Hang Around Other Young-Minded People. Notice I didn’t say “young people” because I know an awful lot of people younger than me who act much older. Wait. Did I just insult myself? Oh, well, I don’t care. I would much rather surround myself with people who have a zest for life, regardless of their age.

5. Traveling. Travel epitomizes many things on this list like learning, moving, playing and hanging around young-minded people. When I travel, I’m all about experiencing and I can’t help but think new experiences equal youth.

Screen shot 2014-01-14 at 8.31.12 AMMe on a hike on a recent trip to L.A.

4. Reminisce. This may sound counterproductive because reminiscing is usually associated with an “it-was-better-back-then” attitude but I disagree! I love sharing stories of my past with my kids. We listen to old music, and I tell stories of my childhood, especially around the holidays. I think acknowledging your age while living in the moment is a great combination to stay young at heart!

3. What Comfort Zone? If I stayed nice and cozy in my comfort zone, I would never have run my first race, completed a marathon, experienced a Tough Mudder, or – geesh! – proved to myself I could do two in two days! I would have never traveled alone, gone out of the country or (and this is the truth) given birth to my second son. All of these things were giant leaps of faith for me. I try to stay young by shoving myself out of my comfort zone on a continual basis. Hello Gemini Games this past weekend!

2. Eat Consciously. I don’t think there’s any question: we are what we eat. After years of maintaining a weight loss, I’ve come to the conclusion that eating consciously keeps me young. It’s not about total deprivation or a strict diet plan—it’s balance and compromise. Food should be enjoyed, not feared, and adopting a healthy attitude toward food helps me stay young. If you are a member, HumanaVitality even has a program called Vitality HealthyFood, which allows eligible members to earn 10% savings on healthier foods marked with the Great For You icon at Walmart stores across the country.

1. DANCE! No, really. Right now! I dance more now than I ever have. Getting older may have given me the confidence to but by doing so I feel like it keeps me young.

Screen shot 2014-01-14 at 8.33.32 AMDancing with the 2 year-old — a daily activity in my house.

I honestly feel younger now than ever. Has anyone else gotten younger with age?  I really feel like I have!

Note: This is a HumanaVitality sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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    KCLAnderson (Karen)

    January 14, 2014

    Fabulous post!

    In many ways I feel younger than I did 10 (even 20) years ago…and in many ways I feel wiser, too, which I know has nothing to do with age. I like this combination :-)


    January 14, 2014

    I love this. There are so many days that I can’t believe I’m truly 44 and I think it is because of things like this – making the effort to live younger!!


    January 15, 2014

    Great post! I turned 40 in August and I feel 100 times healthier, happier and more vibrant now than I did at 20. Having my son 7 years ago not only inspired me to take care of myself, lose weight and get active, but he makes me want to get the most out of each day.


    January 15, 2014

    I feel younger now too, but only because I’ve settled in and matured in important ways. Because I understand the impacts of doing now what you can versus the younger me who always pushed things off, I now build in time for exercise, good food, and good times. Above that, I can enjoy it all so much more because I’ve built a foundation of just what needs done, done. I love where I am “age”-wise. Love, love, love it. And, life isn’t at all what I thought it would be, but I find myself back to the state of awe over the little things of the world. This might be due to my nephews, like with your children, but it’s SO easy to love life (even on bad days / months) when you consider all the wonder-full things this world / nature has to offer. Just step outside. Thanks for your blog and this post!


    January 16, 2014

    hey Roni, although the test shows your at the real age, your heart is younger than it is. it shows and we can feel it by your words. perhaps try again the text next year, i bet it would be somewhat different results.