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Me in a Chef Jacket and 10 Tips to Manage Airport Snack Attacks!

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I had a great day with HumanaVitality and these amazing women!


That’s Alyson Boyd, Elizabeth from Local Savour, Me (in a CHEF’S jacket!)  Vianney from Sweet Life, and Sarah of Frankly Entertaining.

We had a blast getting to know each other and sharing our stories and recipe ideas.

It was a long day and when I got back to my room I was hungry. I almost ordered a burger and fries but after last night’s San Antonio splurge, I thought I’d make a better choice.

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 10.35.48 PM

That’s my room service delivered soup and salad and it was delicious!

Sometimes doing what you can when you can (#wycwyc) is simply making a different choice.

And that’s what this week’s Tuesday Top 10 List is all about.

Every time I travel it’s quite the challenge not to eat my way through the airport so I decided to compose my Top 10 Tips to Manage Airport Snack Attacks. Don’t kill me but I decided to share it on the travel blog — click here to check it out — because, well, it’s travel related!

Sometimes having multiple blogs gives me the different outlets I need for my interests and sometimes those outlets overlap. :)

I’d better go — I have a super early flight tomorrow morning. I can’t wait to see my boys!

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