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An A-maizing Sunday!

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I was feeling great this morning. Now? Ugh. I’m a hormonal mess. Mooody. Blah. Just out of sorts.

Still feel like I’m just treading water but I’m so over it now. I want my mojo back.

I woke up to a crock pot of sauce I made from my mom’s garden-fresh tomatoes.


It was her last harvest. I pureed 6 lbs of them with some onion and garlic. Then I cooked it on low overnight in the crock pot.


I fried up some sausage and made meatballs to cook in it all day.


That green stuff you see it cabbage. I have so much fresh produce from a new CSA I joined I’m just looking for ways to use it up.

For breakfast I made the kids waffle sticks out of my old whole grain pancake batter.


Someone was too distracted for breakfast though.


After breakfast I went for a run.

Screen shot 2013-10-27 at 10.18.49 PM

I miss my longer runs — this 3 miles was rough it’s been so long. I’ve been replacing Sunday runs with yoga for a few weeks now but today I decided to hit the pavement.

Time is at a premium anymore. There’s just not enough to do all the things I’d like to do!

When I got back I had to try one of my meatballs.


So good.

Now I’m sorry I didn’t take more photos and notes so I could share on GreenLiteBites. Sometimes I just need to cook without documenting. It’s therapeutic.

Everyone got dressed and we headed to lunch on our way to Maize Quest.


My stepfather and niece were joining us.

Maize Quest has been a family tradition since before we had kids. The Husband and I have gone yearly since 2001 but it’s way more fun now.


The hay bales outside are always a big hit.


I love that Ryan likes to capture things with the camera. We waited to shoot this until the other kids cleared out.


Here’s the crew!


Cousins. :)


The 2-year-old was very bossy on which way to go.


Boy he was a trouper. They all were. We walked for over 2 hours!

After we finished the maze, we hung out for a bit before leaving.

Everyone was wiped.


It was a great day.

We came home, ate dinner, baths, bed, Walking Dead and The Mentalist.

Now I’m now off to bed. More sleep is still one of my goals and I’m actively working on it.

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    Looks like a great Sunday Roni :D

    Karen Cleary

    October 28, 2013

    Funks happen. The change of seasons is usually the culprit for me. I think all you can really do is ride it out, and try to keep up healthy habits in the meantime, which you seem to be doing. Longer runs have always helped me… Can’t deny the endorphin rush!