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A Very Productive Sensational Sunday

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This is one of those Sensational Sunday’s where I look at the photos at the end of the day and think, “Holy crap, that was today.”

I was in go mode. I needed it.

This Little Guy had me up at the break of dawn.


He loves this FlashPad game his brother got for Christmas last year but it was soon replaced with “Max and Ruby.”


Notice the house. It was really a mess. Just unorganized, especially because we pulled out the Halloween boxes yesterday.


My clothes are also in need of some serious organizing.


And my desk? HA!


So I decided it was time to turn off the TV and get productive.

Someone was NOT happy about this decision.


But he got over it. Within minutes we found something to do.


I decided to tackle my desk and right before I got started this kid…


…scared the bejesus out me! I wish I had it on video because he snuck up and I swear I jumped 10 feet in the air. We were cracking up!

Within the half hour…


…clean desk!

And just in time for me to escape to Bikram yoga.

This is the second Sunday I’ve gone but I’ve had to give up my traditional Sunday run for it.

Right now though, it’s what I need.


The class is impossibly hard but it’s so therapeutic.

Afterwards I hit the grocery store all sweaty and came home to this.


They are so stinkin’ cute.

I made the boys lunch…


…put the groceries away, and started a cook-fest.


Bison was actually on sale at the grocery store so I decided to make meatballs.

For my lunch, I had the end of my pumpkin soup topped with a cubed Mini Babybel and bacon bits while watching the 8-year-old play Lego City.


This soup came out fabulous. I plan on posting about it on GreenLiteBites tomorrow.

I also tried my hand at some homemade applesauce with a few aging apples and pears I had in the fruit bowl.


I didn’t want to throw them away but they weren’t really snack-able anymore.

With the 2-year-old napping the 8-year-old and I finished the Halloween decorations.


We finished and then someone woke up very grumpy so I distracted him with a clean chalkboard wall.


My timer went off for the spaghetti squash I threw in the oven earlier.


Click here to see how I roast it whole. 

My applesauce was also done and although I LOVED it, Little Guy wasn’t sold.


He’s way too much like Daddy.



It was time to pack the kids up in the car and head to the mall. We had some errands to run and The Husband wanted to do a little shopping.

When we got back the boys played …


…while the husband cleaned up watching football …


…and I made dinner.

They all devoured it!


The Bison Balls came out amazing! I wasn’t planning on sharing the recipe but I think I will.

After dinner I prepared tomorrow’s dinner.


I was really on a mission today. I needed a good prep day.

Oh! Tomorrow’s dinner, right. Click here to see how I make 2 dinners in 1 when I made sauce. Normally I use chicken but today I slow cooked pork for pulled pork sandwiches.

The Husband headed to tennis practice, the boys watched Thomas …


… and I cleaned the kitchen.

With the 2-year-old in bed the 8-year-old and I had a folding party while watching Halloween specials on the Travel Channel.


Then we sneaked outside to see our decorations at night.


My day ended with some Greek yogurt, raspberries and cocoa nibs.


So stinkin’ good.

It was a much needed proactive day. Like I said, I needed it. There’s been a funk rolling in.

Hope you have a great weekend.

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    October 6, 2013

    You always make me feel like such a slacker! Just kidding! I actually find posts like this very motivating. Some days you just have to get stuff done! :-)
    I was wondering if you would talk about meal times. Your family seems to eat dinner early and do a whole lot after dinner. Just wondering what time you usually eat. I’m always afraid to eat early because night time snacking is my weakness.


      October 6, 2013

      Tonight we ate a little after 6. We didn’t much after it, just folding clothes and baths. :)


    October 7, 2013

    Kids are copies of their parents aren’t they, Some of you, some of him. It worries my my 10-year-old relative thinks it’s ok to sit in front on the TV with a whole packet (family-sized) of chips, crackers, Oreos etc Daddy does it so why wouldn’t he? I think it’s a scary habit to start so young. Especially since Dad was diagnosed with insulin-dependent diabetes in his 40s.


    October 7, 2013

    PS I can’t get onto GLB right now because of a huge discovertasmania. com ad that is filling the screen. It tries to take me to brooke vs the world .com


      October 7, 2013

      Ugh. I’m sorry. Sometimes the ad networks get a little aggressive and I have to complain. I’m on it.

    Marissa Wade

    October 7, 2013

    We pulled out the Halloween decorations this weekend too! Unfortunately I’m still working on them, lol. We have about 9 rubbermaid containers of Halloween! In our defense, we have an annual Halloween party AND it’s one of our favorite days to celebrate! I just love reading your Sensational Sunday posts. They’re very energizing/motivating. I’m still kind of lost right now when it comes to weight-loss and exercise but your posts remind me to just get moving.
    On a side note, I really like the idea of recapping what your day. I tend to focus on what I didn’t do and then beat myself up. Maybe I will journal about what I accomplished each daily. Just trying to stay positive!

    Sammy @ Peace Love & Ice Cream

    October 7, 2013

    You are my cooking inspiration!! Looks like you had a great, full day!! )
    -Sammy @

    I’ve been loving my greek yoghurt and berries lately – it’s so filling!