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Scenes from My Sensational Sunday

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I’m a woman of few words and many pictures tonight.

I hit the ground running with these two early birds.


We haven’t done laundry bombs in awhile since everyone now does their own loads, but we pulled together both kids’ baskets for some fun.



Once the laundry was started we hit the kitchen to make some Banana Oatmeal Cups.



Someone took a break to get some work done.


Then we moved on to Whoopie Pies.


The plan was to make them together but playing with friends trumped cooking with mom. :(


They turned out great!


I realized at noon I was still in my mismatched pajamas and I spent the entire day in the kitchen.


It was nice.

Lunch was a mish-mash of leftovers.


And for dessert half of a Whoopie Pie I split with the 8-year-old


After lunch we cleaned up a bit and watched some of the Ravens game.


This is the Little Bean’s attempt at moving the stool to the sink so he can wash his hands. lol


In the afternoon I took the boys to the mall for haircuts.


We spent a little time walking around.


Dinner was steak, broccoli and this quick potato dish I’ll share on GreenLiteBites later this week.


After dinner, well … this…


We played some music, cleaned up, and made lunches.


The Husband had tennis practice so I took the boys for a walk to the park.


Then it was baths and bed for them and Breaking Bad for me! :)

Now I’m ready to hit the hay. Operation Breaking Bad Habits is still in effect. I’ve been getting a little more sleep but definitely still not enough. I need to go bed now, like RIGHT now.

Hope you had a great weekend. Good night!

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    Kristine Beeson

    September 23, 2013

    great collection of weekend memories in picture form, as always! I particularly love the sink-washing attempt by little bean :) happy sleeping and have a great start to your week :)


    September 23, 2013

    You know I love the Sensational Sunday posts! Going to check out the whoopie pie recipe and can’t wait for the potato recipe. We have lots of potatoes from our garden.

    Sammy @ Peace Love & Ice Cream

    September 23, 2013

    You certainly had a sensational Sunday! Isn’t life crazy/awesome/silly/hectic with 2 boys?? I just love it! :)
    -Sammy @