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I am SO excited about this announcement I can hardly stand it. About an hour ago I wrapped up my very first meeting on, a new site my friend Esther is launching.

More than 20 years of research shows people lose up to 3 times more weight if they check in at least once a week with someone else. This is the idea Weight Watchers is based on and something I can say helped me immensely when I was losing. It’s also why I started the idea of a Wednesday Weigh In here on the site.

Now with the help of Yardstick,  I can host live weigh-in meetings!

A few days ago I shared this on my Facebook wall:

For those of you who have been following me from the beginning you know I lost 70lbs in 2005-2006. I did this with the help of WW and blogging.

I’ve since become a runner (still weird for me to say), maintained my weight though a second pregnancy, and am now somewhat of a fitness fanatic. (Freaking out over my CrossFit competition win this weekend!!)

Anyway, I’ve come a LONG way but it’s very easy for me to remember my 15 years of yo-yo dieting and being stuck in that cycle of gaining/losing because of low self-esteem and a bad body image.

A huge part of my weight loss success was the weekly WW meetings I attended. I committed to them and looked forward to the accountability and sense of community I had there.

I’ve since pulled away from WW as the plan changed from the one that worked for me (Flex), but I still think there is power in the approach of a weekly check-in and community support. That’s why I’ve been keeping up with my Wednesday Weigh-In posts on the blog.

Well, all of this is a long intro to the actual announcement!

My friend Esther is launching a new site called It’s a place for “leaders” to host weekly weigh-in meetings and I’m excited to get the opportunity to be one of those first to participate.

For years everyone told me I should be a WW leader but it never felt right. This feels right. It’s not tied to any particular eating or diet plan and I firmly believe everyone has to find what works for them.

I’m nervous but excited I get a more personal way to help people who are where I once was. I really want to help those who want to lose weight, but more importantly, I want to help people break out of the yo-yo dieting cycle of hell because being in it sucks.

Here’s the link to my leader page on the site:

Today I hosted my first meeting. It was SO much fun! We talked about our weekly successes, food journaling, accountability and setting goals for the next week. I’m working on a series of topics to chat about with the group every week.

Right now I’m only offering one meeting on Wednesdays at noon Eastern time, but if this is something you guys think you can benefit from, I’m completely open to hosting a few more throughout the week.

This is a great way for me to connect more personally and help those who are stuck in a cycle I know all too well.

On a more personal note, this is also something that scares the bejesus out of me! I have butterflies just typing this. Blogging comes easy to me. I type what I’m thinking, I hit publish, you read it or don’t, it’s all good. Live meetings? Yikes! There’s a bit more pressure for me to be on time, stay on point and really help individual people.

But I think I’m up for the challenge. I’m ready, which brings me to my other announcement: I’m done with the scale. Finished.


I hopped on this morning (no photo) feeling AMAZING and it was the highest number I’ve seen in weeks (155.6) and I realized if I truly want to train, lift and compete athletically I can not preoccupy myself with the scale anymore. I just can’t. I’ll still “weigh in” weekly with everyone here, possibly sharing the topic of the week from my live meetings if I can get into a groove. I need to move on from the weight-loss mentality I’ve been clinging to and that’s another reason why I want to do these meetings. In a way I feel like I’m graduating. It’s time. Inner mean girl be damned.

For my weekly Weigh-in’ers: I promise, no more hijacking weekly weigh-in posts. I’ve just had a lot going on. Please update us below. How are you doing? How was your week? Any goals this week?

  • Suzie

    Hi Roni, this is so exciting! Unfortunately I won’t be able to join the online meetings very often due to my work and baby schedule. Also, the scale and hard core weight training are not a good combination. I love that you are getting competitive with Crossfit and are having fun with it. I missed last weeks weigh-in as I was out of town on our first family vacation! Anyway, here are my numbers:

    HW: 255
    Last week: 220
    This Week: 218.2
    Goal: 199 (for now)

    I am down another 1.8 pounds over the last two weeks and I’m feeling great. I am walking with my baby but it’s been hard since the temps are still in the 90′s during the day here in Texas.

    • RoniNoone

      You are rocking it!!

  • Brenda

    Roni this is so great. I think you will be wonderful with these live meetings. It is something I am definitely interested in, but my little guy gets off the bus at 12:10 don’t know how that would really work for me.

    As far as weigh in I am the same. I have been maintaining my 5lb gain for 2 1/2 months now :( I just started up with my exercise again and I have been tracking on MFP for about 1 1/2 months now but food alone is not really cutting it for me. I think that for you training the way that you are, the scale is not going to be your friend. As long as you keep being consistent with your workouts and making good food choices you will still see the body you want to see and I think thats better than a number. These are all goals I have for myself.

    • RoniNoone

      I’m hoping to introduce a few more meeting times options over the next few weeks. Will keep you posted.

  • Amanda West


    I’m so excited that you are doing this! Just sad that I missed today’s meeting :( Didn’t see your update about this until now. I will gladly attend your meetings. If you are looking for requests.. maybe you could do one at noon and one in the evenings for others? I’m adding it to my schedule for next week!



    • RoniNoone

      I was thinking an evening as well. That may be the second one I add.

  • Dukebdc

    If it’s OK, I’ll just keep checking in here in the comments. I work in an open office, so an online meeting during business hours is out of the question for me, unfortunately.

    Didn’t weigh in today. Last weigh-in 4-5 days ago was still in the 131 range. Still 6 pounds over the top of my goal/maintenance range. I am interestingly exactly in the same place I was 12 months ago. This past year I lost from October through January, maintained until nearly June, and put on 9 pounds in the last 3 months.

    • RoniNoone

      Of course it’s ok! And maintaining your weight for a year is a pretty big deal in my opinion.

  • Ashley

    How exciting! I hope to be able to join some meetings.
    This was a rough week for me. I think it was all in my head. The last few weeks I’ve been losing and feeling great. Went down a pant size and everything felt like smooth sailing. Then for some reason this week hit and I totally felt huge and unmotivated and blah. I hate that. Time to get back on track. Today was 85 days continuous tracking on MFP though so that’s awesome. :) Here are the numbers…
    HW: 207
    CW: 169 (-.2)
    GW: 165 (for now!)

    Have a good week!

    • RoniNoone

      That is REALLY awesome! Good for you!

  • Sammy @ Peace Love & Ice Cream

    Wow Roni! What an awesome opportunity! You are such a leader you should’ve been doing something like this a long time ago!! Your ‘team’ is so lucky to have you! I too lost about 50 lbs with Weight Watchers after my pregnancies – and I will always have a ‘Weight Watcher mentality’ when it comes to food quantity and consumption (in a good way!) and I’m grateful for that! The last handful of posts that you’ve published should be proof enough that the scale means nothing! You look great and feel great and – I know it’s easier said than done – but that should be all you need! Look at what your body accomplished last weekend :)
    -Sammy @

    • RoniNoone

      Thanks so much Sammy. :)

  • Maria

    Great news! How exciting, you will be awesome!! I am continuing to struggle with finding the energy during this pregnancy to move off the couch. I did do some numbers though in my head and according to monthly dr appt weigh ins I really have only gained like 13lbs in these 20 weeks. We’ll see what happens on Monday when I go back. Hope everyone has a good week!

    • RoniNoone

      Pregnancy is hard, especially that first trimester. Don’t worry, your energy will pick up and then you can get some walks in.

  • Deb

    Roni- My friends who do CrossFit all say they weigh more now than they ever have but their clothes fit differently and they wear a smaller size than before. You should be so proud of yourself for conquering that “all or nothing” behavior when it comes to being active. I think that’s the hardest part. Even when you have moments of feeling out of control with your eating, you still go and ENJOY your regular exercise routine. Good for you! That number on the scale is showing your gain in STRENGTH, physically and emotionally!

    • RoniNoone

      Thank you! It is hard to get over that “low number mentality” and that’s why I think ignoring is my best option now.

  • Candice

    Haven’t been able to boot camp for the last couple of weeks due to trying to correct my plantar faciatis. I have been doing yoga instead. Overall have gained 18lbs in the last three months. It has been very frustrating. I haven’t been 100% but I haven’t been really far off. It’s quite frustrating but I don’t know how to get back on track. Really want to try Crossfit but am afraid I will injure myself worst once its finally better. Your meetings may help as I have always found you an inspiration. Can’t wait til you add one at night. Thanks for all you do Roni! Congrats on your Crossfit win!

    • RoniNoone

      Thanks! And i hope to get that evening one up and running in the next few weeks!

  • valerie

    My schedule is nuts. I’m a wife. I’m a mom. I’m a high school teacher with tons of extra duties on top of “just” teaching. I’m a doctoral student. My BFF was in town this weekend and we had several adult beverages. I made poor food choices. But here’s the deal… I had a great time and relaxed. That’s a huge issue for me. I can never chill out because there is just so much to do. I haven’t had a workout in weeks. I’ve been maintaining until this weekend and even that was only up 1 pound. I’m not even close to goal – 35 pounds to go but I know I’ve made progress with the 10 pounds I have lost.

    • RoniNoone

      LIFE! It happens. :) Good for you for maintaining through it all!

  • Karen P

    HW: 187.4
    CW: 115.0
    Goal weight range 113-117
    Years at goal weight 1.5+ !!!
    age 47
    Years of yo-yo dieting = 40

    Another week of good stuff with weight maintenance. I’ve had the one of the hardest, saddest years I’ve ever known as I’ve had another personal loss ( sudden death of a family friend).

    Problem solving my emotional/binge eating to the point of recovery, even through the grief, has been one of my greatest accomplishments this year.

    Bittersweet and I’ll take that. It’s life. Onward.- PS Roni, congrats on the Crossfit victory and good luck with your new meeting. You are a great resource.

    • RoniNoone

      I’m so sorry life has been throwing all this stuff at you but I’m so happy you are recognizing how great you are doing managing it all. {{HUGS}}

  • Nancyabc

    Ok my doctor said that my lymphademia would not be affected by my surgery but I think she might be wrong–ugh!! I weiged 271 on Sat. and today I am 287 so I have gone up a bit since then. I am up 22 pds since surgery so I will have an uphill battle for the next couple of months but if I don’t give up I will eventually go back down. I hope everyone else is having a good week.

    • RoniNoone

      Cut yourself some slack. Surgery is very traumatic on the body and while your body is healing the numbers are probably going to be all over the place.

  • Martha Glantz

    This is my first post and I love the idea of a weekly “weigh in.” I’ve been doing that on WebMD where I get reminded to post my weight each Thursday. I generally weigh myself a couple of times/week as for me that is important.
    When I started my goal was just to eat healthier and get out of the obese category (UGH). since then I’ve changed a lot of things and continue to eat healthy and move more.
    so here’s the stats:
    first GW: 175
    current GW: 162
    CW: 149.6
    Ht: 5/8″
    Age: 63

    • RoniNoone

      You are doing great! Are you in maintenance?

    • Martha Glantz

      Thanks. When I hit 162 I said I just wanted to maintain my weight, but I’ve been slowly losing since then. Still consider myself in maintenance though.
      One of the biggest head changes for me is that I never “went on a diet.” Instead I decided to eat healthier and move more, oh yes! and drink less wine. All that combined to see me ditch the pounds. I don’t want to say I lost them because I ain’t looking to find them.

  • Ana

    Roni – The web meetings sound great. Do we need to have a webcam on our end, or is it just you who is on video? I don’t have access to one during lunch at work, but maybe I could participate at a later session you add if it’s in the evening. Thanks!

    • RoniNoone

      Nope, it helps to have a microphone but there’s even a call in feature and if you’re shy you can just use the chat.

      I hope to add a Wed Evening in a few weeks!

  • LisaM

    I’m in one of those phases where I was slightly off-track, then got back on, and feel like now I’m back to my good, normal life. But, the scale is up a few. And I do not care. I feel good and am taking care of myself, so I’m gonna wait & let the scale take care of itself when it’s good and ready. Roni, check out this fantastic post that echoes what you’ve been putting across very well lately, about how it’s not about the numbers –

    • RoniNoone

      Love it! Thanks!

  • Nicole

    I am gearing up for a powerlifting competition and I have a similar mindset in that I am eating to support my training and not as focused on fat loss right now. With powerlifting there is a lot of focus on the scale since it is a weight-class sport, but this time around I am in between weight classes so I don’t have to worry about trying to diet or cut weight.
    Currently holding steady at ~160-161, would like to drop down to the 148 weight class which would be a goal weight of ~153 or so. My high weight was 220 (also I realized today I’ve gone from a size 18 to a size 8! Pretty cool!)

    • RoniNoone

      Pretty cool? AWESOMELY cool! And I’m fascinated by powerlifting competitions. I’m just not in the culture.

  • Alicia

    HEY Roni- I’ve commented before on glb but I sneak over here a LOT for motivation!!!! I think your journey is FABULOUS and authentic! And that, my friend, is what already makes you a wonderful leader. With my little one turning two and my family having gone through some pretty ridiculous work/emotional trials, I am TRYING MY BEST to pull myself back together!!! We’ve been eating better since we stared little man on solids & my summer goal was to “move more!” (Inspired by YOU!) we started running the couch to 5k! I’d love to join your group but our finances have taken a HUGE hit- however- i am committing today to the Wednesday weigh-in. I need this. Ugh- here goes…
    Hw: 234 (after baby)
    Cw: 222
    Gw: 199 (for now —I just do not want to see that “2″ in the front!!!!)
    Height: 5’6″
    Age: 31 (when did THAT happen?!)


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