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I’m still recovering. Isn’t that sad? I’ve been home since Tuesday and have yet to find my groove. The house is in serious need of a good cleaning. My laundry is all over the place. All my FitBloggin’ stuff got delivered, so I have boxes of lanyards and miscellaneous trinkets to organize. I haven’t even gone through my photos yet!

Despite all that, do you know what I did today?

Screen shot 2013-07-05 at 11.03.35 PM

“All of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon, instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today.” — Dale Carnegie

That’s right. I dropped everything. I had no child care. The Husband had to work. My choices were to attempt catching up while juggling a 2-year-old and an 8-year-old OR enjoy the roses that were blooming outside my window. Apparently the roses were the right choice because someone napped over 3 hours also giving me a chance to get work done.

Must remember this trick.

Anyway, I really did have a good day. I even made a fun recipe for GreenLiteBites …

…but I didn’t get a chance to post it. Hopefully that will happen during tomorrow’s nap. ;)

  • Tracy @

    This post sends a great message. And shows us, your readers how you applied it simply. And how in the end you were able to reap the benefits of letting go and living life. I also think that living life doesn’t mean having to do something special. Just stopping your set routine and breaking lose a bit to live life can be so refreshing. Taking a different route to work or school shakes things up. You see different things and people.
    I am a big fan of summer swimming. Oh how it tires out our little people. It’s so good for them AND us.
    Thanks for your words of wisdom!!

  • Steve @

    Nice little article. The Dale Carnegie quote reminded me that I have that book somewhere in the house, and I really must dig it out and read it again. It’s funny how a hectic life has you forget those little pearls of wisdom. P.S. I think technically 3 Hours is a little more than ‘A Nap’ lol Steve

  • Cindy

    That is one beautiful picture of the little one! I love pictures that has the water splashing everywhere.

    Btw, a slide show from Shape came up on my Facebook page and guess who was in it when I checked it out!:

    There’s no date on it so maybe it’s older and you know about it. Anyway, congrats!

  • Jerry

    I am a big fan of summer swimming. Oh how it tires out our little people. It’s so good for them AND us.

    But a little thing trough swimming we cannot maintain fitness. I am very satisfy

    Try this once


  • Kimberly Anne

    Sometimes you have to just drop everything and enjoy life. I really struggle with this sometimes. Living in the moment. When the to do list is miles high, I’m exhausted, or want to go have fun…sometimes I make myself give in to a nap or going to have some fun instead. I always tell myself that the laundry will always be waiting for me later, it never does just disappear like I wish it would.

  • Meg

    Roni, I started reading your blog about a month ago (found you through another running blog-probably related to Fitbloggin’). Just wanted to say thanks for the way you share and inspire. That picture of your little one living life! is a powerful message about priorities.


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