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A Standard Sensational Sunday…

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… and boy did I need a good day at home.

Unfortunately, it started after a mere 5 hours of sleep because despite KNOWING I need to go to bed earlier, I’m not, and my stupid body won’t/can’t sleep past 6 a.m. It’s maddening!

So after staring at the ceiling for 20 minutes, I decided to stop trying and just get up. I was planning on a long run this morning anyway.

I strapped on my shoes and jury-rigged a homemade phone arm band with a FitBloggin‘ headband so I could track my run with the Nike+ app.


Apparently this gave me superpowers because it shaved over 2 minutes from my average time. I’m being sarcastic, of course. It seems to track incorrectly when on your arm, at least on my arm.  I’ve been meaning to blog about this app for some time. I love that I can use it instead of the old-fashioned one that plugged into my iPod because It gives me one less thing to carry on my run. It’s also integrated with Facebook in some really neat ways, but unless you hold it, it’s pretty inconsistent with its tracking. I’ll do a more detailed review in a future post.

I came home to this.


Yesterday we hit the mall and fell in love with these beach chairs. The 8-year-old is obsessed as you’ll see in the rest of this post.

After the run I was parched but not hungry so I settled on a smoothie-style breakfast experimenting with chia seeds and watermelon.


The result was fabulous! I may reduce the chia next time but boy was it refreshing and filling! I’ll post more about it on GreenLiteBites this week.

Soon The 2-year-old was calling my name and asking to be read to.


He’s completely book obsessed. It’s so stinking cute.

Now that both kids were up, it was time to put them to work.



A little break…


…before breakfast.


The boys asked for The Most Amazing Bowl Ever and I was happy to oblige.

While they ate I made my “famous” sun tea.


3 green and 2 mint tea bags sun brewed. It’s my go-to drink at home.

We had a mission to clean the living room but all our junk lying around was kind of distracting.


We finally got our act together…


… but it soon deteriorated into a sword fight.


All of this helped us work up an appetite. We raided the fridge for leftovers and I made myself this amazing kale salad.


I was going to try to get it posted on GreenLiteBites tonight but I don’t have it in me. I’ll get it up tomorrow.

UPDATE: It’s posted! Click here to get the recipe for Kale & Blueberry Salad With Creamy Strawberry Dressing

After lunch I had a phone interview for a telesummit called Leave Obesity Behind.


Robyn Bennett reached out and asked if I’d be willing to participate and I accepted. She’ll be providing me with the audio file shortly and I’ll be able to share it here on the blog.

I came back downstairs to this.


Told you. Obsessed.

I was getting a little hungry, opened the fridge and saw my leftover tilapia and Watermelon Blueberry salsa. The combo made the best fish taco!


After a bit of whining I got someone to fold his load of laundry.


Then I left these 3 goofballs to run for some quick supplies at the store.


When I got back I took The Boys  for a short walk …


…and we worked on our casting.


Dinner was a slider-fest…


followed by lots of horseplay and family time.






Then it was bath and bed for the boys. I was hoping to get to bed super early but it’s already 11. So I’m cutting this short.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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    Staci @

    July 8, 2013

    See, the post only would’ve been perfect if Ryan had been sitting in the beach chair in that last photo. Haha And when did your BABY get so stinkin’ big? He looks very big standing alone with that laundry basket. Sheesh! Time flies.


      July 8, 2013

      omg it would have been!! lol And yes, I don’t know how I got from “Hmm maybe we should have another baby” to today. It’s crazy!


    July 8, 2013

    I love an awesome weekend! Your boys are getting so big!!!!


    July 8, 2013

    Thanks for posting! You know Sunday is my fav post of yours!

    I constantly have my laptop plugged in. You two must have long battery life on your laptops!


      July 8, 2013

      I only get about 2 hours. :)


    July 8, 2013

    My boys take the lawnmower for walks as well! So cute!