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This morning I completed an exercise I couldn’t do just 2-3 months ago. It’s called Toes to Bar. Here’s what it looks like. (Note: found this on YouTube and now I’m mad I didn’t get my trainer to film me!)

I could only do 2-3 at a time but again, these were not possible the last time I tried. I could barely get my knees to my elbows!

“We’ve all heard about people who’ve exploded beyond the limitations of their conditions to become examples of the unlimited power of the human spirit.

You and I can make our lives one of these legendary inspirations, as well, simply by having courage and the awareness that we can control whatever happens in our lives. Although we cannot always control the events in our lives, we can always control our response to them, and the actions we take as a result.

If there’s anything you’re not happy about — in your relationships, in your health, in your career — make a decision right now about how you’re going to change it immediately.” ― Anthony Robbins


Ask this girl….

if she thought she’d be running, working out and enjoying life the way she does now, I don’t think she’d believe you. Yet here I am today.

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 11.38.10 AM

Well, not TODAY but a couple of weeks ago in Toronto.

Saying I “exploded beyond the limitations of my condition” may be a stretch, but I did finally decide to change what I was unhappy about in my life.  And over the course of 8 years I’ve come farther than I ever thought possible.

Tomorrow is Little Guy’s 8th birthday. EIGHT!!!

He (and his brother) will never know the girl in that photo above who sold herself short on a daily basis. They have helped me see how amazing life is and how I don’t want to waste another minute of it being unhappy. Well, except when they don’t listen — then I want to wring their little necks!

Fellow parents understand.

Anyway, I truly believe once you push yourself out of your comfort zone and experience life, there’s no going back.

  • Connie254

    This is a powerful post. I am a mom of a 7 years old and 5 years old. They are my inspiration to exceed myself everyday. Because I want them to know the person I’d like them to know and to live with.

  •!/pattyaizaga Patty

    I love this post! Just the other day I was thinking, maybe I need to lose more weight before I try a certain exercise. That’s just ridiculous! I can modify it and give myself something to work towards. In the end I was able to do the workout. I just needed to get past the mental ‘garbage”.

  • Jessica

    Tomorrow my oldest is 7! We just finished blowing up 7 balloons and hanging streamers in her room for her to wake up to.
    What a great quote!
    Where is your shirt from? It’s so cute!

    • RoniNoone

      Target! I love that shirt. It’s one of my favs. :)

  • Susan

    Roni, you are an inspiration!!! By the way I love your recipes. Thanks.

  • Losing The Rolls

    That’s a great message Roni. If I ever want to start losing this weight (and of course I do), it will take pushing myself to do things I never thought possible. Who cares about my knee pain, today I WILL start walking. Thanks and have a great weekend.

  • Kim

    Great job on those toes to bar – I’ve never tried them but feel sure it would be an epic fail! (maybe I should just try!)
    I had no idea that first picture was you – you look great now and I like your hair darker!!!

  • Tracey Jones

    great post! I always put off doing things due to my weight growing up. God forbid someone saw me playing golf as a size 18!

    I was just saying the other day how I never want our soon to be daughter to see me look at myself in the mirror with hate in my eyes. I have lived my entire life picking at myself and know that I need to get back to feeling good about myself once this pregnancy is over. :)

  • Laura James

    You made me cry! I hope that one day I can be in the place that you are. Thanks for the awesome post.

  • Peggy

    Congratulations, Roni, on another accomplishment! And I really liked, “…I truly believe once you push yourself out of your comfort zone and experience life, there’s no going back.”

  • Jo Atua

    Well done Roni – you are an inspiration – your comment “…….who sold herself short on a daily basis” is a great one.

    get fat on the view! But found when I combined sensible eating with
    exercise the two together made the “job” easier. I got a bit sick of
    myself missing a day here and there, so I made a commitment to eat
    sensibly and exercise regularly for 30 days and I haven’t looked back.



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