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My Run Streak Continues with a Note About Committing

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Memorial Day was a week and half ago and I’ve run every. single. day. since! Honestly, I can’t believe it. Well, I can. I’m actually DOING it but you know what I mean. I’ve been wanting to run more for months but just, well, wasn’t.

Then I saw the challenge and decided to commit. It’s so funny how little things like that can be just nudge you need to get started.

Although, it’s the finishing that’s the hard part, isn’ it? Or rather the continuing.

I have a long history of starting things and not finishing, but somewhere along the line I’ve gotten better at it, more committed. I take on challenges with enthusiasm and actually maintain that enthusiasm for more than a day. I know, it’s a miracle right? This is coming from the same girl who would get all gung-ho about a new diet plan only to fail/cheat/give up on said new plan within a day, if not hours.

I think my new ability to commit really comes down to practice. The small goals I reached, the more confident I got, the more goals I’d set. It’s cycle that once started can lead to amazing things

For me it all began *cue cheesy flashback music and fade out* by committing to weekly Weight Watchers meetings in 2005, which led to food journaling, which led to walking more, which led to taking regular classes at the gym, which led to signing up for my first 5k, which led to the marathon, which led to the Tough Mudders, which led to …

You get the point.

I started small. Even with this blog, my goal was to simply post once a week and now look at me! I’m not only here almost daily, I’m on GreenLiteBites a few times a week, and TheUnworldlyTravelers a few times a month!

I truly believe it’s the commitment that matters. It doesn’t matter if that commitment is something simple like ditching the diet soda. If you take it seriously it can be the first domino to topple and start an avalanche of positive changes.

We have to stop giving up on ourselves and start making SMALL changes because they really do add up to BIG things.

WOW, I have no idea where all that came from. I was literally staring at my computer wondering what I would write tonight. I really just wanted to share my latest #RWRunStreak because I was all proud of myself for not letting the rain or a busy day stop me.


Then I remembered I recorded a running video in Toronto that I totally forgot to share …

Which makes me even prouder of my current run streak because 4 out of the 11 days so far I was traveling! My biggest challenge will be FitBloggin’, of course, but I’m determined to make it to July 4 with at least a mile a day. If anyone is going to FitBloggin’ you better keep me honest. I may need a shove out the hotel door. :)

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    June 7, 2013

    Hee hee, Roni, you did see amazing things on your run in Toronto! — The Needle? — isn’t that in Seattle? ; )
    You are awesome!


      June 7, 2013

      lol I know. I learned they call it a tower but really, isn’t a needle looking? I was waiting for someone to call me on it. ;)

    Mindy Lee

    June 7, 2013

    Great post, Roni, and truly an inspiration. I think it comes down to trusting yourself. This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Each time I start something and don’t continue or don’t finish, I lose a little more trust in myself. That snowballs until I just don’t even start because subconsciously, I think, I won’t finish so why start?

    I was reading a book recently which said to pick something small (VERY small) and make the promise to yourself to complete it and then follow through. Over time you can build your own trust in yourself. This is exactly what you mentioned in your post today! It makes so much sense.

    Thanks for a great post that really got me thinking this morning :)


    June 7, 2013

    Healthy habits start out seeming hard, annoying, not worthy of the time it takes to put into it. I started out last fall planking for a total of 3 minutes a day…I hated/dreaded those 3 minutes! But since that time I have kept it up daily doing some days a longer than 3 minute plank. The results have been astounding! I have the best arms and abs that I have ever had! My 14 year old daughter says they make her sick. Lol. I wouldn’t dream of giving up that habit. I wish someone would have showed me my current arms/abs 20 years ago and told me I would have those if I planked for 3 minutes a day!


    June 10, 2013

    It really is all about making small changes. I haven’t always been a healthy eater, so a few months ago I set a goal to eat more fruits and veggies and fewer carbs. Making one small change at a time is what has really gotten me there. Eating hummus with carrots instead of crackers, having a wrap with a TON of spinach for lunch, and a salad with dinner every night are some of the steps I have taken, one at a time. Now it’s just part of my normal routine and the difference I feel is amazing!

    I’m so happy I found your blog! It’s one of my favorites!


    June 10, 2013

    i remember the first 5k post like it was yesterday.