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Avalanches Are Scary

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Snow ball

I’m staying up too late, again, after an amazing day in Toronto. The conference was energizing. The people I met, inspiring. The lessons I learned, useful.  I’m leaving with a renewed sense of purpose for what it is I do here on the blogs and this made the trip more valuable than I every imagined.

In my short stay I had a chance to meet people who have read my blog for years. YEARS! On the flip side, I was able to share my work with new people from a completely different field/niche/industry/whatever and because we both blog — just on different topics — I was able to learn and teach so much simultaneously.

Most importantly though, I’m leaving with a completely new perspective that I think will help me articulate what I believe to be a huge part of my success in not only weight loss but all of my life goals.

You guys know my history with exercise right? Over the course of 7 years I went from couch potato to CrossFit nut and Tough Mudder addict. I know my obsession with running and working out seems unrealistic to some of you because it would have seemed unrealistic to me. Remember, I’m the girl who showed up late to gym class for the sole purpose of skipping laps. And in college I drove my car to campus when my apartment was literally a quarter mile away.

You guys may also know about my recent commitment to travel. I really started to get serious about seeing more of the world after writing my birthday bucket list. In less than a year I went from not having a passport to taking more trips than I thought possible.

On those trips I’ve become obsessed with seeing as much as I can even if it means just taking a quick run from my hotel room, a stroll through a museum or a trek up to an observation deck.

With all of these experiences I’ve come to realize something: Life is contagious. The more I move, the more I want to move. The more I do, the more I want to do. The more I see, the more I want to see.

I feel like this blog and my weight loss was the small pebble that fell over the edge a mountain. It started rolling, picking up speed and gathering experiences and accomplishments, growing my confidence and desire to do more, see more, move more.

I’m not sure how big that pebble will get or where it will end up, but I plan on finding out despite the part of me who wants to stop it because avalanches are scary.

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    June 3, 2013

    I actually like that you have added more travel to your bucket list, even if your hubs doesn’t want to tag along. My husband is a home body, while I want to see the world. So I don’t feel bad doing things without him because life is too short. #YOLO!

    I love that picture of you in your header – you look like a badass!