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I haven’t forgotten about these even though you may have. :)

Podcast/Audio Only Version
  • Erin

    YAY!! I have not forgotten and I LOVE your podcasts- they make my day! Good luck conference planning…thanks for always inspiring :-}

  • Jessica

    Dang, girl, show off that flat stomach! You look fantastic!
    I have the same issues with the husband and it is so hard. I am glad to hear your husband is taking part in tennis, I wish mine would find an activity he enjoys.
    Thanks for inserting the pictures of you pregnant and your tummy, it was awesome to hear you talk about certain topics where my brain was fuzzy and I couldnt remember quite what you looked like then, and it popped up on the screen!
    LOVE your podcasts, thanks for taking the time to make us one!

  • Emily

    I have to admit – I was curious about the tummy tuck thing for awhile now, too! I’m glad you addressed it. I feel very much in the same situation (or will be … eventually) and it’s nice to know that if a pleasant little surprise/change of heart happened, all would not be lost! :)

  • Leigh Anne

    Thank you! I usually put off listening to the podcasts but for some reason I sat down and watched right away today. Your response to slow weight loss was just what I needed to hear :)

  • Janel Raelyn Tingson

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  • Kara

    Hi Roni! You mentioned a poem regarding pounds lost in this podcast. Would you mind sharing? :)


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