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If I was only using the scale to determine my success right now I’d be pissed. Seriously!

Last week I was 145 lbs. My goal weight. The magic number I admitted made me happy because, well it’s what I want to, or think I should, weigh.

This week, according to the scale, I gained 2.8 lbs.


Bull Sh*cough*

Or rather …  I don’t give a crap.

This weekend I ran 22 miles and completed 42 obstacles. I was able to pull up my own body weight, crawled effortlessly in the mud, and faced fears that have made me more confident than ever.

WHY would I let the scale take that accomplishment away from me?

I’m telling you right now, I’m not. I refuse to.


Last week Julie left this comment on our weigh-in post:

I’m sitting here feeling angry and jealous, because I’ve been working so hard, eating right, tracking my calories, and exercising, but the number on my scale actually went UP 1.5 pounds.
I know this is a journey, and that I probably should reevaluate how I’m doing, but I’m going to try and find motivation in your number and keep moving forward.

It broke my heart. I know that feeling so well. You probably do, too.

I really think we need to remember sometimes the scale is not going to show us the result of our efforts in the short term. It’s just not.

We have to learn not to solely depend on the scale to determine our success. 

How many times have you walked away because of what the scale told you despite giving it your best?

Remember, it’s just one variable, one small slice of the “healthy living” pie, and we have to decide that all our work is worth it regardless of what the stupid scale shows us.

Because it is.


  • Tammy

    Great post, Roni. I have been struggling, too. Peri menopause and the medication (God love it!) I am taking for my severe spinal arthritis is making me gain weight, and I’ve never been more discouraged. Couple that with raging and unpredictable hormone surges, a 15-year-old daughter who is learning to drive, two jobs, and mound of housework (inside and out) that only seems to be multiplying overnight, and sometimes I want to tell the scale to go pis* off! But still I try. Because I refuse to quit. And posts like this just make the sun shine a little brighter today! Kudos to you, Roni. Your words sink in like a soothing balm, and I know I am not the only one who appreciates and admires you! Congrats on your weekend!

    • Aimee

      Wow Tammy that’s a whole lot on your plate. Maybe you should set the scale aside while on the medication. I really love your refuse to quit attitude.

    • RoniNoone

      Thank you do much Tammy, and go easy on yourself. Life if throwing a lot at you!

  • Maria

    HW : 199

    This Week: 133.5 (-1.6 from 2 weeks ago)

    Goal: 120ish

    Height: 5’3

    I feel like I may have finally broken through my “stuckness”! I am learning a lot from my health coach and have started to incorporate more plant based nutrition and cut back on some meat intake. I also have finally started (again) to finish reading Jillian Michaels new book and am incorporating some of her tips as well. I love your post! I need to print it out and tape it to the wall next to my scale. Thanks Roni!

    • RoniNoone

      You are so welcome! :)

  • Aimee

    CW: 143.6 (-3.4)
    Last week: 147 (from 4/3)
    GW: 137 lbs
    Highest weight: 208 lbs
H: 5′ 2”
Age: 39

    I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks. My weight has been fluctuating like crazy. I’ve been as high as 151 and now this. Well this is an illusion of sorts because I’m dealing with some kind of stomach bug. The actually number is exciting to see because I think the last time I’ve seen a number this low was in junior high perhaps. However, I’m aware that once I start eating regularly again I will likely put on some of this weight lost. Any advice?

    Roni you are incredible. 2 Mudders in one weekend is amazing! Congratulations on your accomplishment. I ran a half marathon on Sunday and achieved an incredible PR.

    • annie

      i just went through the SAME thing, 2 stomach viruses and 2 colds in a month. my weight was super low, dehydrated hadn’t eaten in days. when i started eating it came right back up and when i got my appetite back up some more.

      AND huge congrats for the half marathon and PR i mean that’s all there is right?!

    • Aimee

      Thanks Annie.

    • RoniNoone

      Well you have to eat! Just make the best choices you can and keep up with the water! Dehydration sucks.

  • nancyabc

    Ok I still let the scale rule or ruin my life. But it helped me this Saturday when I weighed in at WW and I was down .4 but didn’t earn it–sad to say. I thought it was a sign to get my b*tt in gear and start putting effort into what I was doing. I have increased my activity but the eating is still not under control but I am doing better.
    Roni I so like your attitude on doing the good things–healthy foods most of the time and moving the body and life will take care of the rest.
    Once again thanks so much for sharing–it helps me.

    • RoniNoone

      Glad to help! :)

  • Trixie

    HW: 215.5
    GW: 155
    CW: 161.4
    H: 5’7″
    Age: 40

    I hit goal at the beginning of March. I stopped weighing in weekly, and was okay with the scale going up and down a couple of pounds. But the past week I let it get out of control, hence being back up to 161.4. So, I’m weighing in this week to stay accountable and work towards getting this back down. Camping with my son’s Beaver pack and eating camp food, knitting group and great food/drinks – all enjoyable, just need to be mindful, track and make good choices. I’ll be weighing in weekly again to stay accountable & on track. Have a good week, everyone.

    • RoniNoone

      It’s nice knowing you can always come back, isn’t it? :)

  • annie

    HW: 260 (pg)
    CW: 222.6 (up I.6)
    GW: I90
    H: 5’8″
    Age 36

    i feel totally out of control. finals continue i am using daycare at the gym to do school work not workout. i’m barely tracking because the amount of food i’m eating is crazy. all in all not great. but i keep trying. i will get back to tracking. family reunion this weekend, 2 weeks of school left. goal, to reincorporate one more healthy habit every day. great to hear from you all. almost didn’t post because i feel like a bummer, lots more fun to post with a loss

    • Aimee

      Annie I think we’ve all been in similar situations. Good for you for weighing in and staying accountable. How about working on one healthy habit a week to really incorporate it into your life. I used to use gym time as study time when I was in nursing school. I would ride the bike or walk on the treadmill while reading my notes over and over. Best of luck with your studies.

    • RoniNoone

      I’d argue posting when you fell like a bummer is the most important time to post! Keep up that accountability, the tide will turn.

  • imacrazymomof4

    HW: 200+ when pg
    CW: 129 (-.6)
    GW: 120′s
    HT: 5’6
    Age: 43

    I didn’t get to post last week because we were out of town and without a scale, but over the course of the past 2 weeks I have been up 6 lbs. It’s really difficult to do well when you are at the mercy of someone else and their eating habits. We stayed at my SIL’s home and ordered in twice. Sure you can make better choices but unless you are ordering a salad every time you eat, even the healthy choices have a lot of extra sodium and extra stuff.

    When I returned home and saw the number on the scale I felt totally freaked on the inside. How could I have done so much damage?? It took me a weekend to turn the tide…mentally I felt defeated and slightly obsessed. It wasn’t pretty. But I realized that I hadn’t been drinking my usual amounts of water, or able to exercise like I usually do (we were there to help get a house ready to sell) and not eating anything close to what I normally eat…the scale is going to pick up on it.

    The hardest part for me was getting the feeling that I could undo the damage. I gave myself some slack and made baby steps. It was a relief when the scale started to shift but more so I started to feel so much better because I was eating better and doing the things again I’m used to doing. I felt outta control for a while, but I’m back in control…thank GOD.

    • RoniNoone

      It’s amazing how your emotions get involved and there’s a feeling of hopelessness but once you start the turn that tide you get momentum back.

  • JeanneTops

    CW: 150.5 (+2lbs)
    Last week: 148.5 (-2.5lbs)
    GW: below 145
    H: 5’6″
    Age: 61
    SW: 242.5

    I’ve been missing for a few weeks because I’ve been dancing around this 150 marker and I wasn’t happy about it. Like you, there’s really no reason. After almost two years of maintenance, I’m still learning and relearning that scale weight fluctuates by +- 3 lbs. It really makes more sense to set a range of five pounds, above which you refuse to go but within which you refuse to get excited about. If you’re still within your range every month (or even every three months) then you’re really maintaining. If you drop below the range and stay there for a month (or three months) then you have a new range to maintain within.

    I’m also now beginning to see that there may be a annual fluctuation. I live in Massachusetts which means that my exercise is more limited in the cold months. Come the warm weather, it’s longer bike rides and more swimming, running (when I could) and race events to train for. So I drop to a lower range over the course of the summer. Cold weather sets in, I exercise less although still hard and regularly – I’m up into the winter range.

    I don’t have a body with a metabolism or eating behaviors that will naturally maintain a healthy level of fat storage. I have to consciously regulate it which means food journaling, exercise regimes and emotion monitoring. It also means regularly weighing and measuring my body. I need to remember that the first three are the behaviours I can take pride in, the last two are just numerical indicators of my body size results.

    You are not your body, your mind or your emotions. You are what you do with your body, mind and emotions.

    • RoniNoone

      “You are not your body, your mind or your emotions. You are what you do with your body, mind and emotions.”

      Love that!

  • JeanneTops

    I just want to add a note. The “You May Like” feature was showing a link to your beginning of the year post – when you weighed in at 154.2. So, after four months, you are now weighing in at 147.8. Looks like you’ve lost six pounds! And, having re-read the post, it looks like you’ve kept your “resolutions” as well.

    • RoniNoone

      I HAVE! Thanks for pointing that out!

  • Michelle

    I walked away a month ago because of the scale. Not doing it again.
    Start weight: 258 (Monday morning)
    Today: 257.2
    Lost: .8

    I did a work out that I was afraid to go too. Walked a mile with a friend and my kids and have tracked. I am eating real food and enjoying each meal.

    • RoniNoone

      And taking a chance on CrossFit. You are rocking it!

  • marissa wade

    CW: 214.7

    GW: 130

    Totally depended on the scale to decide when I first started with Weight Watchers. It just worked out for me in the beginning because I was seeing continuous losses. I lost 60lbs and when I was less than 15lbs away from goal and I plateaued. The continued weigh in’s with no scale movement started effecting me and my motivation. I was unprepared to deal with it and felt like a failure.
    Today is my first weigh in and I’m taking baby steps in my weight loss journey this time around. I’m trying to remember that the scale is just a number. In the end it’s about how I feel. This is the most I’ve weighed, but I’m feeling good today despite that fact. My muscles are sore from walking the past two days. I know that I’ve been trying and that eventually the scale will move. More than anything coming here to your blog has been the best motivation and inspiration. You are proof that while weight loss and maintaining is ongoing, it can be done. Success is not a number. It’s getting back up every time you fall down.

    • annie

      so good to hear from you i just wanted to welcome you to the wed weigh in!

    • Maria

      Welcome! So glad you are here!

    • RoniNoone

      So glad you joined us!

  • Dukebdc

    HW: 148
    CW: 125.2 (+3.2)
    GW: 120-125
    HT: 5’2″
    Age: 35

    Forgive me weekly weighers, for I have sinned. It’s been two weeks since my last weigh-in. I skipped last week 100% on purpose because I did not want to deal with the effects of my crazy eating patterns. Dropping my husband off at work, then stopping at a drugstore for $20 worth of junk food. My drawer at work is stuffed full of processed junk, and I have been skipping my healthy packed lunch to eat the crap instead. I had been OK since this past Friday, but this morning I stopped at Walgreens again (just buying nail polish, I said). Ha! I even bought a pint of ice cream though there is no freezer at work to store it. Think I may take it out to the dumpster before I have the chance to crack it open. I need to tell someone about this because I am ashamed to tell my husband. Not only is it unhealthy, but it wastes money. We have plenty of healthy food at home, and I make this big show of cooking awesome vegetarian dinners. But during the day it is junk, junk and more junk. Must get a grip.

    • RoniNoone

      I’ve been in this cycle. Next time find a healthy snack at the drugstore. My go to… turkey jerky. I get that rush of buying a snack with minimal damage. :)

  • whosallysparrow

    HW: 246

    CW: 220

    GW: 145

    HT: 5’9″

    Age: 34

    Last week I was at 217, and I was very good all week, ate exactly the way I want to (not “perfect”, but perfect for me), and I was up to 222 yesterday. As a result, I binged like a crazy person yesterday and this morning. Today, I’m at 220. The scale is my friend, except when it isn’t. :/

    Onward…moving forward. No looking back allowed.

    • whosallysparrow

      I still think my plan is a good one. 1200-1400 calories on days when I eat out, OLD WW points on days when I don’t. I wanted to go old WW the whole way, but I find it really difficult to do that when I go out to eat, which I do about once a week.

    • RoniNoone

      See, that scale is a fickle, fickle friend!

    • I2mimi

      keep moving forward!!! I was successful on WW to get 100+ lbs off

      (I am new on here but I think I got this… :-)

      HW – 272

      GW- 170

      CW -165

      HT- 5’8″


      The scale was not friendly to me on MANY occasions but I kept PUSHING and MOVING FORWARD :-) Keep GOING!!!!!!!

  • Laura Jane

    I’m down about 3 pounds this week! I walked/jog a minimum of 3 hilly miles each day (including an 8 mile “long run” on the weekend), and tracked everything in my fitness pal! It paid off!

    • RoniNoone

      Feels good when you do get that pat on the back from the scale, right? Just remember this feeling when it’s not cooperating. ;)

  • Shan


    GW: 155

    Happy Weight: 145

    Current Weight: 159

    I haven’t been adding to the weekly weigh in for two weeks because I haven’t budged. I just seem to be hanging out at 159, sometimes 160 sometimes 158 but not losing weight. I have been training for my half marathon, I have been running around 40km a week and have not lost. I am with you Roni, I get pissed when I see the scale. I am tracking my food. I am below my calorie count, but not moving the scale. I started taking measurements and I see that my body is changing even if the scale isn’t but it is still so frustrating. So I am just going to focus on my big accomplishments that I am doing with my running and not worrying about the scale. I know I am getting stronger, so I am just going to focus on that. Good luck ladies. Great post Roni

    • RoniNoone

      Good for you! You’re running tons!

  • NicoletteBarnes

    Scales are great to guide general progress trends, but they really aren’t THAT reliable as far as I have experienced. It’s hard to accept it, because our minds so badly want a concrete absolute number, but one time I weighed myself (first thing in am, after bathroom) then again after I ate breakfast… wouldn’t you know that my scale was trying to tell me I weighed less after eating…. hmmm… yeah, so I try to remind myself that they are helpful, but not perfect. Also, remember that our bodies fluctuate naturally over the month just as they do over the day… By up to 5 lbs. So as long as you are trending in the direction you want, stay positive!!

    I am actually in a unique situation where my aim is to GAIN weight, but my mind tries with all it’s might to tell me to keep the weight off, so while an increase in number is really a good thing, I still feel bad about it…. darn egos. I won’t let my mind be my master.

    • NicoletteBarnes

      Last Sunday I was up 2 lbs. SO HARD! I am supposed to keep gaining, but I just want to restrict my calories so I don’t keep gaining. I just feel like I should be able to eat more before I start gaining.

    • RoniNoone

      It is hard. I’m not an expert Nicolette, you may want to talk to someone more specifically about your feelings and weight.

    • NicoletteBarnes

      I think it is more something I just have to live through. It’s actually much better than it was many years ago when I would never have even set out to gain. Some days are harder than others, but I just take it day by day, and don’t have a time limit. I am trying just to let happen whatever happens. Have you ever read or listened to anything by Eckhart Tolle? His stuff is REALLY helping me! He talks about fear, and how fear is all based on mind-created negative scenarios in the future, which doesn’t even exist (you will never arrive at the future – it’s ALWAYS ‘right now’…. so it’s really encouraging! I am encouraged by you to in how although you are ‘health concious’ and all, but are not dogmatic about it and enjoy your life!! That’s where I’d like to be!

  • Raluca

    I’m feeling really helpless right now. I’m up 10 pounds from two weeks ago. 10 pounds! A running injury and vacation were the cause, but I’m really beating myself up. I don’t want to lose these same pounds again! I worked so hard before! I’m running a 10k on Sat and a half on May 5th….hopefully I will get motivated again because when I saw the scale this morning, I just wanted to throw in the towel and stuff my face!

    • RoniNoone

      ok, deep breaths. It’s quite hard to truly gain 10lbs in 2 weeks. Sure, you may be up but it’s easy to turn it around. Have fun with you 10k, have no guilt about vacation. Make good choices and pat yourself on the back. Not everyone commits to running 13 miles. That’s quite an accomplishment!

  • Julie

    Hi Roni! It’s Julie. :) I’m sorry if i rained on your good news! Yes, that was a rough day, and I may have splurged a bit on my eating, but you know what? I got back up and have continued working on it the next day. I’m trying to find contentment in the fact that I am being healthy, and I feel good, even if the scale isn’t reflecting that yet (it stayed the same this week). Thank you for your continued motivation, inspiration, and reminders that that the scale isn’t necessarily my mirror of true health, nor the sole determinant of my happiness.

    • RoniNoone

      You didn’t rain! It’s cool. I just know exactly you how you feel. Keep trucking, the scale will catch up!

  • Emily

    HW-192 (post baby)
    CW-139.6 (Ugh, up 0.6lbs this week)
    This past week I have kicked butt in the exercise and eating department.This morning I yelled at the scale “I DON’T GET IT”. Then I read this this post and have to admit I feel stronger since I started adding strength training to my running a few weeks ago. I was super excited to step on the scale today because I thought it would agree with how I felt but it didn’t. Thank you for writing this. I am reminding myself to not give the scale ownership of the whole pie…one slice and that is it.

    • RoniNoone

      You are rocking it, don’t let the scale take that away from you. It will catch up!

  • Anon

    GW: 125
    2013 Start: 136.0

    No change on the scale, but I finished Week 2 of the C25K and am pretty happy about that! Feeling in a groove, but I know that weight loss will only happen if I buckle down a bit more. I’ve been tracking 3-4 days per week, to keep me accountable without driving me crazy.

    • RoniNoone

      Nice job on the running!!

  • Jeri Lyn Brushwiller

    HW: 200
    CW: 132.8 (down .08lbs from 2 weeks ago)
    GW: 125-130
    H: 5’4″
    AGE: 40
    CONGRATS on the back to back Tough Mudders, YOU ROCK!!!

    • RoniNoone


  • stacey


    I wanted to share something with you. I read your Wed. weigh in (i check your site daily). I hope this makes some sense in why your scale went up following your 2 tougher mudder events. This advice comes from the site that I following when working out. . We just finished what they refer to as Hellth week. 6 days of intesse workouts. Amazing results. This article would ring true with what you accomplished this last weekend.

    Gain a little weight last week? It’s normal.

    You can’t put that kind of a pounding on your body without causing it to have a bit of a stress reaction – AKA SWELLING!.

    It is the same thing that athletes/racers (especially endurance types) go through after a particularly gruelling event. The inflammation reaction from these events (our HELLth week) which causes weight gain and puffiness can last for several days to a week. It’s not unheard of to stay up in weight for 10 -14 days, but usually it only lasts 4-6.

    What causes it? Lots of things.

    Mainly it is your body’s way of putting back fluids and nutrients that you’ve deprived it of. Know this, you were likely running pretty low on carbs at about mid-way through the week, last week. By Thursday, or so you had (unless you knew how to replenish like an athlete) seriously depleted your glycogen supply. Not critically, but still … Many of you felt like you were running on empty toward the end of the week. It’s easy to tell when this happens. You get a little grumpier, feel more stressed, sleep less deeply. Glycogen depletion puts your body into stress mode. It wants nothing more than to replenish when this happens. To replenish glycogen, it takes 4 parts water for every 1 part glycogen. It is a primary cause of the weight gain.

    You also gain weight trying to re-hydrate, put electrolytes back and replenish other vitamins and nutrients. Plus, there is the swelling from the soreness. Haha. That kind of goes without saying.

    Another primary cause is, your body’s reaction to all the waste products you created in the muscles by thumping them so hard. It takes a while (days/weeks) to get rid of all that damage you did to yourself. Don’t worry, you’ll be better for it. Science has shown that periodic bouts of more intense physical activity improves our ability to handle more in the future. In other words, it can make us more fit in the long run. More fit = more health (well, to some degree)!

    Best thing you can do to encourage your body to get back to normal, is to simply – get back to normal. Get back on your regular schedule of eating, hydrating, sleeping and recovering. Give it time and don’t do anything too drastic. Now is not the time to be starting a diet. Dieting to lose this kind of (stress weight) only prolongs it’s effects. Instead, get back to normal and let your body gain the benefits of a hard earned week of increased health.

    • RoniNoone

      makes TOTAL sense!

  • Sheri J

    HW 305
    CW 253.2(-0.8)
    GW 150
    HT 5’3″
    Age 56

    slightly down

    • RoniNoone

      Over 50lbs gone. Woot! :)


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