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I’m going to be short-winded today. No insight or motivational pep talk because, honestly, I’m not in the mood.

I’ve been battling myself in the evenings again. Stuck in the cycle of snacking mindlessly because I’m staying up too late for, well, no reason at all. I still have this stupid mindset that once the kids go to bed “my time” consists of vegging on the couch, watching TV and eating.

Like that’s some kind of reward or something.

What I should do is take a bath and go to bed because I’m tired — like REALLY tired — but if I do the husband and I spend barely any time together. So there’s that, too.


I’m just blah. This too shall pass. I’m off to kick ass at the gym — that always make me feel better.

Hope you are weighing in a bit more optimistically than I this morning. Sorry to be such a downer. :(

  • Svanhvit

    We all have our down moments – I should know!! And I totally understand what you mean. I have the same issues. I am often far too tired but stay up for no reason. I have found that it helps to pick one night to go to bed at the same time as the kids. Somehow the extra sleep for one night seems to really help.

    That being said, I am slowly on the mend. I have lost some weight from last week, which is not surprising after Easter ;) I also went swimming last night while the kids went to practise and was again reminded of how excellent moving is. I am sure you will be a lot better after your session at the gym.

    I would like to add that sometimes, it’s ok not to spend time with the DH if you are overtired and need the night off…… I have to remind myself of that sometimes!!

    • RoniNoone

      Such a good idea! I may go to bed at 9 on Wed just because. :)

  • murfkitten

    We all have those days!! A good gym workout or a solo run will perk you right back up again! :) And you are still down from the New Year so life is good. :D

    • RoniNoone

      Life IS good. :)

  • Patricia Stout

    roni, I feel like that today too. I feel like I am doing good 80% of the time which I feel is totally reasonable and yet the scale creeps up. WTH?? I feel angry and upset today when I saw it. I mean I am ok with it staying the same but up like 2 lbs??? Am I supposed to freakin starve myself? OK enough of me ranting. I just feel ya this morning. Now I am going to kill it with my workout as well.

    • RoniNoone

      Ugh, I know this too well. It’s why I’m giving the scale even less mind anymore. I refuse to starve myself for some stupid number.

  • Lauren Palmer

    Roni, I’m happy to be a shot of optimism today! As of January, I was back near my heaviest weight ever and feeling really sorry for myself. I started cleaning up my diet and really closely watching processed food and carbs, and I lost about 10 pounds within the first two months. I haven’t been weighing this month–took a trip, husband’s 30th birthday celebrations, Easter–and I almost skipped today’s weigh-in too. But then I thought about you, so I got on the scale to see the damage. I couldn’t believe it, but I’m down five more pounds! I’ve lost 15 total this year, well on my way to losing the 50 total I’m committed to dropping.
    I can tell you that had I not weighed today, there’s a good chance I could have spent the next few months telling myself I’d already gained back everything I lost, so I might as well just give up. And then I would be right back where I started. So thank you, as always, for reminding me that accountability is a form of self love. I feel great this morning.

    • nancyabc

      Can hear your joy way over here–lol–great job!

    • RoniNoone

      AWW This TOTALLY made my DAY! I’m so happy for you!

  • Elisa Daniels

    Like always I can relate to your post….Although I am not down today I have those days…and often your blog helps me so much to get out of it, because it makes me realize that I am not the only one to feel this way. I also have two children and have created this cycle of feeling that “me time” consists of vegging on the sofa and eating mindlessly….doing so has turned snacking into some sort of reward. I have been working over the past few months so hard on breaking this cycle and I admit I have gotten much better.

    I am not very overweight but since having my 2nd child, I have those extra baby pounds that I can’t get rid of and this has made me very unhappy with my weight and this affects all aspects of my life. I don’t need to be a top model, just healthy where I feel good about myself and the role model I am for my two daughters on having a healthy relationship with your body. Slowly I am running again and cleaning up my eating habits but most of all I have returned to feeling good about myself and your blog has helped me on the blah days….so I hope in some way, my words of encouragement can help you on your blah days.
    Elisa from Italy

    • Emily

      I love your comment about modeling a healthy self-image and lifestyle to your daughters! They must be a wonderful inspiration and motivator.

    • RoniNoone

      They do Elisa! Thank you so much!

  • jessey

    I hear you about staying up too late. My 4 year old St Patty’s baby sometimes doesn’t fall asleep until 9:30 or 10:00 and I can’t relax until he does, and then I want some “me time” so before i know it is 11:30. I’ve been doing C25k (again) so I find it easy to go to bed at 10:30 and wake up at 5:30 for that, but I really should be getting up at 5:30 every day to cross train.

    My husband doesn’t understand the need to go to bed early (even though he is the one who has to get up at 6 to leave at 6:50). I usually can’t fall asleep if the light/tv/computer are on, but if I ask him not to do all those things in bed with me, then I don’t get to spend time with him in the evening either.

    As for me, I’ve making slow progress with WW. In 4 1/2 months I’ve lost 13 lbs, which isn’t much in that amount of time, but it is enough to earn my 5% and I’ll keep going, slow as it is.

    • RoniNoone

      Slow and steady wins the race! I think that’s awesome!

  • ItsMeVsMe

    You’re not a downer, dear. You’re a realist. This weight loss/maintenance thing is not always rainbows and unicorns and there’s NOTHING wrong with being a little down every once in a while. Embrace the down, because it makes the up so much better.

    • RoniNoone

      SO TRUE!

  • Veronica H.

    Thanks for always keeping it real, Roni. That’s what I appreciate it about you and this blog. My weigh in stats are below:
    Highest: 174 (pregnancy)
    Current Weight: 159.5 (-3)
    Goal Weight: 130
    HT: 5’3″
    Age: 47
    I’m gonna try real hard not to sabotage myself this time now that I’m under 160 (and I have a tendency to do that). Enjoy your gym time!

    • RoniNoone

      Just keep doing what you’re doing! You’re rocking it!

  • Jillian

    Cheer up, buttercup. I was at Fitbloggin’ last year, and you know what I know? YOU ARE THE CRAZIEST PLANNER I KNOW. Therefore, figuring out how get in some time with your husband without feeling like a couch potato should come easy to you. Just look at it the way you look at organizing a conference for hundreds of people!
    Here’s my weigh in (first wednesday weigh in over here…woo!)
    Starting weight: 287
    Last week: 218.8
    This week: 215.8
    Week’s loss: 3.0lbs
    Total loss: 72lbs

    • RoniNoone

      You know what.. i AM pretty good at it! Thanks. :)

  • Dukebdc

    Hi Roni,
    Although I don’t have kids, I have the same mindset when it comes to “me” time. I am an introvert by nature, so after a day of interacting with people all day at work, and spending time with my lovely extroverted husband I am mentally tired. If husband is out for the evening or working late, I do the same thing–reward myself by vegging on the couch in front of the TV and eating. I don’t have all the answers, but I try to snack on something like popcorn, an apple, frozen fruit or a popsicle. The goofiest thing I do is invite my big lab mix up on the couch to sit in my lap. It’s hard to make an impulsive run for the kitchen with 80 pounds of dog sitting on you. :)

    HW: 148
    CW: 122 (no change)
    GW: 120-125
    HT: 5’2″
    Age: 35

    • RoniNoone

      lol That made me laugh. I so miss having a dog.

  • annie

    HW: 260 (pg)
    CW: 223.2 (UP *3* lbs)
    GW: I90
    H: 5’8″
    Age: 36

    UGH, do i hear you roni, after 2 stomach viruses and various colds i have been not eating and not at the gym for the majority of 7 weeks. Not eating is NOT the answer. after years of abusing my body the not eating thing is NEVER good. finally feeling better, started eating again and went *crazy*. the thing that concerns me the most is the last 2 days i got a donut that i ate in secret, so no one would see. i feel like that is my addictive unhealthy eating, the shame secret stuff. i don’t want to do that anymore
    i like that you are honest about how you really feel and don’t lie or try to make it different, i too know i will feel better but i’m feeling out of control and overwhelmed. i will pick myself up and keep going. THANK YOU RONI (i’m so loud)
    oh i have eaten soy sauce the last 2 days so i’m hoping some is water retention, here’s to hoping

    • RoniNoone

      Oh that soy sauce is a killer.
      Listen.. I used to the food hiding thing too. Stop making things off limits. If you want a donut have a donut! Just eat less later. This approach really helped me in the beginning. Making things off limits always backfired for me and still does.

  • Emily

    HW: 178
    CW: 134.2 (-0.8)
    GW: 125
    28 y/o

    Second week with a loss and moving in the right direction. Thanks for your thoughts last week on the sugar goal in MFP! Peace of mind is a wonderful thing. I feel like I have been making good choices and staying on track but the warmer (ok, HOT) weather recently has been affecting my running. My heart rate has gone up so in order to stay in my target zone I have to slow down and it feels like I am failing. I am proud of my fitness accomplishments and I hate to feel like I am going backward. Also, I have been doing the 30 day shred after my runs for 20 days now and I haven’t seen any changes in measurements which is frustrating. My fiancé says that he sees a diffence but I don’t feel it.

    All of that is to say that I am feeling the blah as well. Roni, hope you enjoy the gym and feel rejuvenated. I plan to treat myself to Sweet Green for lunch today, expensive but yummy!

    • RoniNoone

      Aaack! You are not failing. You just have to adjust to the season. Happens to me every change in temp too. And trust fiancé because you are probably too hard on yourself. :)

  • Michelle

    Hi, Roni:

    Just wanted to add that they have shown that self-discipline is a limited resource. So it seems you’re using it all up during the day so getting to bed on time is just beyond the amount you have to draw upon. Either you have to stretch that or lighten up somewhere during the day — if you want to go to bed earlier. :)

    Hang in there — you do what you can do!

    Here’s my first weigh in here:

    HW: 192.8
    CW: 181.6 (+0.2)
    GW: 150 (?)
    49 y/o

    • RoniNoone

      I heard that too but actually during the day I don’t feel like I’m using it at all. I really think I just need to go to bed earlier. lol

  • imacrazymomof4

    HW: 200+ when pg
    CW: 129.6 (+.6)
    GW: 120′s
    Age: 43
    HT: 5’6

    i’m up .6 but i’m still in the magic zone that i’ve picked for myself so i’m okay with it. it certainly makes me take notice and want to put my head down and study hard for next weeks weigh in. : )

    i think the night is hard for everyone. when there is no more homework or tests to be studied for and they are all tucked in for the night there is a “AHHHH” moment that happens in my house too. i have convinced myself that herbal tea without a stitch of anything in it is a present. i sit on my couch and sip it. i’ve found that it isn’t the tea, but the time that it takes to cool down that i enjoy. relaxing without someone asking something from me.

    i can always tell when i feel like i’m starving at the end of the day too when i look over mfp and see that i haven’t had anywhere near the fruits and veggies that i should have eaten for the day…or haven’t drank hardly any water. here’s to a better tonight! great job to all you losers!!! ; )

    • RoniNoone

      Tea is a lifesaver. I need to make a nightly cup a healthy habit. :)

  • Emily

    Roni, I hear you. I have stuck to a plan this past week and have started running again since surgery 4.5weeks ago and I am up 0.2lbs. Not a lot but I was hoping for the other direction. Now I just have to not give in to the “screw its” and keep doing what I know has been making me feel great.

    HW-192 (post preggo)
    Age 32

    • RoniNoone

      Nice job maintaining!! So hard when you are taken out of commission.

  • Larissa

    CW-260.0 (- 0.2)

    This is my first weigh in here!! I am barely down today, but at least I am feeling good. I am learning for the first time to find something positive every week instead of saying the infamous “I could have done better. Only 0.2 lbs…” You have been an amazing inspiration for me and I appreciate your help!!

    • RoniNoone

      Saying “ONLY” is one my pet peeves. You have to OWN it and that change in mindset makes a huge difference!

  • run4fun

    Last Week: 149.2

    This Week: 147.2

    Goal: 135ish

    Height: 5’5

    No need to be sorry! Besides, during maintenance sometimes you are a few pounds up or down from time to time, right? Hope you had a good morning at your gym.

    • RoniNoone

      Yup! Weight is never constant.

  • Reen

    You are not being a downer. Just real. That’s what I like about your blog. It’s real. The good, the great, and the not so good days, it’s always there. You say what you feel, feelings that I too have felt at one point or another. Thanks for the continuing inspiration that you provide, Roni. :)

    • RoniNoone

      You are so welcome! :)

  • meredith l frye

    Hw 260
    Cw 173.5 loss of 1.5
    5’8 29yrs old
    I lost this week even though I went a little over board with some catered lunch yesterday. Its more about being consistent and not letting that one meal get us off track! Here’s to a good week!

    • RoniNoone

      YES!! Exactly!

  • Erin

    Its ok ! You can’t be Susie Sunshine every day!! And if you were I don’t know if we would love you so much :-} HA! I think many of us can totally relate- I can!! Like you said…this will pass. In the meantime don’t be so hard on yourself- you are a crazy busy person- maybe you just need this veg out time without the guilt! Create some kick-ass healthy yummy snack (you are the queen of this!) find a show you and the hubby really love and just kick back and recharge your batteries! :-} We all need that from time to time….

    • RoniNoone

      Ugh I wish vegging out didn’t make me feel guilty. Maybe that’s somethingI should work on!

  • Carrie

    HW: 190s pregnant
    CW: 160.4
    GW: 140-145
    Age: 28
    Height: 5′ 7″

    I haven’t weighed-in on here in two or three weeks, though I’ve been weighing in at home. I’ve been haphazardly maintaining between 157 and 160 for what seems like months now. My weight is really starting to get to me so I’ve got to get this 15-20lbs off! So, I’m getting back into full-on weight loss mode. I’m restarting WW points and going to continue to track on MFP. I’m also full on into my half marathon training (May 19th!) and have already gotten in two double diget runs. I know if I apply myself daily I can get where I want in a reasonable amount of time; it’s time to JUST DO IT ALREADY!!!

    • RoniNoone

      You totally got this!

  • Rachel

    Well Roni I have been following you for a while, but never weighing in. However, I am now committed to being healthier and making the effort. I really really want to keep at it, so here I am today and hopefully in the weeks to come.

    HW: 178 preggo
    CW: 132 (down 2 from last week!)
    GW: 120
    Age: 30
    Height: 5’3″

    • RoniNoone

      I’ll be looking for your comment next week! :)

  • Anon

    GW: 125
    2013 Start: 136.0

    I refuse to give up. I made it to the gym this week at 6am, and felt absolutely great for about 3 hours afterwards. That’s the feeling I want to perpetuate – that calm, “I can handle anything” feeling. I can only get that when I eat well and exercise. So here I am, present and accounted for!

    • annie

      awesome sentiment, i like it!

    • RoniNoone

      I get that feeling too!! It’s what gets me out the door every early morning. :)

  • BrightStarMama

    HW: 220s (pregnant)
    CW: 152.8
    GW: 150s (Xmas 2012 hit goal -> Jan 2013 hit Lifetime)
    HT: 5′ 7′
    41yo & now 5 weeks pregnant!!!!!
    SUMMARY: I’m doing it :-(

    Still not tracking but staying conscious about healthy choices & the portions that work for me & it’s working – YAY!!!. Biggest change is no real exercise & thus eating has to match that since March 20th because of IVF & more importantly – now I’m pregnant :-) I just wish I was one of those fit 30 years old preggers chicks who gets to do kickboxing & yoga & lift weights her whole pregnancy (though I really only miss elliptical, spinning & weights but you know what I mean!). But because of my age & IVF – I have to stay mellow – just walking, swimming & prenatal yoga – except work is so busy as well as life with a toddler that I’ve gone from regular hard core calorie burning workouts 2-4 times a week that i love to barely fitting in after dinner strolls. It’s not about beating myself up at all – I just know I’d feel better if I was moving more! Already feeling it in the hip flexors & lower back…. So trying to start prenatal yoga (earlier than most in class I’m sure!) & longer slightly harder walks with or without toddler/hubby in tow…goal is to not really gain in 1st trimester (who knew that the 1st time around – who cared;-)? & then healthy reasonable gains after that since unlike last time I am actually starting this pregnancy at a healthy BMI. WOO HOO on all accounts!

    • Emily

      Congrats on the pregnancy!

    • Nikki

      Congratulations on the pregnancy! As someone who tried for 10 years to get pregnant, I know how hard that whole process can be. We actually got pregnant, on our own, a couple of years after we stopped trying, and I am now 35 weeks, 1 day. Woo hoo! I didn’t start with a healthy BMI, but I have gained less than 10 lbs, and my doctors have been fine with that.

    • annie

      so excited for you! what fun to get to do a pregnancy differently i hope for the same different experience with number 2 one day. congrats on the ivf, i’ve heard the hormones can be tough

    • RoniNoone


  • Trixie

    Roni, I almost didn’t check-in because of a stressful, tired week – but love your post because it is so real. I’m in maintenance mode, so not ‘weighing-in’ weekly, but checking in. I had let my eating get out of hand without tracking/measuring – and I know that’s what I need to do to stay where I want to be. The numbers were starting to creep. So the past two days have been much better – but it’s the snacking in the evenings that totally gets me too. Hang in there. It’s a journey and bound to have it’s ups and downs.

    • RoniNoone

      It truly is. :)

  • Maria

    HW : 199

    This Week: 135.1 (-.8)

    Goal: 120ish

    Height: 5’3

    I hate to jinx it but woo hoo! And I just want to say that you are maintaining an ABSOLUTELY amazing loss, we all gave our weeks of blah. Hang in there Roni!

    • RoniNoone

      Hanging in and celebrating with you! WOO HOO! :)

  • nancyabc

    Well I lost 2 pds but I still can’t get motivated.
    Eating far too many carbs for me to lose weight ( my body really doesn’t like me to eat carbs!) At heart I know I need to get through this fourth year even if I don’t have a victory at the scale. At least I am getting outside and walking now that will help.
    Hope everyone has a good week.

    • RoniNoone

      Losing while not motivated is pretty motivating I would think! We all go through funks of un-motivation but as long as you don’t walk away completely you are making progress.

  • carla birnberg

    went to bed and woke up with you on the brain. how it is a BETTER BETTER DAY. xo

    • RoniNoone


  • NatMcC

    HW: 184.6
    CW: 158.2 (-1.4)
    GW: 145
    H: 5’7″

    Under the weather fighting a sinus and ear infection but watching carefully what I eat and it is working just as well.

    We all have our days, our nights, our moments, weeks, months…but trying to stay positive and looking at the good things in life will help turn it all around. Maybe set a time to turn off all the technologies and just enjoy talking with one another. I’ve recently had to take new approaches, it’s too easy to get stuck in a rut and not realize we aren’t talking and spending time with each other….meaningful time. You got this!

    • RoniNoone

      I do and you’re right. New ways to unplug are always good.

  • Jeri Lyn

    HW: 200
    CW: 133.6 (down 2lbs from last week, but still up 1.6lbs from my lowest weight posted here, but that’s ok i’m moving in the right direction)
    GW: 125-130
    H: 5’4″
    AGE: 40
    So sorry your in a “bummer” mood Roni, but as everyone said, it happens to all of us. Just know how much your site & posting mean to so many people & we’re here for you during the good times & bad. I APPRECIATE ALL YOU DO!!!
    Running my full trail marathon this Saturday, 4/13/13 & i’m SO NERVOUS!! This will be my 7th full marathon & 3rd full trail marathon, so i’ve done it before, but I always turn into a stress monster before!! I told everyone hopefully I can relax around mile 25!!! :)
    Take care & I hope you’re feeling more “yourself” soon!!!

    • RoniNoone

      I hope you rocked it!!

  • Sheri J

    HW 305
    CW 254(+2)
    GW 150
    HT 5’3″
    Age 56

    Up again.

    • RoniNoone

      Keep trucking. We’re here. Don’t stew!!

  • Jody R. Goldenfield

    Honest – I fight it too BUT I plan my treat, eat it, brush my teeth right after that & stop. For me, I have to do a lot to brush the teeth due to all my probs so I don’t want to take another 15 minutes doing my teeth stuff so it stops me. :) I also keep flavored no cal water in the house for those later times.. I just chug away when I get that feeling after the treat. :)

    • RoniNoone

      Teeth brushing works, SOMETIMES. lol

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