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One fried Oreo at the carnival tonight was MORE than enough. Nice job turning down the second one. Thank God one was enjoyable enough, because 10 minutes later that thing felt like a lead balloon in your stomach!

Now, no mindless snacking before bed. You didn’t “ruin the day.” You enjoyed a treat with friends on a fun night out and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Let’s do a better job keeping the food journal tomorrow. It’s fallen apart these past two days from no real reason but laziness.

  • Cindy Corliss

    I hear you on that. I need to track and track better and be consistent. I’ve gotten to complacent this week.

  • Sarah

    Ahh fried oreos are so freaking delicious. I eat them about once at year at our state fair. Enjoying time with friends is so important! And you have to indulge every now and then :) Last night, I had 3 big slices of extremely cheesy and exceptionally greasy pizza with garlic butter POURED over the crust. Prior to dinner, the rest of my day was filled with smart choices and today I plan to get back on track by eating my normal, healthy foods. I really do think it’s all about consistency and balance!

  • Theresa

    Congrats Roni on your self control! Note to myself: good job on not having the red velvet cupcake that looked oh so good that would of put you over your calorie count for the day.! We have to remember the little success will lead to the bigger goals we have for our selves.

  • wendy

    Yesterday went back to tracking on MFP after about a week of “being lazy”. You always seem to put in writing what I’m thinking.

  • Johnny Ray

    Oh Funnel Cakes! I love those. Never tried a fried Oreo…

  •!/pattyaizaga Patty

    I don’t think I’ve ever had one of those. I’m not to big on the sweets…I’d rather have the fried salty thing with cheese LOL!

  • whosallysparrow

    Oreo topped with egg-less chocolate chip cookie dough, and the whole thing covered in chocolate. That’s all I have to say about yesterday.

  • Cindy

    I’m glad that fried Oreos are one fattening food that just doesn’t sound appealing. How on earth do you fry an Oreo, anyway?

    • RoniNoone

      They batter and fry it of course! ;)


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