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My Heart Hurts

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I didn’t realize how much I felt a part of the running community until today. I’m so sad and angry and emotional over the bombing at the Boston Marathon. There are tears streaming down my face.

Running events are very symbolic to me. I’ve gotten emotional at each and every one of them. They are such a celebration of the HUMAN spirit. Runners come from every background. There’s no race or sex or religion or politics involved. That’s another reason I’m so attracted to them, the diversity. At their heart they are about people encouraging and inspiring each other while doing something for themselves, challenging themselves.

I know I’m naive. Someone once told me I live in a bubble gum world and you know what, I do, because some days I just can’t deal with the real one.

This is one of those days.

I’m putting the kids to bed and going for a run.

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    Julie Donahue

    April 15, 2013

    As a brand new runner (and nowhere near the caliber of a marathoner!) I was just in shock when I heard the news. I haven’t run any races yet. I’ve only run 5Ks on the treadmill so far, but I am starting to identify as a runner. And it felt like family that was under attack today.


    April 15, 2013

    I am angry as well. Angry and very sad. I read that one of the lives lost was that of a precious eight year old child. My son is eight. I can not imagine him losing his life while standing by the finish line waiting to cheer his mommy on. I hugged both of my children very tight tonight.

    Running is a different sport than most. It has been my experience that runners help and encourage each other. The running community is a very supportive place. The Boston marathon is supposed to be a happy event filled with triumph and accomplishment celebrated by participants from all over the world. I know in my heart this tragedy will bring us even closer together.

    From this I am trying to quickly let go of the anger. There is enough of that in the world today. I will be more kind, supportive and openly loving to those I share this world with. I will not be afraid to run. I will run for those who tragically lost their lives and limbs today. I will run to show whom ever committed this act that they will not win. I will focus on the heroes who stepped up to help today, and I will mourn those who were lost.

    Sometimes I really hate the reality of the world that my children must grow up in.

    Connie Smith Corey

    April 16, 2013

    I am right in that bubble gum world with you today. ((hugs)) to us all.


    April 16, 2013

    I can’t wait to run my first 5K in Portland. I feel like it means something more now.

    Amanda Williams Straw

    April 16, 2013

    I have a hard time identifying myself as a runner. I’ve done two 5Ks this year-had a PR in one of those. I am not a regular runner (I do boot camp 4-5 days a week). But my BFF just told me a couple weeks ago that I don’t have to run every day to be a runner. I am a runner. I have no desire to do a marathon. I’ve done 2 half marathons (walk/jogged those) but I do want to do another one and run it and I have a time goal as well. I feel the same way as you. I have a run planned for tomorrow in honor of those that were running on Monday. I will run for them and for those that can’t anymore. My thoughts turn to anger when I think of all the time and effort to train for something like the Boston marathon–and to take that away from those that didn’t get to finish. For those that were so excited to cross that finish line and didn’t get to. To take it all away is just sick. I know whoever did this will pay. And there is more good in the world than evil, and for that I am thankful.