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I’m taking a break from #YogaADay for The 7-Year-Old’s Spring Break Staycation and I must say, I miss it dearly! Honestly, it’s partially the weather’s fault. I’m so tired of and uninspired by the cold. Ugh!

Posting this though, is giving me the bug. I think I’ll start back up on the 7th.

Here’s March’s recap plus a bonus pose on the bottom. :)

A little child’s pose in front of my house to start another month of #YogaAday

Coming home from a girls’ night out, getting gas, and remembered #YogaAday :)

#YogaAday after a very cold run at the park.

Super busy day. Finally took a break for #YogaAday — my attempt at revolved head to knee.

Upward bow from above as taken by the 7-year-old (his idea) #YogaAday

I’m starting to seriously work on my hamstrings. This standing forward bend is going to be my benchmark. #YogaAday

Now the tree pose I got! :) #YogaAday

Holy windy cold day! Still worth braving for #YogaAday :)

We were trying to beat the sunset and barely made it. The husband took this one for me after a super active family day. #YogaAday

Taking a #YogaAday break during my Sunday run and enjoying this creek I found.

I think reclining bound angle pose is my new favorite. #YogaAday

My attempt at #YogaAday in the mall. We couldn’t get the timing down. Too loud but Little Bean was trying too. :)

Quick #YogaAday in the backyard on this busy morning. I love the puffy clouds!

This field had #YogaAday written all over it.

A little nighttime #YogaAday in my pjs. I used the wall a bit and it helped me hold the pose for about 30 seconds. Now to work on my form. Why is my butt so high??

Another #YogaAday in pjs. Have houseguests for Little Bean’s b=day. It’s a madhouse! Hoping to get outside tomorrow!

Escaped the family, took a run, and just broke for #YogaAday :)

#yogaAday after #CrossFit – Great way to kick off the work week.

#YogaAday at the park with the kids. Couldn’t get Evan to stay in frame. lol

Another post #CrossFit #YogaAday Need a break from doing them out in the cold. Come on spring!

#YogaAday after my first hot yoga class. Loved it. More later!

#YogaAday in my pjs while the husband watches Georgetown lose.

Our attempt at corpse pose for #YogaAday — lol

Post-run #YogaAday on this Sensational Sunday!

A little fireside boat pose. #YogaAday #goodnight

Catching up on #YogaAday after #crossfit. I decided to bind my revolved side angle. Not sure if I did it right but it felt good.

Boat pose. Can you see me praying for the timer to go off? lol #YogaAday

Eagle pose at Sam’s Club. Can’t believe I had an aisle to myself! #YogaAday

Quick #YogaAday before my parents come for Easter weekend

My pitiful attempt at plow pose during lacrosse practice. #YogaAday

An Easter #YogaAday with the toddler cousins. :)

BONUS SHOT: Because of #YogaAday Little Bean breaks into high plank every time I take out my phone.

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  • HCG Canada Group

    Awesome pictures! I had never seen these type of pictures in my life. Thanks for sharing such a nice information with us.

  • Adrianna

    Love these! Your shoulders in the half moon pose (after your hot yoga class) look AMAZING! The picture of little bean in plank is precious. Thanks for sharing.

  • Kris

    Roni – your back looks so strong and amazing in the revolved side angle pose!

  • Dana

    Great job Roni! I think I could do the corpse pose! lol

    Love the bonus shot.

  • Claudia

    Roni, Kris beat me to it, but I have to say it once more, your physique and especially your back & shoulders look just great! One can see that you have trained a lot & that consistent training pays off. Would love to hear more about your experiences with Crossfit!! Maybe there’s even a video in the making??

  • Staci Moize

    LOL. Funny what kids get accustomed to. Every time I get a spoon, my kids run for the freezer. Ha! Juussst kidding. :) Neat pics!

  • GrowSoulBeauty

    Thanks again for all your support- so glad that you are finding it so rewarding! NAMASTE- see ya soon ;)

  • Vicky

    Love that you can bind, upward bow need to work on lower back exercise but you look good


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