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March #YogaADay Photo Recap

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I’m taking a break from #YogaADay for The 7-Year-Old’s Spring Break Staycation and I must say, I miss it dearly! Honestly, it’s partially the weather’s fault. I’m so tired of and uninspired by the cold. Ugh!

Posting this though, is giving me the bug. I think I’ll start back up on the 7th.

Here’s March’s recap plus a bonus pose on the bottom. :)

A little child’s pose in front of my house to start another month of #YogaAday

Coming home from a girls’ night out, getting gas, and remembered #YogaAday :)

#YogaAday after a very cold run at the park.

Super busy day. Finally took a break for #YogaAday — my attempt at revolved head to knee.

Upward bow from above as taken by the 7-year-old (his idea) #YogaAday

I’m starting to seriously work on my hamstrings. This standing forward bend is going to be my benchmark. #YogaAday

Now the tree pose I got! :) #YogaAday

Holy windy cold day! Still worth braving for #YogaAday :)

We were trying to beat the sunset and barely made it. The husband took this one for me after a super active family day. #YogaAday

Taking a #YogaAday break during my Sunday run and enjoying this creek I found.

I think reclining bound angle pose is my new favorite. #YogaAday

My attempt at #YogaAday in the mall. We couldn’t get the timing down. Too loud but Little Bean was trying too. :)

Quick #YogaAday in the backyard on this busy morning. I love the puffy clouds!

This field had #YogaAday written all over it.

A little nighttime #YogaAday in my pjs. I used the wall a bit and it helped me hold the pose for about 30 seconds. Now to work on my form. Why is my butt so high??

Another #YogaAday in pjs. Have houseguests for Little Bean’s b=day. It’s a madhouse! Hoping to get outside tomorrow!

Escaped the family, took a run, and just broke for #YogaAday :)

#yogaAday after #CrossFit – Great way to kick off the work week.

#YogaAday at the park with the kids. Couldn’t get Evan to stay in frame. lol

Another post #CrossFit #YogaAday Need a break from doing them out in the cold. Come on spring!

#YogaAday after my first hot yoga class. Loved it. More later!

#YogaAday in my pjs while the husband watches Georgetown lose.

Our attempt at corpse pose for #YogaAday — lol

Post-run #YogaAday on this Sensational Sunday!

A little fireside boat pose. #YogaAday #goodnight

Catching up on #YogaAday after #crossfit. I decided to bind my revolved side angle. Not sure if I did it right but it felt good.

Boat pose. Can you see me praying for the timer to go off? lol #YogaAday

Eagle pose at Sam’s Club. Can’t believe I had an aisle to myself! #YogaAday

Quick #YogaAday before my parents come for Easter weekend

My pitiful attempt at plow pose during lacrosse practice. #YogaAday

An Easter #YogaAday with the toddler cousins. :)

BONUS SHOT: Because of #YogaAday Little Bean breaks into high plank every time I take out my phone.

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    HCG Canada Group

    April 5, 2013

    Awesome pictures! I had never seen these type of pictures in my life. Thanks for sharing such a nice information with us.


    April 5, 2013

    Love these! Your shoulders in the half moon pose (after your hot yoga class) look AMAZING! The picture of little bean in plank is precious. Thanks for sharing.


    April 5, 2013

    Roni – your back looks so strong and amazing in the revolved side angle pose!


    April 5, 2013

    Great job Roni! I think I could do the corpse pose! lol

    Love the bonus shot.


    April 5, 2013

    Roni, Kris beat me to it, but I have to say it once more, your physique and especially your back & shoulders look just great! One can see that you have trained a lot & that consistent training pays off. Would love to hear more about your experiences with Crossfit!! Maybe there’s even a video in the making??

    Staci Moize

    April 5, 2013

    LOL. Funny what kids get accustomed to. Every time I get a spoon, my kids run for the freezer. Ha! Juussst kidding. :) Neat pics!


    April 8, 2013

    Thanks again for all your support- so glad that you are finding it so rewarding! NAMASTE- see ya soon ;)


    April 9, 2014

    Love that you can bind, upward bow need to work on lower back exercise but you look good