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Does Anyone Mind if I Just Let My Brain Dump?

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I’ve been sitting at my desk for 20 minutes since putting the 2-year-old down for a nap and I just can’t seem to get anything accomplished. It’s not that I don’t have any to accomplish (hello … FitBloggin’ in 70 DAYS!) I just don’t know where to start!

I found myself jotting down notes of what I need to do but then THAT got overwhelming! So I decided to just do an old-fashioned brain dump. I used to do these all the time and it really helps me wrap my head around all my site and blog happenings and really, life in general. It’s like deep breath therapy through writing. That’s what I’ll call it anyway. It’s something I just have to do every once in a while.

*Deep Breath* Here goes…

  1. FitBloggin’ is in full-steam-HOLY-CRAPBALLS-mode. We have more sponsors, speakers and volunteers than ever, and I’m having a hard time keeping up. I’m doing what I can when I can but it just doesn’t seem to be enough. And I’m even delegating! Do you believe it? HUGE step for me. I’m a horrible delegator.
  2. Speaking of delegating, I also worked with a few folks to redesign GreenLiteBites. This was/is a big deal for me. First of all, GreenLiteBites is now 5 years old. I used to call it my second child before I actually had a second child. I designed and programmed it all by myself. I produce all the content, take all the photos, and come up with all the recipes. It is truly a complete creative outlet for me. I had a hard time trusting someone else to work on it, but I took a leap of faith and now it has a shiny new look! There’s still lots of little naggy things to be fixed but it’s live and after a day of freaking out I’m happy with it overall.
  3. Here on Roni’s Weigh I also have so many naggy things to do! I created a new page I’m not even linking to yet with all my running events listed and I really want to revamp my main navigation. I feel like it’s time for a change and, honestly, I’m thinking about mimicking the new GreenLiteBites look here so my sites have some continuity.
  4. That INCLUDES TheUnWorldlyTravelers, which is another new child of mine. I have SO much fun blogging over there but to do that I actually need to travel! Well, that or find time to dream about travel, neither of which I have time to do at the moment.
  5. Well, that’s KIND of a lie because I’m actually traveling this weekend!  I haven’t had much time to think, let alone talk about it, but I’m running the Mid Atlantic Tough Mudder on Saturday and … are you ready for this? Sunday! I’m actually going to attempt 2 Tough Mudders in 2 days! Don’t ask why, I’m not quite sure. It’s just sort of happened and now I’m really curious if I can actually do it. I plan on bringing the GoPro and so does Jimmy (he recorded the last one) so I hope to get some fun footage to share. At this point I’m on autopilot. It’s just happening and I’m going with the flow. OK, now that I typed that out and had a moment to think about it I’m getting butterflies.WHAT WAS I THINKING? lol. Moving on because I can’t ponder this weekend for too long. I may back out!
  6. Let’s see. Other news. Poor BlogToLose. I have been so absent from the community for so long I don’t think there is any going back. Every time I try to interject myself back in, something pulls me in another direction. I feel bad, but at the same time the community seems to be flourishing. I wish I could do more but the truth is I’ve spread myself too thin. Something needed to give and unfortunately that something had been my involvement on the BlogToLose site. :(
  7. OK, I can’t end on a sad face. Let me see, what else can I share? OH! DietsInReview posted a story about me (click here to check it out.) Dana really did a great job and she shared my yoga photo!  I’m sorry, but I love that photo. To me, it really represents NOT how much weight I lost, but how much stronger I’ve become.

For some reason I feel TONS better getting that all out of my head. Let’s see if I can get a GreenLiteBites post done before Little Bean wakes up. I made an awesome turkey burger the other day!

Thanks for “listening” to my brain dump. Hope you are having a great day! :)

P.S. He was up before I hit publish on this post. Ugh. 

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    Lisa Eirene

    April 18, 2013

    Sadly I cannot attend Fitbloggin’ (which sucks because it’s in MY CITY!!). But I do hope to meet up with some people. I’d love to meet my blog friends in real life!

    Jami Gobao

    April 18, 2013

    YOU ROCKSTAR! Double Tough Mudders!!! Amazing!! Brain dumbs are good once in a while. I had one today too! Feeling better now :)


    April 18, 2013

    I LOVE the new look of GLB! I visited it today on my phone, I wanted to know what ingredients I needed for the 6 Ingredient Pork Loin. Guess what. The stupid store only had prepackaged pork loins, the smallest being 17 pounds. You read that correctly. WTH am I going to do with 17 pounds of pork loin? And this wasnt a bulk store, but a regular grocery store. I guess I’ll try a different store on a different day. Anyway, I just visited the site again from my PC and it looks great!

    Veronica H.

    April 19, 2013

    I love the new look of GLB (not that I hated the old one)! It’s great, Roni!

    Jody R. Goldenfield

    April 22, 2013

    I am exhausted reading this! ;)