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Stop torturing yourself and just enjoy the damn chocolate.


A serving of chocolate isn’t the problem. Continuously denying yourself and then bingeing is.

You know this.

Now… while I have your attention… You do know there are only 24 hours in a day, and you can only do what you can do. Right?

Cut yourself some slack.

  • Tamara Grand

    Mmmmm. Life’s too short not to enjoy chocolate!

  • Jami Joy

    Dark Chocolate gets me everytime..just a nibble there and then another and welp there goes the bar.

  • grace dawson

    eat son dam chocolate girl lol. looks like you deserve some from the progress i have seen you make.


  • Jon Kidwell

    A little chocolate can go a long way! I notice your 90% cocoa. WHOA! That is some bitter stuff. What I found to be good is the individually wrapped Godiva 72% dark chocolate. One is small; yet satisfying!

  • jennie

    I must admit that I too, enjoy the occasional chocolate treat… but we have to remember moderation is the key….uuuuugh,,, but sometimes it’s just to hard to resist…


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