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I needed to capture Little Bean’s reaction properly. This happens in my house almost daily.

Happy Friday!

  • Brandy

    I absolutely LOVE the foot-tapping. Adorable!

  • Linda Springer Noss

    too cute!

  • Susan Cope

    Very cute! My almost two year old watched the video with me and had a similar amount of enthusiasm while watching it. (She made me play it for her about 10 times in a row.) She says “Hi” and even tried to share her paci through the computer.

  • Missy

    Haha this made me laugh out loud…. I LOVE this age!

  • Amilja

    Too cute. Love it!

  • Jola

    This is so cute! :) Is big smile made me laugh out loud. Does he really react like that every time his brother turns the wii on?

    • RoniNoone

      Every. Single. Time. lol

  • Sherri

    Love it! Now that mine are teenagers I am enjoying living vicariously through you.

  • Sarah

    Sounds like he is about to play my kiddos fav wii game……Lego starwars??

  • Cindy

    Too cute!!! I watched this 3 times in a row!

  • Guest

    LOL!! My 9 year old and 4 year old wanted to watch Little Bean over and over. We love it!

  • Crystal

    Oh my gosh – this just made my day. :0) I have a little 7 month old baby boy who does everything with great gusto…so I’m thinking that your video is a glimpse forward in time for me. Thank you for sharing this moment.

  • Tara

    That is awesome! Soo cute!!

  • Sara

    That is hilarious. What a memory to have on video

  • Glenn Dickstein

    Without question, as a parent, this is the stuff that gets you ready to go everyday.

  • Erin

    OMG This is priceless! My 2 yr old reacts very similar to this when her 5 yr old sister puts on Dora or Strawberry Shortcake…its adorable!!!


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