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February #YogaADay Photo Recap

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I know I usually post a Weekend quote on Fridays but the timing was perfect for February’s #YogaADay. Plus, I didn’t come across any inspirational quotes that felt worthy of sharing. So instead, I give you 28 days of my attempting yoga and cell phone self-photography, two things I really have a lot of fun practicing. :)

Child’s pose after a frigid 4-mile run. Notice Irish, she’s not impressed. @growsoulbeautiful #yogaAday

Quick #YogaAday before bed.

A fun #YogaAday for Super Bowl Sunday.

Thankful to #YogaAday today for reminding me to take a moment. I’ve been go-go-go all morning I didn’t eat or even take my coat or hat off after coming home 2 hours ago!

Quick #YogaAday on my morning run.

Why am I so bad at the forward standing bend?? #YogaAday

Almost forgot #YogaAday so I snuck in tree pose while watching John Stewart. :)

#YogaAday in Salt Lake City on my way to Temecula for the @ToughMudder

#YogaAday in the middle of the @ToughMudder in Temecula, CA

Waiting for the doctor and catching up on #YogaAday. When I saw the chair, I couldn’t help myself. Yesterday was chair pose. :)

My attempt to do reclining bound angle for #yogaAday with the boys. SOMEONE couldn’t stay still for the 15-second timer. lol

One day I will nail this pose but that day is not today. lol. #YogaAday. @growsoulbeautiful

Quick #YogaAday stop on my home from #CrossFit Busy day ahead!

A little fun with perspective for #YogaAday I’m tall but not THAT tall.

No progress on crane pose. :( #YogaAday

Catching up on #YogaAday – Wide legged forward standing bend

I’m supposed to be doing a seated forward bend for #YogaAday but lower back was not cooperating. Yet again, Irish not impressed. lol

#YogaAday at the gas station of all places.

A good morning mountain pose! Are you ready to tackle Tuesday? #YogaAday

My attempt of revolved head to toe taken by the 7-year-old with toddler toes. :) #YogaAday @growsoulbeautiful

#YogaAday with my boys!! @growsoulbeautiful

I’ve been dealing with a lot of lower back pain since last night. Thinking some light stretching is a good idea. #YogaAday

Little Bean wanted in on today’s corpse pose. :) #YogaAday

Stepped off the trail for a quick #YogaAday break. The sound of the creek makes me smile.

It’s a new day and I’m ready to embrace it. Are you? #YogaAday

A little #YogaAday break during playtime. :)

When I went to the gym this morning it was cold and rainy. When I got out? Gorgeous! #YogaAday

#YogaAday stop on my run. I saw this tree line and it looked perfect. Eagle pose.

Update:I just posted March’s recap! Click here!

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    Jody R. Goldenfield

    March 1, 2013

    I honestly look forward to every one of your yoga pictures on Instagram!!! They calm me for the moment!!! Well, the food too & those yogurt toppings! ;)


    March 2, 2013

    Where did you get the purple jacket in the 4th picture? It is so cute!


      March 2, 2013

      I love that jacket! It was a gift. I think my friend got it at BJs of al places. lol

    Slim Style Secrets

    March 2, 2013

    When I get stressed out I find a quiet place…strike child’s pose…and take a minute for myself.