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Sorry again for the late weigh-in. I actually hopped on the scale at 7 this morning and Instagram-ed it because the the Food Network magazine cracked me up. Then I got the kids up, fed, lunches made, and headed to the gym.

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 10.40.36 AM

Compared to last week I’m down 2.8, which I don’t think is a true loss. Last week seemed off for how I felt and how my clothes fit. Sometimes you really have to ignore the scale, listen to your body and move on. That’s why I didn’t really care when I saw the jump. In my heart I knew the scale was just being a jerk, again, and like the inner mean girl, sometimes you just have to give it the finger and walk away.

I know it’s easier said than done, but really think about it. Using some number on the scale to guide your decisions is like pulling your kid out of school because he failed a test. You wouldn’t do that, right? Instead you’d have a talk with him. Ask him how he studied, what he didn’t understand, what he needs to work on for the next one, etc., etc., etc.

I’m not saying that weighing yourself should be like a test that you pass or fail, but I am saying it’s one way to get feedback on your progress. Giving you information so you can progress forward. Not step back.

Try to think that way next time your scale is being a jerk. It helps!

OK, time for updates! I’m looking forward to seeing how your week went!

  • annie

    HW: 260 (pg)
    CW: 224.8 (down I.4)
    GW: I90
    H: 5’8″
    Age: 36

    i was glad for the loss, roni i loved your post about how you really lost the weight, so inspiring, great to read to get centered
    my daughter just turned 9 months and i have the last 2 to 4 baby pounds to lose. she is teething right now so we both want to cry. had a great workout at the gym, feeling exhausted from the night but onward
    hope you all had a great week

    • RoniNoone

      WOW you are rocking it! Nice job.

    • annie

      again, cyber blushing from a comment from the woman herself!!

  • Svanhvit

    I am here. Sorta. No idea about the scale. I got a bad flu last week and still have not quite recovered. Also threw out my back on sunday which gave me a bad spin because the nerves that haven’t quite recovered from last year’s drama flipped out. I got SO scared. So right now, I am concentrating on getting through this mess. After that, I can focus on other stuff.

    I am delighted you are doing so well. And might I add that you look fantastic!

    • RoniNoone

      I hope you feel better!

  • babar

    one of those water retaining weeks for me, but onward as well:

    HW: 165
    CW: 160.5 (+2)
    GW: 140
    H: 5’8″
    Age: 22

    • RoniNoone

      It’s just temporary.. you know that! :)

  • Aimee

    CW: 147.2 (+1.4)
    Last week: 145.8
    GW: 137 lbs
    Highest weight: 208 lbs
H: 5′ 2”
Age: 39

    My weight loss was big last week while I experimented with a clean eating cleanse. I’m working so hard to come to terms with the scale. I know what you say is true Roni. I’m going to try to push the negative thoughts out of my head and accept it. I don’t feel or look different. I ran an awesome 10K this past weekend and I’m still sugar, dairy and caffeine free.

    • Sheri J

      Way to go Aimee! Who cares what the scale says… you are rocking the diet and exercise!

    • RoniNoone

      I agree with Sheri you are ROCKING IT!

  • Emily

    HW: 178
    CW: 135.6 (+1.8) again!
    GW: 125
    28 y/o

    I feel like the weigh in this morning is not a true gain. I got home at 9:30 last night from work. My fiancé had ordered Chinese, and I still felt full this morning. I don’t think that I lost anything but am probably around the same as last week. I count this week as a huge success though because I ran my half marathon last weekend in 2:10:13, which was an 18 minute PR from my previous half!!! I felt like everything clicked on Saturday and the small weight increase in the past couple weeks was totally worth it to have my body feel strong and fast(er) for 13.1 miles. I have a recovery (fitness and nutrition) plan all ready to go and I am hopeful that I will register a loss next week. Happy spring everyone!

    • run4fun

      Congrats on the PR!

  • Trixie

    HW: 215.5
    GW: 155
    H: 5’7″
    Age: 40

    I’m right with you! I reached ‘goal’ two weeks ago, and am checking in but not weighing in. While I still step on the scale periodically for my own curiosity – I’m only going to weigh in once/month if I’m feeling on track with maintenance. There are other indicators that tell me how I’m doing – number one for me is my eating choices and tracking (and I say that an hour after I just had fries with my lunch for the first time in….. months!). Even during my last 5 pounds that I lost, it felt more like maintenance with the little ups and downs that reflect our lives, choices, celebrations and challenges. And I will still be checking in here – I love reading how everyone is doing – we’re all on our own journey but understand so much of what each other is experiencing.

  • Corrie

    HW: 174.8
    CW: 144.4 (down .8 lbs)
    GW: 144 (revised to be an even 30 lbs)
    H: 5′ 8”
    Age: 37

    .4 until the big 3-0 lbs lost!!

    • NatMcC

      That’s awesome!!! It’s going to feel great when that .4 is gone too!!

    • RoniNoone

      SOOO CLOSE!!

  • Corrie

    Looking at my own post…apparently not so great at math!! I think my goal weight on My Fitness Pal is dif than my original here 174.8, ’cause it says I am at 29.6 lb total. Either way, I feel great!!

    • RoniNoone

      And that’s all that matters! :)

  • Vicki

    hw: 180 lbs

    cw: 145.2 lbs (+o.4)

    gw: 135 lbs

    Emotional eating and making treats that I love to eat. I feel fortunate that I didn’t gain a crazy amount from my peanutbutter rice crispies treat that I made yesterday and now I can see that they are almost all gone. sigh. Well, today is a new day! Let’s go!

    • RoniNoone

      .4 is nothing. Total maintainer week! That’s awesome!

  • Alisha john


  • Jodi

    HW: 165

    CW: 153.6 (+1.4)

    GW: 135

    Height: 5’4″

    Age: 35

    Trying to stay positive. Some bad weekend choices led to some bad Mon-Tues. choices. PMS is here. I wish, how I wish I could not let PMS be an excuse, but it is really hard to stay focused on making good choices while in the throes. It takes willpower I don’t feel that I have. So true Roni, what you write about the scale. It is definitely a fickle friend. Well…moving on!

    • RoniNoone

      It’s not is not an excuse! It’s a reality we have to live with. Cut yourself some slack and give yourself permission to eat a bit more. Not a crazy binge session but indulge and move on. We’ve all been there.

  • nancyabc

    HW: around 450
    CW: 254.4 (+1.4)
    GW: 199
    Roni the topic of the scale has really helped me lately. Up again and this week will not be good because my left leg is about 3X its size.
    So I will really need to take the scale number and not let it drive me crazy when I weigh-in at WW on Sat. BUT I also know I have not eaten well either so it is a combination. I have not given up and I still eat a whole lot better then I did and this will pass and I will do better. I can’t wait unitl I can get back outside walking every day–I did so much better in the fall.
    Happy Spring!!

    • RoniNoone

      You are making progress and that’s all that really matters. Keep trucking and if your leg is really that swollen it easily weighs an extra pound or 2. ;)

  • Shan

    CW 159.5
    GW 155
    Happier Weight 145
    Height 5’11″
    Age 35

    Great post. I totally give the scale the finger some weeks. This week was sort of like that. I am the same, no change. I have been pretty good with my food and running, it just isn’t showing on the scale.

    Oh well, I am just going to focus and keep up the good work. I Want to get as far away from 160 as I can, because I sat there for so long. Here’s hoping. Still using MFP and loving it

    • RoniNoone

      So I’m not the only one? I mean I literally give it the finger! lol

  • Dukebdc

    HW: 148
    CW: 125.2 (+3.2)

    GW: 120-125
    HT: 5’2″
    Age: 35

    So, apparently the scale decided to give ME the finger two weeks after I turned 35. :) Looking at my past weigh-ins, I noticed that exactly 4 weeks ago, I also had an inexplicable several pound gain that disappeared within three days. Here’s hoping the cycle repeats. My eating was within normal limits this week, but I feel super puffy and bloated for some reason. TMI alert–I am barely over my period for the month. I’ve been on the active pills for 3 days, and usually bloat is gone by then, but the last two months? Not so much. Am I making excuses? I just find a nearly 5 pound gain in 2 weeks a little out of character for my body at this stage. I’ll keep chugging the water and downing the veggies and see what happens next week! You offer a lot of good advice Roni, but I really love the bits about keeping weigh-ins in perspective!

    • RoniNoone

      I’m glad you noticed a pattern! It helps to get you through these mean scale weeks.

  • imacrazymomof4

    hw: 200+ when pg
    cw: 127.8 (-.2)
    gw: 120′s
    ht: 5’6
    age: 43

    i’m pleased with my wi since this past week was my #2 kid’s 12th birthday…i made him a “WHOOPER birthday cake” which felt like it weighed 10 lbs and was about 10,000 calories. needless to say it was “UNFREAKINGBELIEVABLE”…and i ate more than one piece and enjoyed them immensely.

    i’m a daily weigher, i’ve found it keeps me honest, i can “check in” and know if i need to pull in the reins so to speak. my fitness pal is a great way for me to know if i’m going to have a gain the next day as well. i don’t think there has ever been a day where i haven’t had a gain when my sodium is over its limit. when that happens i don’t really react to the gain. it also helps me to look back over the course of months where you can see a trend.

    we are leaving for aruba tomorrow! all my hard work for the past 200+ days is finally paying off. i’m not dreading the swimsuit, or pulling out the summer wardrobe. there have been so many NSV discovered just packing! YAY! normally this time of year i am stress dieting…it feels so good to be on a different path now. i’m anxious to see how throwing an exotic destination into the works affects my habits…i’m feeling positive that it will be different from usual where i come back 10 lbs heavier. although not weighing daily is going to be scary!!

    • Sheri J

      Aruba! I am so envious! Enjoy yourself and YAY for those NSV’s! You go girl!

    • RoniNoone

      OK, first of all I’m just like you. Salt = higher number on the scale every time. Second, Don’t even think about the scale while you are there. Have FUN!

  • NatMcC

    HW: 184.6

    CW: 161.2 (no change from last week but up 3# from 02/20)

    GW: 145

    H: 5’7″

    Started a Barre class on the 12th and my weight hasn’t moved but I feel great. I can already feel muscle definition and feel toner. Enjoying the class but now I have to get my cardio in on the off days too. I have a trip on 4/18 to British Virgin Islands. I’d love to be 155 at least. I know I can do this!!!!!

    • RoniNoone

      You totally can and great job trying something new!

  • Jenn Colgan

    This was my first week after re-committing (again) to getting healthy
    and fit. I started a “Biggest Loser challenge” with myself, and I’m
    happy to say I’m down 2.8 pounds this week! I have a goal of losing 30
    pounds in 13 weeks.

    My blog has all the info on my challenge and why I’m doing it!

    • RoniNoone

      YAY! Good for you!

  • run4fun

    Last Week: 151.8

    This Week: 150.6

    Goal: 135

    Height: 5’5

    Finally seeing a loss after 2 weeks :-)

    • RoniNoone


  • Sheri J

    HW 305

    CW 254.6(-1.2)

    GW 150

    HT 5’3″

    Age 56

    The scale is showing a loss this morning, but frankly I am surprised. It has been all over the place this week and I haven’t made the best choices to be honest.

    I am having oral surgery next Tuesday and I am NOT ALLOWED TO CHEW FOR THREE WEEKS(sorry, stressed out) following the surgery. I know I have been doing the emotional eating thing because of that and I am so afraid I will go nutso during and then overdo things when I am given the all clear. That is the old me though. I can do this! I can do this! Right?

    • RoniNoone

      Yes you can! Look at it has a challenge. Make yummy, healthy smoothies, know: this too shall pass.

  • Mel

    CW: 161.6
    GW: 145 lbs
    Highest weight: 188.2 lbs
H: 5′ 5”
Age: 38
    I’m just starting to get focused ‘again’ and commit myself. This is my first official roni ‘weigh-in’. Thanks for the blog, I look at it just about every day.

    • RoniNoone

      Glad you joined us!

  • Anon

    GW: 125
    2013 Start: 136.0

    I took a couple weeks off from tracking, and from weighing in. But the damage wasn’t really as bad as I thought. Back to tracking on MFP, because that’s the method that’s working for me right now. And I tried a new yoga class that I am going to make my Sunday routine.

    • RoniNoone

      ME too! Yay for yoga on Sundays! :)

  • KBM

    So Roni – got this question in a christian weight loss group I facilitate – Heck, how do you answer something like this about weigh ins? Your post today hit it on the head- the inner mean girls coming out with the scale……my answer was, find a good doctor – eliminate hormone issues, eliminate medicine issues, try gluten free which messes with your body – if that fails, I’m at a loss. I know for myself personally because I’ve yo-yo’d all my life – I’ve got to eat lighter than the usual dieter and I’ve gotta work out harder than hard – it’s just my stubborn body after what I’ve put it thru over the years – and cause I’m almost 50, well, it doesn’t get easier… seriously, how would you answer this?

    asked this in another group and I’ll ask it here – If I am out of line
    for this I apologize but might I suggest that some people may be eating
    right and exercising and still not losing the weight. Be it illness,
    medication or other underlying factors that keep them ‘fat’. What then?

    • nancyabc

      I can answer about medical problems interfering with weight loss. You may not win at the scale but eating better and every bit of exercise you can get is far better then doing nothing. Staying the same or having little spikes in weight is better on your body then carrying 10, 20, or more pds. Just DON’T give up. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

    • RoniNoone

      I agree with nancybc it can’t ALL be about the weight. Just because the weight isn’t come coming off the way you’d like doesn’t mean the effort to live healthier, eat cleaner and move more. Sure the scale motivation isn’t there but there are so many other benefits! That being said, a talk with a doctor is probably a good idea.

  • Maria

    HW : 199

    This Week: 136.7

    Goal: 120ish

    Height: 5’3

    Same as last week, I’m not surprised…I mindlessly snack…I know I do it but I can’t seem to stop. I’m sure there is some underlying deep seeded issue that needs to come out or something…who knows.

    • RoniNoone

      I go through these phases too. Just look at the loss you are maintaining. You are rocking it! Look for something to spark your motivation. You can do this!

  • Anna

    Hi there!

    I found your blog through another website. It’s really great and I admire your work! I recently had my first baby and I’m trying to get into shape again. Will check out your blog again! Keep up the good work! :)

    Anna @ Healthy on Track


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