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An Instagram-ed Sensational Sunday

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This morning I woke up around 7AM after a wonderful girls’ night out.

I’ve been making an effort to DO more things lately like plan an evening with friends or set up running dates with some girls from the gym. I got tired of leaving my social life up to others and decided it was time to put myself out there a bit more.

We had an awesome time sipping wine, trying all sorts of fancy food and just chatting. I think I underestimated how energizing it can be to just be with friends.

Surprisingly, the Murphy’s Law of parenting didn’t take effect, and I was given the wonderful gift of waking up before everyone else this morning!


It was just me, the cat and a cup of tea. I had a whole 40 minutes without hearing, “Mom” or a “Dadaaa” <– Little Bean will be 2 this month and STILL does not say Momma. That’s a story in and of itself. It’s kind of a family joke now. He calls us both some form of Dad. The Husband is “Dady” and I’m “Dadaaa.”

Anyway, I took advantage of my quiet morning by popping in a load of laundry and relaxing. Before I knew it The 7-Year-Old joined me and we started breakfast.


I tried the 2-ingredient pancake everyone’s talking about. It’s just a mashed banana and 2 eggs with a few optionals. I added some cinnamon, vanilla and flax.

I couldn’t stick around as I had a running date but the Toddler ended up eating 4! I don’t think the 7-year-old liked them that much. I thought they were OK. I prefer my almond oat ones.

While they ate, I ran in the freezing cold at a local park. Ending with #YogaADay, of course. :)


When I got back I made my #DailyYogurt.


That’s orange, pecan, maple syrup with a bit of flax.

The husband wanted to go out for lunch so the deal was I’d make WHATEVER I wanted for dinner. That meant comfort food crockpot meal!


There’s been something I wanted to try for some time and it turned out great! More about that later.

We cleaned up…


and headed to our restaurant for edamame…


…and sushi.

Then we ran some errands and hung out at Toys-R-Us for some time before grocery shopping.

We came back and opened our minifigure score.


I don’t talk about it much but we’re crazy about these things. I posted this when we were on series 4 now we are 2 figures away from finishing off series 9. It’s a fun family obsession now.

At dinner time I uncovered the crockpot and voila!


I’ll post this one on GreenLiteBites tomorrow. It’s Simple Chicken and Oat Stew With Northern Beans. Comfort food at its best. :)

The night ended with baths…


…and stories.

It was a great day. Actually, a great weekend! I took a break from food journaling Friday and Saturday night. I took a break from the camera for today’s post.

I just took a break!

I feel refreshed and ready to start the week.

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    March 4, 2013

    Funny, I just tried those same pancakes yesterday and couldn’t eat them – texture was gross… I’d rather spend the calories on real pancakes and use less butter/syrup… :/


      March 4, 2013

      I agree. BUt a good fast option for a toddler who has given up eating eggs and bananas. lol

    Alisha john

    March 4, 2013

    great day spend. superb. nice routine , every thing done in well mannered way.