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This morning I woke up at 7, make that 8 a.m., to a quiet house. I ecstatically, yet silently, snuck downstairs only to hear this little guy literally when I hit the bottom.


Moments later we were joined by the 7-year-old and we all hung out doodling on the chalk board wall.


Practicing for St. Paddy’s day and Little Bean’s birthday. :)

A little Wii playing and dancing…


…before breakfast with my boys.


We split a 3-egg omelet, some bacon and a pear. Well, 2 of us ate the pear. Little Bean tried it and spit it out. He’s still very sketchy on fruits.

Laundry fun time!



The Husband helped and then headed to back to bed.


lol He tried, but he’s no match for me. I put everyone to work.



After the top floor was finished we broke for snacks and books.


Little Guy headed outside to practice lacrosse with the neighbor…


…while the Husband, Little Bean and I finished up the cleaning.


Then it was run time for mommy!


After my run, The Husband took the 7 year old to the driving range while I stayed home with the napping baby. I caught “Dream House” on HBO and put my feet up.


It was glorious!

The boys came back and played in the yard for a bit…


…before heading out to dinner…


…and grocery shopping.


Then it was baths and bed for the kids and “Walking Dead” for Mom. :)


Hope you had a great weekend! I’m off to hang out with The Husband and watch “The Mentalist.” :)

  • Laura James

    Awesome! I saw two birds, lovely to see them back =)

    • RoniNoone

      He was in rare form yesterday! lol

  • Svanhvit

    Sounds like a great day to me!! Don’t you just love the Mentalist? I am hooked right now, watching season 2 :)

    • RoniNoone

      I do! It lost it’s way a little but I still enjoy it.

    • Svanhvit

      I know what you mean – I already saw season 4 (while sick in China, long story) and thus began watching. After a while they kinda start repeating stuff, but I still think it’s great fun. Plus Simon Baker is great :)

  • Nicole

    The “birds” are back! LOL love it!

  • AneleatSuccessAlongtheWeigh

    I love the way you have your kids do chores on Sunday. Your future daughters in law will thank you!! :-)

    • RoniNoone

      They better! ;)

  • Dana

    Laundry and cleaning isn’t near as fun when there are only 2 adults left in the house! Please don’t give us this blog to be a travel blogger :-)

    • RoniNoone

      NEVER! :)

    • Dana

      should have said don’t give UP this blog! I do want you to give US this blog!!

  • Roz@weightingfor50

    Love the return of the birds!!!! Hilarious. Have a great week Roni.


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