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After this weekend, I expected the scale to be up this week and it was.


Just a pound and a half, but it would have been a lot worse if I let the Screw-Today-I’ll-Start-Over-Tomorrow Mindset continue, which is easy to do as many of you know.

Sometimes I get pissed that weight is so easy to gain and so hard to lose. How come a few days of indiscretions easily result in increasing the number on the scale yet a few days of controlled healthy eating barely make a dent?

I don’t really have an answer and the more I think about it I really don’t care.

I could…

focus on the scale reading as my only measure of success,


look at it as one variable in my entire equation of healthy living.

I choose the latter.

This week I may have comforted myself with some chocolate and nachos but I also went to Crossfit 4 times, ran 6 miles, cooked numerous healthy meals for my family, watched my son bravely be evaluated for a brand new sport (who knows anything about lacrosse??) continued #YogaAday and was an example for my boys, signed up for the Crossfit Games, and committed to running 6 Tough Mudders this year.

I’d say it was a pretty darn awesome week! Why in the WORLD would I let some stupid number on some stupid scale tell me otherwise.

I refuse to do it and so should you!

Before I have you weigh in, there is a little business to take care of. If you have been playing along in this month’s DietBet, we have 2 days left to reach our goal of 4%. If you do, the site will email you instructions on submitting your final weigh in official to be validated as a winner. You only have to submit photos if you met or exceeded the 4%. I’ll do a wrap-up post once I have all the stats.

Unfortunately, I will not be hosting another game. It was fun but now it’s simply time to move on. I hope you guys understand.

Okay, enough bibble-babble! How was your week? Remember, focus on the positive even if the scale wasn’t your friend. We’re not in this only for the short-term scale changes. It’s about the long-term lifestyle! Right? :)

  • Svanhvit

    I so agree with you. The number on the scale is just one part of it all and it should not be allowed to mess with us so much. So many different factors can make it look different than it should.
    I am trying to focus on my fitness and my workouts and my food. I am dealing with some intolerance issues and trying to figure out how to best work around them (why is flour in almost everything??). Apart from that, TOM is in the house and I am crampy. Ouch. Still want to try and go to zumba tonight, but we’ll see. Amazingly enough, I still lost about 2 lbs since last week, though I have been stuck for a couple of days again (why, hello, there, TOMmy – always a pleasure) so I am fine.

    Good for you to keep going. You are doing awesome, awesome stuff!! And way to go to sign up for so many tough mudders. They sound like so much fun and I really wish I could come on over and take part in one with you. Oh, well, I will add it to my bucket list. There are a couple of slots empty now, after ticking of China, the Great Wall, Beijing………

  • Jenn Colgan

    I had a good week this week, after I gained a bit the week before. This week I lost 1.3 pounds, for a total of 34.4 lost! I also was able to resist leftover cupcakes in my house – not an easy task for me, but I made sure they left my house as soon as possible, and the temptation was gone!

    • RoniNoone

      Congrats that’s awesome!

  • Wifey678

    HW: 254 (9 months pregnant in hospital)
    LW: 228.6
    CW: 228.4
    GW: 150

    I seem to be maintaining the last few weeks, but hey, I’ve met my diet bet goal ANd I seem to have caught the flu that my husband and toddler have. It’s a camp out on the couch and sleep all day kinda day. Hopefully my appetite will be back soon. I haven’t worked out since Sunday because of the sick toddler and I definitely won’t be making it there today. So with being sick it’s hard to focus on the positive. The next few days will just be nursing me and the toddler back to heath.

    • RoniNoone

      Get better!

  • Shan

    CW:163 (down .5)
    Happy Weight:145

    I have done well this week with a few sickness’s and a foot injury. But I am trying to focus on a new week. I have been using MFP and I feel good about that. It is helping me see what I am eating and helping me stay on track. I did stray a bit but I am fine with that. Like you said, real life does happen and I am going to focus on all the good that I did get done this week. Great post as always. Shan

    • RoniNoone

      Thanks Shan and good job tracking. The problem is walking away from going over here and there. Glad you like it MFP

  • Dukebdc

    HW: 148
    CW: 121.2 (-2.4)
    GW: 120-125
    HT: 5’2″
    Age: 34

    Well, I’m not sure why almost 2.5 pounds disappeared. Last week I acknowledged some bad food choices. It was also the end of my period, so maybe that had more to do with the loss than anything else. Maybe just chalk it up to fluctuations and let it go. I started a second job so I’m working a lot more hours which gives me less time to mindlessly snack at home, which is my personal bugaboo.

    • RoniNoone

      SO funny.. I call Evan “Bugaboo” all the time. lol

  • annie

    HW: 260 (pg)
    CW: 226.4 (-2.6)
    GW: I90

    HT: 5’8″

    Age: 36

    I had the flu this week, not that bad but could not eat for 2 days, i expect some of the weight to come back on when i get my appetite back.
    i hear what you saying roni about long term health and i try not to let the scale get me down but it is hard. i just try to keep going and not get to preoccupied with the number. but honestly sometimes it does get me down and i want to be honest about that. hope you all had a great week

    • RoniNoone

      Maybe take a break from it? You have to find your balance and what works for you. If it’s too much use a different method of measuring success. Food journaling? Measurements? etc.

  • imacrazymomof4

    hw: 200+ when pg
    cw: 127.6! (-3.2 lb…whoa)
    gw: 120′s
    ht: 5’6
    age: 43

    finally!!! this is the first weigh in where i hit the 120′s…hallafreakinglooya!! i haven’t been in the 120′s since i was in high school, since i got married 20 years ago, since i started ww after my son was born almost 12 years ago. i never thought my body would physically be able to get there again. i felt that since i hit 40, each year i would just put on a few pounds and then when i turned 50 i would not even recognize my prior self. it feels so good to not only reach a goal i wasn’t sure was possible, but through the whole process of getting here i have changed my lifestyle in such a positive way. i feel so much better…i honestly can’t believe i am 43. for once i don’t feel deprived or hungry, or like a slave to doing something that is unpleasant or confining. i think i’ve finally crossed over to a healthier lifestyle and it’s sticking. what a relief!

    • RoniNoone

      Aaack! Your comments is so exciting and full of energy!

  • run4fun

    HW (pregnant) 180

    This Week: 151.8 (down 1.6)

    Goal: 135

    Height: 5’5

    Finally getting back on track after gaining more than 5 pounds back :-P I couldn’t work out as intensely because of a minor injury, but the unhealthy eating I did during my down time was my own fault.

    • RoniNoone

      You’re moving on and that’s all that matters.

  • Maria

    HW : 199

    This Week: 137.1(down 2!!)

    Goal: 120ish

    Height: 5’3

    I am tracking like a fiend! Also uped my calorie intake because I think I was eating too few. Seems to be working so far!

    • Sheri J

      Thank you for the encouragement, Maria. I hope to do as well as you have done!

    • RoniNoone


  • Vicki

    HW: 180 pregnant
    CW: 147 (-3.6)
    GW: 135
    HT: 5’6″
    age: 32

    I am ecstatic with this weigh-in! I started using My fitness Pal last Wednesday and the results are in! I am losing! Thanks Roni for sharing about mfp. Even though I went over daily allotment of calories, I was able to still lose weight! Keeping track of what I am eating helps with the nights where I want to eat for no apparent reason. Now I just need to make time for exercise.

    • RoniNoone

      YAY! Glad you like it too!

  • Emily

    28 y/o

    This is my first Wed. Weigh In. I lost a bunch of weight after college when I lived abroad in Bolivia and gained about half back when I returned to the US (aka world of processed food). Last year I lost 25 pounds on WW and have been maintaining in the healthy range for my height. I am at a point where I would like to get to the middle of that healthy range as opposed to hovering precariously close to “overweight”. I am a runner and I am getting married in May. I LOVE your blog Roni because you are so down to earth, honest and upbeat. Thanks for your openness and I look forward to checking in weekly!

    • RoniNoone

      Thanks so much and welcome! :)

  • Sheri J

    HW 305
    CW 253.4(-2.6)
    GW 150
    HT 5’3″
    Age 56

    So this morning after yesterday’s eating everything in sight because I was so hungry all day, I didn’t bother with stripping down and weighed with my version of pj’s on. To my great surprise the scale was down. Way down, so needless to say I then stripped for an “official” number. So that is a net loss of 1.6 in the last month which I will take! I have been dieting all my life and when I finally decided that diets don’t work for me(deprevation, starvation, humiliation) and adopted your philosophy of stateless dieting that I finally knew that I could lose this weight, live a life worth living, and not subject my family to diet whims, potions, and general OCD craziness. I(we) am(are) much happier with my choice to simply eat less of whatever it is and nothing is off limits. Could I lose more faster? You bet and I have, however I gained more back EVERY time I went “off plan”. The scale is my main measuring tool as I am losing so slowly that I don’t really see that I am shrinking and neither does anyone else, but I was going through my closet trying to put together a new “outfit” and tried on something I have never worn because it was too small for me when I bought it and the thing just SWALLOWS me. I suppose I should take pictures of myself every month but that is not my thing. All I know is that I feel better, have more energy, can move around much easier than I could when I was at 305#’s. Carrying that much weight on my small frame was so exhausting. I could not get off the sofa unassisted and just toting myself and my purse to and from work was a chore. I know I have said it before but thanks for being here, being so open, and allowing us to share our ups and downs with you. You are SUCH an INSPIRATION!!!

    • Maria

      Great job Sheri! You are doing awesome, keep it up!

    • RoniNoone

      I am the same way. Nothing can be off limits.

  • Amy

    HW 163.4
    CW 145.4 (-2.4)
    GW 130
    HT 5′
    Age 42

    I am happy to see the loss this week. It was hard won. And a good lesson for me: I can’t just putz around and expect magic to happen. If I pay attention, really track my food, work at my exercise, then the weight comes off. When I skip even one part of that equation, I stagnate.

    I also found that writing a quick recap of each day on my blog is helping me stay accountable. I wasn’t doing that before.

    Really needed the win this week. Yay.

    • RoniNoone

      The blog is invaluable!

  • Corrie

    HW: 174.8
    CW: 145.2 lbs (down 2.6 lbs)
    GW: 145
    H: 5′ 8”
    Age: 37

    Only .2 to go to goal!! Have a great week :)

    • nancyabc

      WOW–hope this is the week!

    • RoniNoone

      SO CLOSE!!

  • nancyabc

    HW: around 450
    GW: 199
    CW: 255.4 (-2.4)
    I shot up 10.4 pds in the past two weeks–mostly because of fluid in my bad leg BUT I could of come back down a whole lot more this week if I would have watched what I ate. Now I will have to work really hard to get back down and start losing that next 10 pds I want to lose BUT I will do it.
    Everyone have a great week!

  • Trixie

    HW: 215.5
    CW: 157 (-3.4)
    GW: 155
    H: 5’7″
    Age: 40

    Very happy to see a (!) loss this week. A slower week with a cold/flu going through the family, kept eating under control and lost some of the bloat/weight my body was hanging on to from previous weeks’ enjoyments. Kept the movement up and snacks in check. I’m now just 2 pounds from goal weight! Roni – you are amazing with your commitment to the Tough Mudders – you go girl!

    • RoniNoone

      So close! You got this!!

  • Aimee

    CW: 150.2 (-1.4)
    Last week: 151.6
    GW: 137 lbs
    Highest weight: 208 lbs
H: 5′ 2”
Age: 39

    I’m up and I’m down. I refuse to give up though. Roni your Tough Mudder schedule looks awesome. I’m so excited for you. I use running races as an opportunity to visit new places. I can’t wait to read all of your recaps.

    • RoniNoone

      I love using events as a reason to travel too!

  • DubyaWife

    Bravo dear! It’s difficult to see past the scale to the NSVs but you had plenty!

  • Anon

    GW: 125
    2013 Start: 136.0
    LW: 135.4

    Second week in a row with a loss, with help from MFP. Also took a long walk on Saturday, even if the weather wasn’t great. Feeling better about getting/staying healthier this year.

  • babar

    HW: 165
    CW: 160
    GW: 140
    H: 5′ 8”
    Age: 22

    Starting to weigh in again – I was down to 145 at Christmas, but lots of stress eating has really crept up on me.

    • RoniNoone

      Moving on! right? :)

  • Ann

    First time (I think) posting on a Wednesday Weigh In!

    HW: 245
    CW: 169.8 (In the 160′s! Yes!)
    GW: Not really sure…maybe around 155
    H: 5’9″
    Age: 31

    I’m so excited to be in the 160′s! My weight loss had really slowed over the past month, especially compared to when I was on the 800 calorie a day diet (physician supervised). That was totally to be expected, but I admit I was wondering if I would evvvver leave the 170′s! I’m not sure how much of a loss it is from last Wednesday because I really only log my weight when there is a change. So the last significant change I have logged was on 2/9 and I am down 3lbs from then. Moving along in the right direction!

    • run4fun

      Wow, 75 lbs lost is great! Congrats and welcome to Wednesday Weigh-In :-)

  • Carrie

    HW: 190s pregnant
    CW: 157.6 (-.4)
    GW: 140
    H: 5’7″
    Age: 28

    This week was a bit better with eating, but still not where I want it to be. Too many mini Cadbury eggs! I stuck to my running plan to start my half marathon training, but couldn’t make it to the gym due to sick kiddos. I’m planning to buckle down a bit more this week and continue on with my training. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it back to the gym…I’ve been doing a strength training class that I really enjoy and is making me stronger! I want killer arms for summer :).

  • valerie

    Up 1.2 from last week; owning that with some eating out and adult beverages and stress eating. It’s a new week, right?

    • RoniNoone

      It is! I hope you are rocking it!

  • frank

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  • Ashley

    HW: 169
    CW: 159
    GW: 140

    H: 5’3″
    Age: 24

  • Fiona Jesse Giffords

    That’s right. Scales is the monitor devices which going to intimate you about your physical status but it is not going to help you rigorous exercises, workouts you have done and the healthy diet you have gone through the whole week. Sometimes it happens even if you had worked hard the results minimal and that doesn’t mean you will quit. Just stay focused and add some more hard work, the result will be at you feet.

  • Allison

    Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the US and lots of fun to play and watch! He’ll have a blast. It’s very physical, especially the boys version. Girls rules are a little different.

    • RoniNoone

      I think we are going to like it!


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