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Just a Laid Back Sunday

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I woke up a little late this morning (almost 8 a.m.!) after a fabulous date night with the husband. We went out to dinner with friends and saw a comedy show. It was a great way to end a very productive Saturday.

We had a soccer game, went grocery shopping and cleaned the house. Nothing beats waking up on a Sunday morning to this…


I sat next to Ryan on the couch and we just hung out for a bit talking and playing with my camera. I was telling him about shutter speed and showing him the difference between no flash…


and flash.


I’m not a photography expert, but I know enough to be dangerous and I love that he’s interested at such a young age.

Soon we were joined by the toddler and made a quick breakfast.


A little playing…


…and then I was off for my run.


Photo courtesy of Ryan. :)

My friend Carrie and I ran about 4 miles in the FREEZING cold. Actually it’s not the cold that bugs me, it’s the darn wind, but we did it and I felt great afterwards!

When I got back I made The Husband a big breakfast ’cause I’m the best wife in the world.;)


We spend the rest of the morning finishing the laundry.


And then it was off to the mall! I don’t know when it happened but sometime over the past year, the kids have become exhausting! Having a chatty, energetic 7-year-old on one side and a non-talking, wandering toddler on the other is maddening when you are actually trying to accomplish something. This photo pretty much sums up the husband’s thoughts…


I’m overexaggerating a little. We had a great time picking up lacrosse supplies for Little Guy and having a late lunch at Red Robin.

We finished the rest of our errands and headed home. The Husband was off to tennis practice while the boys and I did puzzles.


Dinner was quick PB&Js for the kids (requested,)


And a fun quesadilla idea for me.


I wanted to try a simple idea I had with avocado and ham. It was delicious. I think I may make it again tomorrow for GreenLiteBites.

We chilled the rest of the night…


…until bedtime.



Then it was Walking Dead time for Mommy and Daddy. :)

Now it’s time to wrap this up and get to bed. Early morning and a busy week ahead!

Hope you had a great weekend!

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    a new staci

    February 18, 2013

    Looks like “Walking Dead time” was at the mall! LOL I have 4 kids, ages 3 to 9, and it’s like being pulled 55 directions at once when we go somewhere. Haha


    February 18, 2013

    you’re husbands face was priceless! my husband can only take the mall in small doses, i usually have to send him to “the old man bench” to join all of the other tired cranky the kids and myself, we’re seasoned mall shoppers.


    February 18, 2013

    Ha! I seriously think every dad in America makes this face at the mall when with children :-} Ugh i give you big props for running outside…Not that I am even close to a runner like you but I am such a baby in the winter- i hate even walking to the car…its all GYM for me!! (I know…wimp! ha)


    February 19, 2013

    I love that running photo of you! You look great. :0)