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January’s #YogaADay…

I’m addicted to #yogaAday Starting up January with Child’s pose.

Warrior I aka Virabhadrasana at the park after #crossfit in the freezing cold. Brrr #yogaAday :)

I always say, when the island is clean the kitchen is clean, and I’ve been taking the time to do it nightly. Tonight it came in handy for #yogaAday :)

Upward Bow aka Urdhva Dhanurasana is one of my nemesis poses so decided to have fun with it. #yogaAday

Long day. Late night. No excuse to miss #yogaAday :)

Forward bend break on my trail run today :) #yogaAday

My balance is getting better and better! This is tree pose aka Vrksasana

Just got back from #crossfit and everyone is still sleeping. Perfect time for Sukhasana aka easy pose #yogaAday

Stopped on my home from #crossfit to snap #yogaAday

I drove towards the sunrise. :) #yogaAday chair pose

A little #yogaAday warrior III break while packing for Italy. Holy crap I’m packing for ITALY!!!

When I saw this was the pose for #yogaAday I had to do it. Getting on the road shortly!

Exhausted but already on the tour! Snuck in #yogaAday in front of Chiesa de S. Agnese in Agone

#yogaAday with hot pink gloves at the catacombs in Rome.

Cheating at crane pose for #yogaAday in my small Venice hotel room. :)

Reclining bound angle pose in the lobby outside my Venice hotel room. #yogaAday note: not enough room inside to take it. :)

#yogaAday on top of the leaning tower of Pisa .. holy crap! lol

#yogaAday in front of Piazza Di Santa Croce in Florence.

#yogaAday in Siena on top of Torre Del Mangia, not that you can really tell. The view was fantastic!

#yogaAday back in my messy house after spending the evening with my boys. :)

Stopped for a quick Cobra pose at the park on my way home. #yogaAday

Intense side stretch for #yogaAday Evan was entertained. :)

Not feeling particularly flexible tonight. Tired and going to bed early again. #yogaAday

Another early night for me. Not sure what’s going on. I’m just mushing through. #yogaAday

Corpse pose. Exactly what I needed today. #yogaAday

Catching up on #yogaAday while waiting for my friend before our trail run.

A stop on the trail for #yogaAday thanks for the run and the photo @carriedphotography

I’ve been practicing my revolved side angle. :) #yogaAday

Early morning run with a stop for #yogaAday :)

Just realized I never did a black and white #YogaAday

A quick half boat pose to wrap up another #YogaAday month! This makes 3 in a row for me!

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  • Autumn

    I love your recaps! The variety of places that you find to snap your pics is just as inspiring as the poses. Wondering… does someone else take your outdoor pictures?

    • RoniNoone

      Thanks so much! I take most of them unless noted. Normally I find a spot or a rock I rest the phone on and then take a practice shot or two with the self timer. I find the challenge of it fun!

  • Erin

    how do you pick your pose? Do you follow a plan or do you just do whatever you feel like? I love this idea but I don’t know a lot of poses!

    • RoniNoone

      I follow @GrowSoulBeautiful on instagram. They send out a daily pose!

    • Erin

      ooh thank you!! I just got on instagram (dork!) so am now following them…and you too of course :-} Good luck this weekend!!

  • ItsMeVsMe

    I love your recaps!

  •!/pattyaizaga Patty

    The pictures are awesome! I should try doing these. Do you set a timer to take the pictures? I need to figure this out. Love the one in Florence with the people checking you out!

    • RoniNoone

      I used a self timer app on the droid and prop the phone up on whatever I can find. :)

  • LisaM

    Your photos are stunning – someone needs to have a contest for a calendar.(Or maybe you should make one just for you!)

    • RoniNoone

      What a great idea!!


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