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#YogaAday December Recap – Because I Can.

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This was my second month accepting the #YogaAday challenge from GrowSoulBeautiful. I STILL love this daily activity for it’s creative and commitment aspects. There’s something about taking a few minutes a day to do something just for you. Just becuase.

That sounds funny but think about how many times you go through days, weeks, months even, in complete autopilot. Not taking a moment to do something silly, relaxing, fun, creative, etc., etc, etc. It’s not that doing one silly yoga pose a day is particularly hard or challenging. It’s that I made the commitment and honored that commitment enough to see it through. Thinking back how many times I’ve abondoned attempts at living healthier or going to the gym or –for Pete’s sake– reading a book, completing this challenge is motivating for me and I hope inspirational for you. Not because I’m the best photogragher (have you seen some of these shots? yikes!) or the best yogi (can I even call myself that?) but becuase I did it. I did it regardless or what I was wearing, how I looked, where I was located, or how busy I was. Instead of finding an excuse not to do it, I looked for an opportunity to. It really comes down to that small shift of mindset.

So without further adieu I give you December’s #YogaADay…

1st December #yogaaday before heading to the airport. The tree looks so pretty in the dark.

#yogaAday beach bliss

#yogaAday after a beach run. Checking out in an hour. :(

#yogaAday back in my own backyard, literally. :)

What the camera doesn’t show is me, shaking like crazy wondering if the timer went off. lol #yogaAday

#yogaAday on the park bench.

#yogaAday on my lunch break. :)

A little chair pose for #yogaAday after bootcamp.

A little Warrior III while cleaning the kitchen from the perspective of my hanging fruit basket. :) #yogaAday

My attempt at revolved half moon twist for #yogaaday @growsoulbeautiful

I did it! My first wide legged standing forward bend with my head on the ground. #yogaAday

No time to get creative today. Just a straight upward salute for #yogaAday in the back yard.

Parvatasana aka Mountain Pose — I’m making an effort to learn the names. :) #yogaAday

I really wanted to do #yogaAday in my new purple room so I hopped on the bed for some warrior II :)

Ardha Navasana over Baltimore. #yogaAday @growsoulbeautiful before the Celtic Solstice 5 miler.

#yogaAday while changing the sheets. This is Dhanurasana aka Bow Pose

A Moment of Silence.

After my morning workout, a deep breath and #yogaAday.

#yogaAday in the box after my hardest #crossfit yet! Notice the sweat and Jeff writing our times on the board. :)

The sky was so pretty I had to snap #yogaAday this is Parsvottanasana aka intense side stretch

#yogaAday by the basement widow. Not sure which pose it is.

#yogaAday corpse pose in my.Princeton hotel room.

Easy pose aka Sukhasana in my now clean and holiday ready living room. #yogaAday

Balasana aka child’s pose while watching It’s a Wonderful Life. #yogaAday

Vrksasana aka tree pose on this awesomely amazing Christmas afternoon.

Catching up on #yogaAday at mom’s. This is reclined bound angle I think.

#yogaAday is helping remind me of non-Indulgent non-holiday time and I miss it.

This was the best I can do for #yogaAday I’m finally home and finding my grove again. Oh! And this is upavista konasana aka wide a angle seated forward bend.

A sick #yogaAday. Yes, still in PJs.

#yogaAday stop during a trail run. Thanks to @carriedphotography for the run and the pic!

My attempt at crane pose for #yogaAday on the stairs at the Meyerhoff waiting for @louisck to start. It may look ugly but my feet are off the ground!

I’m doing it again this month becuase it’s too much fun and well, I can! Click here to follow along on Instagram!

Elsewhere today…

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    Dannii @Hungry Healthy Happy

    January 8, 2013

    You have inspired me to do yoga-a-day. I love all the photos too :)

    Jody R. Goldenfield

    January 8, 2013

    I love seeing all your yoga pics on Instagram – so beautiful!


    January 9, 2013

    I put all of mine into one post, too!

    I love this challenge!

    Allison McGown

    January 30, 2013

    You’ve done’ve inspired me. Since being on your blog for about an hour I’m inspired to do Weight Watchers and now #YogaADay. Thank you.


      January 31, 2013

      Awesome! You are so welcome!