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I can’t believe it did it! Every day in November I struck a yoga pose and captured it on my phone using a self timer app. I loved the creative aspect of the challenge. My shots aren’t the best, but the more I do them the better I’m getting.

Here’s a recap of November, I put the original message I sent out with the photo below.

My first #yogaAday after a long, stressful, busy one. Notice the mess in the background. This is for you @sweating_it_off

A deep breath after cleaning all day. Just a few more things to do. #yogaAday @growsoulbeauty

Almost forgot my #yogaAday! This was after the insane ND win and before heading to a movie with mom. #greatday

A little stretch before my run today. #yogaAday

Time for my #yogaAday pose. Really loving this.

Downward dog by the fireplace. #yogaAday

A little morning yoga. Took me a few tries. Love the feedback from the shot. #yogaAday

Morning pause for #yogaAday

Almost forgot my #yogaAday on this gorgeous day!

My #yogaAday pose before #bootcamp

For some reason this was my hardest #yogaAday yet

I needed a reminder to stretch today. Thank you #yogaAday

Too pretty not too take #yogaAday outside.

Stopped at this cool tunnel to take my #yogaAday shot while running errands this afternoon.

Doing the boat post run this morning for #yogaAday

But first a quick #yogaAday pose. I don’t want to forget

#yogaAday while waiting for a shuttle post-running event. This felt great!

Almost forgot #yogaAday here’s cobra in pjs

Took me some time to get #yogaaday I need some practice with this one

Aack! Almost forgot #yogaAday -Not sure I’m doing it right but it felt fantastic!

Shhh don’t tell anyone. I did #yogaAday on the dining room table. #thanksgiving

Totally forgot yesterday’s #yogaAday ! Corpse pose. Could have used the break when cooking too! #Thanksgiving

#yogaAday for today made me smile. Great way to say thank you for an awesome thanksgiving.

My attempt at crane pose. #yogaAday

A little #yogaaday before my run. Staff pose.

#yogaAday by the tree #purejoy @growsoulbeautiful

#yogaAday not feeling much like a warrior today @growsoulbeautiful

Attempting #yogaAday apparently Irish wants in on the action. Also notice Bean’s hand. lol @growsoulbeautiful

I only thought this fitting for child’s pose. :) #yogaAday @growsoulbeautiful

Another #yogaAday #fail lol @growsoulbeautiful

I thought I was going to stop at the end of the month but it’s too much fun. I just snapped today’s at the park. You can follow along on Instagram if you want, but I think I’ll also post an end of the month summary here on the blog.

Oh! and the “A-day” thing is contagious! In additional to #YogaADay, I also started #PlankADay and #WalkADay (not sure that’s an official one so lets start it. Ok?) There’s no reason why I can’t find 1-2 minutes a day to plank and at least 10 minutes for a stroll.

Anyone want to join in? Drop your instagram or twitter account in the comments and I’ll be sure to follow you!

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  • Amber

    I’m totally down for #walkaday. Don’t have instagram :-( wish I did but no smartphone. twitter I have though! I’m @amber0593

    • RoniNoone

      got you. :)

  • RachelK

    Hi Roni, Just added you – I’m at RACHKEL1236 on Instagram. Loved all the yoga a day poses! Great reminder to stretch.

    • RoniNoone

      requested you. :)

  • imacrazymomof4

    i love following blog friends on instagram! i’ve been planking 3 minutes everyday (not all at once!) and i don’t exactly love it yet, but i LOVE how my abs feel as a result of doing it! who woulda thought 3 minutes a day could have such an impact? on instagram i’m imacrazymomof4.

  • Lily

    awesome, I proud of you Roni


  • NatMcC

    Couldn’t get into the #yogaAday but #plankaday and #walkaday is on! And I may have made a bit of a competition with you, but you just didn’t know it…I try my hardest to beat your time on planking. It helps push me and keeps me motivated. But if you start cranking out 3min planks I may have to re-think my competition. :) Thanks Roni for all you do here!! My husband asked me the other day where I ‘weigh in on wednesdays’, I told him on a blog I follow and he was so shocked that I put my stats out there but that is the exact reason I LOVE weighing in on here…keeps me accountable in some odd way.

  • violettfem

    I loved seeing your #YogaADay pics on instagram but I wish you had labeled each pose. It would’ve made for an interesting yoga education :)

    • RoniNoone

      I was thinking about it but honestly, sometimes I don’t even look at the name! The official ones are too hard to spell too. I can hardly handle English. lol I’ll try to add them from now on because, well, I should really learn them too. :)

  • Kerry

    In for #walkaday – I am @KerryCooks
    No matter how cold it is, I can bundle up for 10 minutes (or more!)

  • Teresa Langley

    Following you!! I love the yoga posing. I am @fitinwoodbine.

  • Joseph

    yoga challenge is really about feeling as happy as possible… for the upcoming week so any New York City readers can join me!

  • Laura Jane

    Loved seeing all your #yogaaday tweets – so inspiring! I’m thinking I need to do #VeggieADay

  • GrowSoulBeauty

    Love this- thank for sharing all your photos! Keep up the great work :)


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