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Wednesday Weigh In – Persistence and Perspective.

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Let me come out of the gate and say the scale showed a gain this week.

BAM there it is. Up .6.

I’d be lying if I told you it didn’t sting a little but I’d also be lying if I told you I didn’t expect it.

My evening snacking has been a bit out of control.

So many people ask me how to break the cycle. How to stay motivated. How to start. What to do when you’re in a plateau. etc. etc. etc.

Here’s just a few questions that I’ve received these that few months that I can completely relate to…

SO… I am having a lot of trouble loosing weight. I am about 176 and just last week I was 171. I cry every time I see I’ve gained weight. I use to weigh 125 pounds TWO YEARS AGO! I met my husband and ever since then I have been gaining weight like crazy. He doesn’t eat healthy but he also doesn’t gained a single pound! He is so small! I am depressed now and I know what I have to do to loose weight I just don’t know why I can’t stick with it. I go to cross fit and I try to eat healthy but then I snack and it goes downhill. Do you have any advice or help?

I could have written that same exact letter myself.


I have followed your blog for several years. When I first started reading, I was a weight watchers member and loved reading your recipes. Since continuing to read, I have grown to love reading about your daily life and your family. Right now, I’m stuck in a rut. I guess I should back up and tell you that I’ve struggled with weight my entire life. I went on my first diet in 6th grade. I struggled with bulimia in high school, and finally got some control my senior year. I followed ww with my mom and reach my all time low of 135. I felt happy. Slowly, I gained it all back. At 185, I started again. I lost to 150 and maintained for three years. When I got engaged, I started the Atkins Diet and lost quickly. I looked and felt amazing on my wedding day. Since me wedding last April, I have gained a total of 50 pounds. FIFTY POUNDS IN ONE YEAR!!! I am now tipping the scaled at 200. I have never been this heavy, and I am at my wits end. How do I get control of this situation? I’m not happy, not healthy, and I don’t feel attractive for husband. I know that I need to get control…I just don’t know where to begin.

I could have written that same exact letter 10 years ago. Down to the Atkins diet and gaining 50lbs in a year.

Could you give me the plan you followed and how you kept on it .. I continuously fall everyday.. I feel like such a failure. I restart my diet every single day for 2 years..

This one hit home for me, I’ve been in the cycle and it’s hard to break out.

I’ve been following you for years and I think you are an awesome mom, wife and all around person.  In 2009 I gave birth to my first child, I gained over 80lbs with the pregnancy and by the time she was a year old I had lost all but 10lb of the weight.  In 2010 I gave birth to my second child, again I gained over 80lbs.  My baby just turned a year old at the end of October.  I’ve been going to weight watchers and the first 30lbs came off quickly and easily, but now I’m stuck and I can’t seem to pull myself out of this hole.  I find myself thinking about what I can eat after my husband goes to work so he wont see me.  I find myself wanting to over eat just to eat and I find myself constantly arguing in my head about what I want to eat and what I planned/should eat because it’s better for my body.  So my question to you is… What would you do if you were having trouble making the lifestyle changes you want so desperately to make but can’t seem to get your brain on board with it?

Again, I’m there. The internal battle. The self-arguing. I know it well.

I know I want to make changes for my life style and work out more.  What is your first step in advice on how to conquer this?  You are huge inspiration to others going through this.


Funny, I don’t feel like an inspiration and then it hit me… Inspiration or not what is different about me now vs. "then" comes down to two little things.

Persistence and Perspective

Like Erin I still has some snack issues and am married to a man who doesn’t eat healthy and really has no desire to.

Like Heather I still feel a little out of control some days.

Like Gypsy I still get into the "Restart" mindset.

And like Sabrina, I still sometimes battle my own desires to overeat even though I want to eat healthier.

Regardless of these feelings and defects I have (there’s no denying these patterns of behavior and mindsets are defective) I am persistent in my pursuit of living a healthy, balanced, active life. I also have a different perceptive about my body then I used to, even from the beginning of my weight loss.

This morning I worked my ass off at the gym. Seriously one of the hardest routines I have ever done and I pushed myself to my limit (yes it was crossfit.) I didn’t do it to look good in a bikini. I didn’t do it to drop a number on the scale. I did it because I like feeling strong and fit and capable. That’s a completely different perspective than when I started. I didn’t even know I was capable of doing the things I can do know and I’m motivated by pushing myself to achieve even more.

That’s me doing my #YogaADay pose all sweaty after the workout and I felt AMAZING! Still do.

So I may have gotten a little deep in this weeks weigh-in post but I can’t stress enough how persistence will help you reach your goal while possible changing your perspective on what those goals should really be in the first place.

Did that make any sense?

Ok, weigh in time. Again, feel free to post number/no numbers and join us whenever you’d like this week. There are no rules accept using this weekly “check in” anyway it helps you to stay accountable.

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    Big Girl Bombshell

    December 19, 2012

    THANK YOU I am going to participate with your weigh in Wednesdays Yes..I could have written most of these letters…except my pregnancies…I left the hospital both times weighing less than when I got pregnant..HOWEVER my gains came within 6 months after their births….Weigh in today. down .2


      December 19, 2012

      YAY! So glad you’ll be joining us!

    Kate D

    December 19, 2012

    Hi Roni! Wondering what your thought are on CrossFit so far? I’ve been a follower for about a year now, but I do it all at home because there is no CF box close to me that matches my schedule (or my budget…those places can be pricey!). I started for the same reasons most of us do – to lose weight. I’ve lost about 50 and feel great. Now I push through those workouts everyday to see my OWN improvements and because I LOVE the fact that I can do things at 31 that I wasn’t able to do at 18. It’s awesome to reach new goals – I just ran my first 5K last month and had a blast.

    I was wondering if your CF gym talks at all about or endorses the Paleo lifestyle. I’ve followed that as well and had great success going gluten/grain/dairy and (mostly) sugar free. My skins is better, my acid reflux is totally gone as are my seasonal allergies, and my asthma is better and more under control than ever. I also have Paleo help my father-in-law with a lot of his medical issues. What are you thoughts on Paleo (if you have any)?


      December 19, 2012

      This post is brewing in me. I wanted to give CrossFit at least a month before really “reviewing,” As for paleo, love the idea of it, agree with many of the food choices (not all) but for reasons I’ll get into in a future post. Overall, I don’t follow specific “diets” any longer. Thankfully my box tends to focus only on the workouts which I actually appreciate.

      Kate D

      December 19, 2012

      I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


    December 19, 2012

    HW: 229
    CW:155.5 (up 1.5)
    H: 5’1″
    A: 31

    My friend was in town and I enjoyed her company (and beer, and food, and….) I just started reading “The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business” and I kind of had an epiphany. My weight has been slowly creeping back up, and I’ve been dreading going back to my original weight. Ummmm….hello, it’s the holidays! According to the book, we can learn new habits, but we never forget the old ones. So, I may have slipped into some old habits. Now it’s time to slip back into the good ones! Even though I’ve slipped, I am still proud to say that my family eats way more vegetables and way less processed than ever before, with or without the slip up!


    December 19, 2012

    CW:167 up one pound
    Happy Weight:145
    I am not going to lie to you, I have kind of checked out on the eating and workout routine. My little ones got sick for two weeks, I had company and we have had xmas parties. I have lightened up on my sugar free through the holidays. My fondest memories is baking with my mom and making the family traditional Christmas treats and I just really want that same thing for my kids. We eat healthy, but I have made my husbands favorite, my favorite and a coupe of the kids favorite cookies and squares. We aren’t going over board but we are enjoying holiday festivities. I don’t care if I lose weight over the holidays but I will try not to gain. This is the compromise that I have made with myself and I am fine with it. Hope everyone enjoys there holidays. Thanks for your honest post Roni it is refreshing to read


    December 19, 2012

    HW: 148
    CW: 122.0 (-1.0)
    GW: 120-125
    HT: 5’2″
    Age: 34

    This was my week where I ran the holiday party gauntlet–4 nights in a row we ate out at parties, and on Saturday and Sunday we had two events each day. My goals were to stick to no-calorie beverages (water or diet soda), not feel obligated to eat something I didn’t enjoy, and try to steer away from the buffet/snack table when socializing. Less than two weeks until the holiday season is over–we can do it!


      December 19, 2012

      Great job making it through so many parties. I notice you lost a pound despite it all. It’s a tough time of year. Thanks for the encouragement.


    December 19, 2012

    I am actually down this week and have been doing good. It has been a long time coming and I have learned a lot along the way to get a couple weeks in a row down. I also know that I am in no way fixed or done or that I won’t have bad weeks in a row in the future, but I have had a small shift, I believe, in my thinking. I realized the other day that I can’t remember a single time in my entire life ever that I haven’t been counting something or weighing this or just plain hating my body. Regardless of what the scale said, thick thin or otherwise, I have always been down and out and against by body. Always. How in the heck do I think my body is going to react? Of course it is going to give me grief, it should, I have to love and respect it and then I can be thin and not struggle so much.

    A Reeves

    December 19, 2012

    Apologies if my first comment shows up at some point! I wanted to say I love participating in these weigh ins. Thanks.

    HW: 252.6 (Sept 30, 2012)
    CW: 223.2 (-2.0 since last Wednesday)
    GW: 140’s
    Height: 5’5″
    Age: 48


    December 19, 2012

    HW: 220
    CW: 168 (+1)
    GW: 159
    HT: 5’5″
    Age: 29

    Persistence and psychological commitment are key. I have been maintaining at ~170 for 4-5 months, and it has been a big struggle. Unlike your readers stories you shared, I don’t generally fall of the wagon, but I did find that the biweekly cheat meals that I had been doing based on my coach’s advice were turning into binges and hindering my progress. So now I get 2-3 treats per week, with a total calorie limit of ~1000 calories.

    My high weight was at my wedding, after living with my fiance for a year and being stressed to the max with wedding planning and a new job. I found that I simply cannot eat the portion sizes he eats. I give myself extra veggies and about half as much meat. Also, we cut waaaay back on eating out to save money, and that helped both of us weight wise as well. Good luck to everyone who is struggling with this; it isn’t easy!


    December 19, 2012

    HW: 180+
    CW: 154
    GW: 150
    HT: 5’6″
    Age: 52

    I was going to wait till tomorrow to post, because this morning the scale said I weigh 2 lb more than I did yesterday morning, and I promise I did not eat the 7000 cals necessary to gain 2 lb in a day. But bless you Ronni, you as usual put things back into the proper perspective. The holiday creep is in full sway, and I know exactly what I’m dealing with. I’m just not dealing with it 100% in the way I know I need to. But I’m doing lots better than last year, so there’s my victory. Onward and upward!

    Veronica H.

    December 19, 2012

    HW: 174
    CW: 161 (-6!)
    GW: 130
    HT: 5’3″
    Age: 47

    I’m actually afraid to post this–I lost 6 lbs!!! It’s scary. I didn’t record my weigh in last Wednesday because I felt that although my weight stayed the same (167), there were no NSVs for me. The only thing I can recall doing differently is going to bed an hour earlier this past week because I felt a cold coming on. Maybe I ate less since my throat was a little sore, but I can’t honestly tell you how this happened. One thing I will stay is I’m gonna try really hard to be persistent and put things into perspective, so I can keep moving on down. As always, I’m grateful to you Roni.


    December 19, 2012

    HW: 163.4
    CW: 143.4 (down 4 lbs??!!!)
    GW: 130
    HT: 5′
    Age: 42

    I’m not sure how exactly I lost four pounds last week. I knew I’d be down based on what the scale has been saying the past few days, I thought maybe 2.5 or so. I stepped on the scale three times to make sure it wasn’t wrong, and even weighed myself an hour later to check it again. But it was right. Down four pounds. I’ve been working my weight loss seriously for about two months now, and I haven’t lost more than a pound a week. I’m not sure what happened, because my food and exercise weren’t significantly different than any other week.

    The only thing I can think of was that I was at a plateau and that I’ve finally busted through it. The last time I lost weight, I never was just a pound here or .6 there like I have been this time. I lost more every week until the end. I’ve been frustrated with it this time, but trying to keep motivated and positive. Maybe it’s like you said, Roni, about persistence and perspective. Normally I would have thrown in the towel after weeks and weeks of very slow losses (and a few gains). But this time I’ve just kept going at it, because, as you said again, I have been feeling good. I’m running further and faster, doing strength training, eating less processed and more healthy foods, and I am feeling so much better. So even when the numbers haven’t cooperated, it hasn’t gotten me down as much, and I’ve kept at it.

    Thanks for the “deep” post this week. It definitely resonates.


    December 19, 2012

    HW: around 450
    GW: 199
    CW: 249 (-1.2)
    H: 5’2
    A: 60
    This surprised me–I lost. I was very good at the faculty Christmas party Friday night–I ate cauliflower and pretzel sticks (there were over 35 dishes there and if I had started to eat the flood gates surely would have come down–lol) and took home a cookie and piece of candy to eat if I lost weight at the weigh-in on Saturday at WW–I did and I enjoyed my treats. Now if I can just keep it up–I will try!! I have strong doubt about getting down much further. But I have convinced myself that there is no going back up. I think having a place like this that lets us know we are never alone in this journey truely helps–Thanks Roni for being our cheerleader.


    December 19, 2012

    HW: 200+ (when pg)
    CW: 133.8 (-2.0!)
    GW: 129
    HT: 5’6
    Age: 43

    Normally this time of December i am dreading the end of the month b/c of thoughts of cookies, and all kinds of foods i shouldn’t eat…but i usually have the mindset that i’ll just start worrying about doing something about it AFTER the new year. not this year. i feel more in control than i have in years.

    it is hard to not let the scale movements influence your feelings…i’ve been on plateaus when they feel like they last an eternity. sometimes i think you need to open your mind to trying something new…but you have to be really ready for something new. i am a LT WW member. i weigh in to keep myself accountable but i no longer follow their plan…i felt the points were suffocating me, and the scale wasn’t budging. i tried something new and it was just what my body needed…a jump start. i’m so happy i did!


    December 19, 2012

    HW: 198.5
    GW: 140
    CW: 175
    H: 5’2″
    A: 44
    So i’m up again. But about 2-3 pounds of that is a cast. Foot to just under my knee. I also can’t workout at all. So it’s totally on eating. My track!!


      December 19, 2012

      Oops – MUST TRACK!!


    December 19, 2012

    HW: 174.8
    CW: 149.4 (up .6)
    GW: 145
    H: 5′ 8”
    Age: 37

    I have two words: Christmas.Cookies. They are winning. Best part, it’s the cookies *I* make!! I am prepping the gifts for those they were actually lovingly made for, so my supply is dwindling. I will say I record every bite of it, so I won’t say it’s out of control. If anything, it’s far more in check than it has ever been!

    NSV, I am on week #8 towards my 8 week challenge to get in 150 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio per week!! I think the next 8 week goal will be for new sneakers :) Moved on to Stage 3 of RYBO.

    Thank you Roni and fellow “Roni readers”!! You all continue to inspire, encourage and motivate me to work towards wellness. I am so grateful.

    Happy holidays everyone, and peace and good health in the new year!


    December 19, 2012

    HW: 184.6
    CW: 165 (down 3)
    GW: 145

    I am down 3# since last week’s weigh in. I knew I didn’t believe the scale last week. I even spent the weekend in NYC but that also contained a TON of walking and even some running … husband had been in Europe for 10 days and needed items dry cleaned before the next week of travel. He thought the cleaners closed at 6p…but it was Saturday and they closed at 5p. We realized that at 4:35p and 33 blocks away! Apparently there are over 12,000 taxis in NYC…but we could not get one to stop. We just kept running each block and finally decided we are doing better timing on our feet than a cab so we picked up the pace and ran 33 blocks in less than 30 mins. Thankfully the owner was nice enough to wait for us.

    Anyhow…my goal this next month is to get back to exercising…I’ve slacked and I know that is why my weight is staying same. I am maintaining by food choices but I don’t want to maintain…I need to LOSE!


    December 19, 2012

    HW: 215.5
    CW: 162.8 (+2.8)
    GW: 155
    H: 5’7″
    Age: 40

    BAM. A gain, but within my 3 lb +/- ‘maintenance’ I’ve given myself for the month. Just. And I’m okay with it. A holiday knitting group with lots of yummy snacks last night and I may have had many delicious snacks. And eggnog. And beer. And enjoyed it all. And know that being back on track for a few days will bring me back down. I am with everyone who is struggling with nighttime snacking. Persistence. Keep working at it. Merry Christmas to all who celebrate – and much joy to everyone this season.


    December 19, 2012

    CW: 149.4 (-1)
    Last week: 150.4
    GW: 137
H: 5′ 2”
Age: 39

    I’m down 1 pound which is great though I weighed in at this same weight about 5 weeks ago and then continued to bounce around 150/151 for the next few weeks. I’m really grateful for this opportunity to join others in weighing in. I found out today that my WW leader was let go along with 7 others in our area. I had already been contemplating a change. I love the idea of WW and the points thing really works for me, however, I am really tired of the constant promotion of WW products and frankly their meetings are so contrived they leave little room for discussion. Saying goodbye to my wonderful leader might just be the impetus I need to say goodbye to WW on a whole. No snap decisions yet, but lots of thinking to do.

    Great post Roni. I certainly identify with all of those struggles.


    December 19, 2012

    Current Weight: 231.4

    I can’t remember what I weighed a week ago, but I know I am up a bit and most likely will be up at WW on Saturday for the second week in a row. But I am already getting things under control while still enjoying the holidays.

    -Today I brought in a bunch of cookies and candy I had lying around the house that was just clutter and not our favorites
    -I’ve pared down the amount of baking I still plan to do – We did one round last weekend, but me and my husband could bring a lot of work, but with so many people out next week and the 4 day weekend, I want to make less
    -I had some pretty insane dinners planned from now through New Year’s, but I’ve reduced which ones I will make and the rest of the days will be our normal weekday meals

    So who knows how I will end up at the end of December, but I am 100% okay with maintaining.


    December 19, 2012

    Roni- Amazing post. Thank you so much. I, too, could have written every one of those notes. Scary to see myself in so many others, but also so incredibly reassuring. You are so right to say that it comes down to perspective and persistence. I need to hear that going into this most challenging (food wise!) week! This is my 5th consecutive week doing a check-in here and I am proud to say I am down a total of 4.5 lbs. That is MUCH slower than I would like it to be, but I know it is a healthy pace and the best way for me to be realistic and not gain it all back quickly. Again thank you so much for this post- I love it and will certainly read it several times this week!


    December 19, 2012

    HW: 194
    CW: 187 (-1)
    GW: 145
    Age: 25

    Well, I lost a pound but it’s not a win. I had a pre-Christmas with my partner’s family and used it as an excuse to eat whatever I wanted all week. A few too many drinks with friends almost every night has lead to me not riding my bike to work in the mornings and I haven’t been walking for days. I got ready to do my weights session the other day and lost motivation after my first set of crunches. I’m really disappointed with myself because I’m seeing my family for the first time in 12 months this weekend and I really wanted to show them how far I have come and now I don’t feel like that is possible (which is silly because it’s one week of de-motivation). Only one thing for it though. Tie on those running shoes and go climb a mountain :)


    December 19, 2012

    CW: 218.6
    GW: 135
H: 5′ 2”
Age: 39

    This is my first weigh-in with you Roni. My highest weight is a few pounds higher than my current weight, but I’m not exactly sure what it is so I’ll use this. I’ve been focusing on eating out less so I’m going to keep going with that for a while and see if it will take off a few pounds. I’m also working towards fewer processed foods. Thanks for all your insights, you’re really an inspiration!

    Sheri J

    December 19, 2012

    HW 305
    CW 258.8 (-2.8)
    GW 150
    HT 5’3″
    Age 56

    Oh how I can relate to all of those questions. I would add one more “P” to your list and suggest patience to your readers as well. This is one I also learned from you, Roni. You are kind to yourself. You try not to beat yourself up. You know you are human and the internet knows it too because you are so open with us. Whether someone has a lot to lose or not as much, I’ve learned we must be patient because we are learning new habits, acquiring new skills, and making long-term lifestyle changes. As people with jobs inside/outside the home and relationships of all kinds it makes the learning curve all the more challenging. I feel like my “breakthrough” came when my doctor asked me to weigh everyday and lose a pound a week. I realized that was something that I could do. Instead of bemoaning all the 150+ pounds that needed to come off my 5’3″, 305 pound frame, I focused on my one pound. Yes, I have to be persistent and my perspective has certainly changed, but I also have to be patient and kind to myself if there is any hope of achieving my goal weight. Thank you for being here for us!

    Patty Krueger Anderson

    December 19, 2012

    Weigh in #2
    HW: 162
    CW: 158.2 (-3.8)
    GW1: 150
    Ultimate GW: 130
    HT: 5’6.5″
    Age: 32
    Hot Damn! That’s a start!

    Florida Kim

    December 19, 2012

    HW: 170
    CW: 153
    GW: 150
    HT: 5’7″
    A: 48
    Down 1.2 this week, I’ll take it after 2 Christmas parties! Great post Roni, so many of can relate to the letters that were written!


    December 19, 2012

    HW: 180lb
    CW: 143lb
    GW: 105lb
    HT: 5’0″
    A: 23
    Up 1.5lb from last week. Thank you for the post, your blog has really inspired me.


    December 19, 2012

    Kristine •
    GW 130
    12/5 138
    12/12 135.5
    12/19. 134.0
    HW 165

    Trying to get back on track


    December 19, 2012

    hw: 142 (not pregnant)

    cw: 110.8 (up .2)

    gw: 108

    h: 5’1″

    age: 36

    thoughts are swirling in my head. I can see myself in a room full of Christmas cookies and I am eating, happy for the minute. I need to pull myself away. Eating lots never ends well!!!!!! Other thoughts.. I am only 2.8 pounds from my ultimate goal weight. I could be there by New Years!! Thinking happy thoughts for all of you.


    December 19, 2012

    Up .8, but keeping my journal for over 10 days, longest stretch in a while. Need to just stay steady course next week or so, we can do it !!


    December 19, 2012

    Up 5. Yup. 5. Shrug.

    Kaye Van Straten

    December 19, 2012

    Roni…you are always so inspiring…I have been weighing in about once a week, but not on consistent days because I work overnights and I like to weigh in after a day where I’ve slept the night, not worked the night :) Anyways…I have lost a little over 8 lbs since after Thanksgiving…I had been sitting on the couch after a good Thanksgiving meal (not too overboard or anything…) but just felt uncomfortable on the couch because of the extra weight…glad I had a sweater on to hide all the bulges. And as I sat there I said, I need to change this…and I’m NOT going to wait until Jan 1st this year. Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever said that before… and I’m on track..I’ve been doing it! There’s so much more to say than that but I know this is just a little comment and no one wants to read too much…but I FINALLY feel like maybe this will be the time. I’m not giving up ANYTHING….I’m still eating some homemade holiday treats…but I’m doing it in moderation and I’m not feeling guilty. I WILL enjoy life…I will do this. It may take a while, but I’m worth it. Thank you again for everything you write…you DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE to so many people.

    Weight this week = 223 (and proud of it!!!)


      December 22, 2012

      An inspiring comment – your story motivates me to do something now and not to wait for January 1st either :)


    December 19, 2012

    CW: 133.1(-.3 from 2wks ago)
    GW: 129.9
    H: 5’3
    37 yrs old

    I got on the scale this week and I was shocked actually. Glad it was a minus, having a tough time with the holiday stuff but trying to make very conscious, healthy decisions. :)


    December 19, 2012

    This is my first time joining in on weigh-in wednesday. I was actually going to start last week, but the website wasn’t cooperating with my iphone. I’m glad I waited until this week, but this post TOTALLY hit home. I’ve been struggling with my weight since I was a child also, tipping the scale at 209 at 12 years old (sad how I still remember the exact weight, but goes to show how much I’ve been obsessed with my weight all my life). I slowly lost weight, reaching the 150s in high school, and the 130s in college. (with some gains and losses sprinkled through those years). My all-time lowest was 127 (a crazy low number in my mind now!). Then, I started dating my boyfriend in 2008, and it’s been one steady HUGE climb since. Every 6 mo. or so, I weight myself, gasp at the number, tell myself I’m going to diet/exercise, then forget about it and continue to gain. It doesn’t help that I’m in medical school and my schedule is ridiculous (that sounds like an excuse, huh?). Anyways, last week, I weighed in at an all time high of 202.2lbs…I’ve gained 20 lbs in the last 5 months! I’m not even frustrated, because my eating/exercise patterns are reflected accurately by the weight gain. Nope, I’m just extremely disgusted with myself. How and why did I let myself go so much? Now I’m dealing with reversing all the horrible habits I’ve re-engrained into myself, and this post was the perfect mid-week pick me up! Thanks, Roni; you and your readers continue to be a huge inspiration to me!

    HW: 202.2
    CW: 198.8 (-3.4 from 1 wk ago)
    GW: 130
    H: 5’2
    A: 24 y/o


    December 19, 2012

    Roni, I also see myself and my behaviors in the posts you highlighted above. I’m getting there and I have the goal to keep going until all these changes become a lifestyle.

    HW: 208.4
    CW: 190.2
    Down: 1 lb from last week :)


    December 19, 2012

    HW: 240
    GW: 140
    CW: 161.5 (down .5 from last week)
    h: 5’7″

    Thanks for the perspective and persistence!

    Deb Roby

    December 20, 2012

    Don’t know what the H stands for, but I’ll step in here:

    CW: 168
    Height: 5’3″
    Age: 60

    Yes, it is harder to lose weight post menopause.


      December 23, 2012

      H = Height Good luck :-)


    December 20, 2012

    HW: 230 (pregnant 7/20/12)
    CW: 185 (-0.8)
    GW: 170
    H: 6′
    A: 31

    Down 45 since my daughter was born 5 months ago. 15 lbs to go to get back to my prepreggo weight!


    December 20, 2012

    CW: 190.0
    GW: 162
    HW: 262
    H: 5’9″

    Same as last week – but at least it’s not a gain! stupid holiday snacks.


    December 20, 2012

    HW: 190s pregnant
    CW: 158.8 (-2.4)
    GW: 140
    Age: 28
    H: 5’7″

    I was a both surprised and not at this loss. I’ve been bouncing around up and down for a few weeks with a downward trend. I’ve really ramped up my exercise this past month and have been waiting for the number to catch up with that. I’m very happy to see 150s again! I didn’t work out much this week due to kiddos being sick, but got one great workout in and hope to go back to a semi usual schedule this week, although Christmas will shift things around a bit. I’m mostly going to focus on my eating and not getting out of control. I lost a daily point with my weight loss this week, so it will be a bit trickier.


    December 20, 2012

    Wow Roni, thank you for this post!! It almost brings tears to my eyes. I am in such a bad place mentally with my lack of weight loss this year, even though I have been “dieting” this year. I lost 10 pounds and put it all back on plus 7! I just don’t know what to do, but thank you!!


    December 20, 2012

    201.4 at my meeting last night! Yeah, down 2 lbs since last week. I am excited that I am losing through the holiday season!


    December 20, 2012

    HW: 284
    CW: 270
    GW: 175

    I’m down 7 lbs. from last week and feel really good about it. Not really dieting but eating much less and not making such bad choices. I plan to pick up with more exercise right after Christmas as I’m giving myself a gym membership for a present to me. Losing 4-6lbs. per month would be really good for me. I have alot to lose but know that I need to go slowly and keep it steady. Posting has helped alot. Thanks for the support and feedback.


      December 23, 2012

      Good luck! A gym membership as a present is a good idea, maybe I’ll do that for myself too.

    Jeri Lyn

    December 20, 2012

    HW: 200
    CW: 135.6 (1lb loss!!!!) :)
    GW: 125-130
    H: 5’4″
    Age: 40
    I’m SO HAPPY with the 1lb loss this week, but i’m nervous about the upcoming week. My husband & I are both off for Xmas week & we tend to go out alot when we’re on vacation. Plus (bad idea) we don’t actually have anything planned for our vacation. So my goal is not not gain more than 1lb. I would of course prefer to lose or maintain, but i’m trying to be realistic. My weigh-ins during vacation & right after will probably be bad, but my body usually has a way of revolting when I eat out alot (even if its somewhat healthy) & hold onto a lot of water weight. I’m not trying to use this as an excuse, just trying to reassure myself. I don’t want to do the “WTF, I already gained 3lbs in one week, may as well eat everything”!!! Which I am great @ doing. Sorry I know this will probably be a long post, but it always makes me feel better getting it out in writing to “the group”, even though i’m pretty sure no one will ready this story!! :)
    Also my husband just told me a few days ago he thought I was getting “too skinny”, CAN YOU IMAGINE!!! LOL, I thougth it must be my Xmas present for this year!! So of course last night, he wanted to go out to a celebratory dinner (some legal issues that are going our way) & picked probably the most “unhealthy”, but one of my favorite restaurants. I had a hard time enjoying myself because I was so concerned about what I was eating. I think I was “reasonable”, but still felt too full afterwards. :( Then of course I was wondering is he trying to sabotage me?? I don’t think he works that way, but I’ll keep my eye on it.
    Thanks for letting me ramble Roni. Anyone that bothered reading this story, please send me good luck for the upcoming vacation week & holidays, I can use it!! As always, THANKS AGAIN Roni, you are appreciated!!


      December 20, 2012

      Good luck, you can do it!


      December 23, 2012

      I read your story, good luck!


    December 20, 2012

    Skipping the scale this week, but committing to journaling. Yes, even over Christmas. Writing it down helps me immensely to really see the connection between what I eat and how I feel. Great post though – I am not the same person I was 10 years ago because I know what tools work for me.


    December 20, 2012

    HW 182
    CW 147
    GW 140
    H 5’7

    A 31

    Down a lb…then I will be up a pound and then down 2. I can honestly say at this point, the scale isnt bothering me. I still wish I had a more rock hard body, but no one to blame but myself! I know I havent been to the gym in 2 months, and that is the only way to change to change it. I am pretty pleased with maintaining most of the time. I have a new phone so I am taking pics of foods and meals to help me track. Somedays I just cant keep up with myfitnesspal. Cant wait to have a healthy but enjoyable holiday food experience this year!


    December 20, 2012

    I’m up 2.2 pounds and not thrilled, but I am looking forward to pushing forward after Christmas!!!

    Jessica S

    December 20, 2012

    HW: 306
    CW: 287.8
    GW: 160
    H: 5’8″
    Age: 27

    I gained .4 this week. Not a huge gain but still disappointing. I need to step it up, when I look back at my history of posting to Wednesday weekly weigh-ins I’ve been losing and gaining back the same small amount. I want results and I need to start tracking better and getting real!


    December 20, 2012

    Great post Roni! Hope you are loving Cross Fit.


    December 21, 2012

    HW: 160″s (pregnant)
    CW: 135.4
    GW: 125.0
    Age 46
    Up this week. Should of figured, my eating has been out of control! I just read a post on pinterest that said “you can’t out exercise a bad diet” so very true. This will be a hard week but I’m up for the challenge! I’m going to make through this week!


    December 21, 2012

    Thank you for this post! It’s beautiful and absolutely hit home!!

    I am late with this reply and I don’t have a concrete number. I have gained a bit, I know that, but this week’s been crazy. I spent 3 days negotiating free trade with China and several days and evenings beforehand preparing. So I have been tired and eating to compensate for that. Didn’t have much time to exercise, either. Fact, not excuse. When you work from 8 am to 10 pm, there just isn’t much time left. But it was a week. I knew it would be hard. It was. And interesting. Exhausting. Sometimes infuriating. Stressful. Educative. Exciting. It’s been a rollercoaster and I would not have wanted to miss it, even for the cost of a pound or two gained. They are mostly waterweight, anyway. And it’ll go away.

    But I am still here. I am still doing my best, living life as well as I can. And I discovered zumba. I made time for that twice this week. Loved it. It kept me sane when I would otherwise have gone a little crazy!

    Jody R. Goldenfield

    December 21, 2012

    Amazing – great post & your thoughts will help so many! I love that feeling of feeling strong! :)


    December 23, 2012

    Great message and badly needed. I got on the scale and saw a 1.8 pound gain!


    December 23, 2012

    Highest Weight (9 months pregnant): 180
    Last Week: 149.2
    Current Weight: 151.8
    Goal Weight:135
    Height: 5’5

    This is my first time posting here. I love reading the comments and weight check-ins as much as Roni’s posts. You guys are very inspiring and I need some accountability.