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We celebrated our 3rd Christmas today. Yep, 3. One at our house, just us, one at my Moms, and one at my in-laws. I’m DONE! Grateful fur such an awesome family, but done just the same.

I have to admit I’ve been in a bit of “last hurrah mode” munching on even more chocolate and cookies. I’m really looking forward to a return of normalcy, structure and routine.

Anyway, I have some fun news to share but I’m just not ready right now. Instead I decided to write my traditional end of year “Top Posts” post. Normally I only list 20 but as I went through the year I couldn’t not share some of these. And here I thought I kind of thought 2012 was a bad blogging year for me!

  1. Fat Trap Ramblings
  2. Weekend Quote: Climbing a Mountain
  3. Don’t Forget About Your Life Lines
  4. My Weight Loss A-Ha Moment
  5. 5 Tips to Get More Done in a Day
  6. What AREN’T you doing … ?
  7. 8 Inspiring Quotes from Pixar
  8. Trail Running, I Am!
  9. Running with My 6 Year Old
  10. What Do You Get Out of ____?
  11. Bra Sizes and Other Insecurities
  12. I’m a Tough Mother, I mean Mudder!
  13. Wouldn’t it Be Fun to Find Out?
  14. The Hook is… There is no Hook!
  15. 10 Non-Weight Loss Weight Loss Goals
  16. 5 Back to Basics Weight Loss Tips
  17. Color Run Recap Video
  18. Why aren’t YOU?!
  19. Fickle Confidence
  20. Why I Run on Vacation
  21. My Birthday Bucket List
  22. Do You Feel The Need to Explain Yourself?
  23. Running for the Rest of Us
  24. 5 Lessons from My 5th Half Marathon
  25. Hey Weight Loss Companies:
  26. Tubs of Greek Yogurt and Bags of Kale Don’t Lie
  27. There’s a Moral to This Story Even if it’s a No Brainer. Doh!
  28. Keep Track of Your Weigh with Google Docs!
  29. 3 Days of Less Processed Food Journals
  30. Tough Mudder Florida 2012
  31. #YogaADay November Recap + 2 More New Challenges.
  32. Weekend Quote: What’s Your Priority?
  33. Do You Ask for the Support You Need?
  34. Cute Workout Clothes? Me? HA!
  35. Inspired by #26Acts

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  • Sara

    Hi Roni!
    Happy holidays!! I have been reading your blog for years and just wanted to say thanks for all the inspiration and recipes you have given to me and my family! I hope you have a wonderful New Years! I can’t wait to hear your fun surprise… wondering if there will be a baby #3?!!!

  • BigTickles

    Merry Christmas and happy holiday season!

    I wonder if a baby girl is on the way? hmm…

  • Roz@weightingfor50

    Happy Holidays Roni. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your blog posts this year, and look forward to more in 2013!!

    • RoniNoone

      Thanks Roz!

  • RoniNoone

    Thanks guys!! And no, NO more babies! :) I was talking about this…


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