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Simply Snacking on Simply Snackin

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So I haven’t done a straight up review post in quite awhile. The whole culture around them is just, well, off.

I started doing "food finds" well before any brand would even consider sending a blogger products. Blogging wasn’t as complicated then. If I found a product I liked, I’d share it. That’s me. That’s how I roll. It’s probably why I am a blogger in the first place –I have a big mouth. :)

Now big companies with BIG budgets expect you to promote things for free and it’s muddied the waters a bit. Sometimes they offer to pay which muddies it even further.

Do I accept products? Do I write a review? Should I get paid? What if I don’t like it? What if I don’t have time to write about it? What if my readers don’t like it? Is this what my job is? What IS my job?

See how my brain works. I over-analyze.

Bottom line… This is my blog and I get to decide when, how and what I write about. Most of the time I make that decision very organically (things just pop into the ol’ noggin’) but sometimes I am influenced by an email or a pitch.

A few weeks ago I was asked to try Simply Snackin, a high protein, low calorie gourmet dried meat snack.

Simply Snackin Review

Yes, if you are vegetarian feel free to stop reading now. Sorry. :)

I agreed to the request because I happen to be on the hunt for quick, grab-able, less processed snacks that aren’t high calories bars or crackers or chips. It seems most things in the convenience category are overly processed and "carby."

Plus, I’ve been on a jerky kick lately.

Anyway, when I got them in the mail I was surprised by the flavors.

  • Beef Sirloin with Cranberries and Blueberries
  • Beef Sirloin with Apples and Cherries
  • Teriyaki Beef Sirloin with Pineapples
  • Chicken Breast with Italian Seasonings and Romano Cheese
  • Chicken Breast with Black Bean Salsa
  • Teriyaki Chicken Breast with Mangoes and Papayas

FUN! I love the idea of combining meat with fruit.

Simply Snakin nutritional informationAs with most jerky-like products the ingredient lists are pretty simple. Here’s the nutritional label from the Beef Sirloin with Apples and Cherries.

It pretty much represents most of the flavors. The more savory ones have a little less sugar a bit more protein, but over all you’re looking at a high protein 60 calorie snack.

I love that they are also low fat, and low carbohydrate. That’s pretty rare for a handy, purse-friendly option you can bring on the go.

And I must say, they are satisfying. Especially the spicy black bean salsa one! Just make sure you have glass of water on hand. I made the mistake of trying that one on the run with no drink. Yikes!

Overall, I’m a HUGE fan. I just placed an order for an assorted chicken pack and an assorted beef pack because honestly, I couldn’t make up my mind. Both are really good!

I’m planning on keeping them on hand for those run out the door days. The kids haven’t tried them yet but Ryan was introduced to Slim Jims by Grandpa, so I’m hoping he’ll be game. These are a much better lunch box addition then some of the other packaged stuff he’s been into.

Oh! And I’m thinking stocking stuffers! I’m not saying I’ll ditch the chocolate all together but a few Simply Snackins may be put in the mix this year too. :)

If you are interested in ordering use the code RNPROMO when you check out on the website. It will give you 10% off.

Full Disclosure: Simply Snackin’ sent me samples. I was not paid for this and am not currently an affiliate. I will make no income from any sales that result from this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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    December 13, 2012

    Where is it made? Do they ship to Canada?


      December 13, 2012

      I think they do but the site says to call for shipping costs…


      December 14, 2012

      I tried ordering (Saskatchewan). I had trouble at the checkout. I have emailed, but am thinking they don’t.


    December 14, 2012

    7g of protein is a serving. So 8g is not quite ‘high protein’, but I agree that for 60 calories, that is a fair amount of protein. But it is also a sort of high amount of sodium.


      December 14, 2012

      Oh, I agree! I mean high protein as compared to what I normally snack on. But you’re right it’s not an amazing amount or anything. And I see the sodium as a necessary evil with dried meat, do you know any low sodium options?


    December 14, 2012

    I’ve been a fan of this product since my mom introduced me with a variety pack over a year ago:) They are great for travel. My favorite flavor right now is the teriyaki beef with pineapple.


      December 14, 2012

      HOW ARE YOU?!? I was just peeking in on your blog to see if you posted. You avatar gave me a smile this morning. :)

    William Chavez

    December 29, 2012

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    Lori Shemek PhD, CNC

    January 8, 2013

    I love this product! It has lean protein, healthy carbs to help with balancing blood sugar. Great product for snacking..and I highly endorse it.