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Cute Workout Clothes? Me? HA!

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Update: Due to the numerous complaints from readers I can no longer endorse this company. I’m sorry if you had any issues after signing up based on my post. I did truly think this was a great idea and it’s unfortunate the company has not been able to make it’s customers happy.

I loathe shopping for workout clothes. Lothe it.

Maybe it was the years of wearing hand me down sweats and wife beaters, but I just do not see the point in dropping bookoo bucks on something I’m going to get all sweaty and run in.

Here I am in 2008 wearing an old pair of Bermuda shorts and a white tee while running one of my first races

I believe that’s even a stain on my sleeve. Sad. I know.

I just never really thought about workout gear as being something I needed to worry too much about.

You find old sweats. You put them on. You move.

The equation is pretty simple.

Over the years I’ve gotten some great pieces as gifts —Remember this awesome set I my Sister-in-Law got me for my birthday?

And some companies have even reached —I still wear these Beyond Yoga pants!

But over all I still refuse spend the money required to stock my closet with cute workout gear. So when pv.body reached out, I wasn’t that interested. They deal in cute cute workout clothes and cute workout clothes are just not at the top of my priority list. Why would they be? I have enough options to get me through every season (I’ve worn the same 2 long sleeve UA tops the husband got me for Christmas last year on every cold run since) and my drawer is overloaded with old tees and tanks that serve me well.

So when I got on the phone with pv.body, I had them explain their service immediately. I didn’t want to waste my time potentially working with a brand that wasn’t a match for me or my blog.

Well, in that 5 minute conversation… I was sold.

Here’s how it works….

You fill out a short survery describing your workout habits.

pv.body review step 1

Where you like to workout.

pv.body review step 2

Your size, color preferences, style preferences, etc.

And then they send you a top and bottom monthly.

It’s like a workout clothes of the month club!

Actually, that’s exactly what it is.

Even this fashion inept girl got excited about the idea and I was ecstatic when my first little pink package came in the mail…

pv.body package

Inside was 2 pieces wrapped in tissue paper.

pv.body package inside

At first I was like, meh.

pv.body meh

The pants were tapered like skinny jeans and the top had a funny side pattern. Definitely 2 pieces I would not have even noticed in the store.

Then I put them on.

pv.body on


So I attempted to take a photo with the timer to show you.

pv.body take 1

Umm yea, let me try that again.

pv.body take 2


pv.body take 3

Come on now. I can do this.

pv.body take 4

ok, That will have to do. lol

Cute, no?

I was so inpsired I decided to do my #YogaADay pose.

Like I said, would have NEVER looked twice at these items in the store but I love them! The pants were amazingly comfortable and the top fit like a glove without being too tight and constrictive. Now, of course, every month’s clothes are going to be different so there’s no sense in me really reviewing these specific items but if they represent the caliber of clothes I’ll be getting, I’m impressed!

And I have to admit, I kind of like the idea of having cute workout clothes. When will I learn? Wearing nice clothes that fit always, ALWAYS, makes you look better then baggy old things that you think are hiding your body.

Ok, so here’s the details… pv.Body costs $49.95 montly. I know, I know, it’s sounds steep but when you consider how much a pair of good workout pants are, totally worth the value. I’ve joined their affiliate program which gives me a 20% off coupon to offer you. That makes the first monthly cost $39.96. Now that’s a real bargain! Even if you sign up, get 1 outfit and quit, it easily pays for itself.

If you are interested, use this link, and click on "Take the Quiz". That will set your preferences and you’ll get an idea of the types of clothes they are offering.

I know this service is becoming really popular among bloggers. Are any of you current members? What’s your thoughts?

I’m thinking I may review the pieces I get monthly. It will be fun, and give me incentive not to look like a slob every time I go to the gym which, unfortunately, is how I normally do look. I know. I know. The Husband makes fun of me all the time. I’m bad.

Full Disclosure: pv.body reached out to me and sent my outfit free of charge. I have joined their affiliate program which means I will make a % of each sale my site brings them via this link. All opinions expressed in the post are my own.

Update: Due to the numerous complaints from readers I can no longer endorse this company. I’m sorry if you had any issues after signing up based on my post. I did truly think this was a great idea and it’s unfortunate the company has not been able to make it’s customers happy.

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    December 11, 2012

    “Wearing nice clothes that fit always, ALWAYS, makes you look better then baggy old things that you think are hiding your body.”


    Gail Gedan Spencer

    December 11, 2012

    The stuff is cute but there aren’t plus sizes, so until they add ’em or I shrink into them, I’ll stick with my Target duds.


      December 11, 2012

      I’ll ask them in they plan on adding them. Seems like increasing size options is a natural progression as they grow.


      December 11, 2012

      Just wanted to chime in to say the same thing as Gail- I would totally sign up if they carried my size!


      December 11, 2012

      I just got word from them they are shooting to add plus sizes early in 2013!

      Emily Sandford

      December 11, 2012

      I shared this with them as well a couple of weeks ago. Haven’t heard anything back yet, but hopefully they’ll hear the cries. You look great Roni!


    December 11, 2012

    You look awesome! Love the outfit and so glad you have nice new workout clothes. :)


    December 11, 2012

    that outfit looks spectacular on you!

    Mending Jen

    December 11, 2012

    is that a sports bra tan line on your back?


    December 11, 2012

    Very, very cute Roni! I love clothes and choose cute stuff to work out in or to hike in as well as my everyday wear. I just feel better when my clothes are cute! Sounds like a great little plan to me!

    Sheri J

    December 11, 2012

    Roni you are too funny! Who else would show all those photo “mess ups”? You look REALLY cute AND comfy in those. I gotta check it out…


      December 11, 2012

      I just couldn’t believe how many times I messed up. It was making me laugh.

    Cynthia Crowsen

    December 11, 2012

    I love pvBody. They asked me to be an Ambassador also and I was skeptical until I talked with them. The two pieces they picked are nothing I would have chosen but I have worn them regularly since receiving them. And I can try out things I couldn’t find locally and return them if I don’t like them. Win all around.


    December 11, 2012

    I know where you got that rug :)


      December 11, 2012

      How do you turn down a $20 rug? lol I love Ikea! :)

    Tracy aka

    December 11, 2012

    New work out duds are on my Christmas list. I find it hard to buy them for myself. This “outfit a month” would be a great GIFT idea for someone!

    Kate Brantley

    December 11, 2012

    I joined in November and received the same pants. I did not even think they would fit but they are so comfortable! I’m skipping December (more money for Christmas gifts) but can’t wait to see what January brings!

    Tamara Grand

    December 11, 2012

    I love your balanced and honest review! I too used to wear baggy cotton clothes to the gym, but you know what they say, ‘once you go tech, you never go back’!


    December 11, 2012

    I LOVE this idea!!! But I would like to hear how you find the qaulity of them are in a month. I used to do this with shoes, but they just didn’t feel good and were kinda cheap. Can’t wait to hear what you think though!! Maybe if you still love them, I’ll buy myself a membership as my “push present” in April :)

    Lia S

    December 12, 2012

    I love the idea and the colors they’ve chosen for you. The aquamarine shades are my favorite and I hear green will be THE color for 2013 ;) I wish I could join but I live in an Arab country and I am very careful with what kind o working out gear I wear when running outside.

    Heather B.

    December 12, 2012

    You look fab in the workout gear, Roni! Very complimentary. It’s crazy how we look better in fitted/semi-fitted clothes instead of the stuff we think we’re hiding our flaws in.


    December 12, 2012

    what a totally cool concept!!! i have few pieces of clothing that i have not bought myself (how strange) but were mother’s day presents from my husband. its like i don’t want to spend the money to sweat in something nice!! BUT those are totally cute and look like fun!!! i will look into it! thanks for the nice write up!!


    December 12, 2012

    I might get myself a new set or two. I have a pair of pants I wear to the gym that are six years old and two on my shirts are from the Goodwill. Sometimes it is nice to treat yourself and the price is right also! Thanks for shareing Roni!

    Carla Chapman

    December 12, 2012

    I have a few lululemon tanks and they help me get my bum to the gym! They are so expensive, but comfortable. Love them! There is something about looking cute and being comfortable that just makes me feel better about myself. I’d compare it to wearing fancy lace panties and a bra compared to ‘granny panties’. Just puts a pep in your step.


    December 12, 2012

    Wear what makes you feel good to workout longer!!
    Reasons You May NOT Be Losing Weight
    1. You’re not exercising enough
    2. You’re not getting enough sleep.
    3. You’re too stressed
    4. You’re skipping meals
    5. You’re eating too many calories
    6. You’re drinking too many calories.
    7. You’re too lax about diet and exercise
    8. You’re slipping on weekends.
    9. You’re diet impatient
    10. You’ve reached a plateau.

    Janelle Roberts Hill

    December 13, 2012

    Yeah, I was all set to try this out when I saw that they only have up to size L. Really? I think if I was size L, I wouldn’t be so worried about working out. Fat girls want to look good when they work out too.


      December 13, 2012

      I agree they need to expand their sizes but really? S, M and L girls shouldn’t want to work out? Let’s just agree we all should have the options to have cute clothes at any size.


    December 13, 2012

    I love this idea! However, as someone in the process of losing weight, I’m not sure that it’s a good idea considering my size will change… or that I even *know* my true size yet. Hmmm… This is a really good idea for a future reward!

    Jodi T

    January 2, 2013

    Thanks, Roni. Just signed up for my first one! Had never heard of this before…thanks for sharing!!


    January 14, 2013

    Hey I’m trying to decide what size to get in the pants and top? What size did you get?


      January 21, 2013

      I did med and med. The low cuts pants are a little small though, so I probably should have done large / med. Hope that helps!