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Sensational Seasonal Sunday

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Today started with my #YogaAday pose…

…and 5 miles.

We’ve had house guests until Saturday and I needed to do something for me that didn’t involve food or cooking or cleaning. Don’t get me wrong, the holidays are AWESOME but exhausting. I found myself rewarding with food and stress eating a little. Enough was enough.

Yay for Sensational Sundays! :)

When I got back The Husband was changing a diaper and informing Ryan who won the Notre Dame game.

I put them all to work. :)

It’s time to move past sorting. I made someone do his own load this week.

He took a break to hug little brother.

They are so stinkin’ cute I could die!

Anyway, I made breakfast.

That’s a leftover sweet potato and kale egg white omelet. It was amazing! I wouldn’t have thought of that combo before but I may put it in regular rotation.

I made eggs for all the boys too.

Then it was time to clean up after Thanksgiving…

… and get ready for Christmas!

We have a tradition of putting up the tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. It gives us maximum festive time. :)

My favorite part of this whole process is going down memory lane. Here’s Ryan asking me about all our couple ornaments. He’s getting more and more interested and asks a lots questions. It’s so fun!

By lunch…

… we were getting there.

The Husband moved to the outside lights.

Yes that’s his schematic. We really are a family of geeks. :)

Here’s Ryan folding his load of laundy watching the Ravens game.

I love how engrossed they both look.

We finally finished!

Both inside and out!

I finally took a shower and when I came down The Husband started cracking up. I didn’t realize it was only 5:30. Apparently I was a little premature in the pajama department.

I didn’t care. It was a stay in the house kind of day and I was totally living it up!

Dinner was out first non-turkey based meal since Thanksgiving.

Afterwars we cleaned up and watched the rest of the Ravens game munching on popcorn in our new festive living room.

It was a GREAT day and just what I needed. :)

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    November 26, 2012

    Good for you for having Ryan do his own laundry. When I went to work full time my kids were around his age and I also taught them to do their own laundry. Helped taught them to be more responsible and took a load off of me and the husband. (no pun intended) glad you had a great weekend. Love your Sunday posts, how I start my Monday morning.


    November 26, 2012

    Morning Roni……that looks like an awesome day……is your hubby having a pepsi with his breakfast???? that is hilarious:) Hope today is awesome too!
    Michelle in Canada


      November 26, 2012

      yes! He drinks entirily too much. It’s maddening!


    November 26, 2012

    I have to ask how you became ND fans? We live about 30 mins from there….but are U of M fans: )


      November 26, 2012

      We’re from North Eastern PA and in our town you are either a PSU fan (if Italian) or a ND fan (if Irish) There were no other options. Now i’m a fan thu marriage. ;)

    Jody R. Goldenfield

    November 26, 2012

    Such a wonderful family Roni! I love how they all chip in & still have fun!!!! Beautiful!


    November 26, 2012

    I think I was about the same age when my mom taught me to do laundry…and never looked back. LOL I love that there was a schematic for candles in the window and bush lights! Awesome! Beautiful Christmas decorations!