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Last night the boys and I decided on breakfast for dinner. We ate. We talked. We, well, see for yourself…

These are the moments I never, ever want to forget.

  • Aimee

    Awesome! Love this. They are adorable.

  • Tara

    awwww thank you for sharing, this made me smile and laugh, love silly giggles like this :o)

  • KCLAnderson (karen)

    THAT is awesome :-) It reminds me that when I was about 11 and my sister was about 2, I’d chase her and tickle her and make her laugh so hard she couldn’t breathe.

  • Lee


  • Melissa

    Love it:)

  • Leslie

    Oh my… I miss those days when I could make MY baby laugh like that. (He’s 20 now, so that phase is definitely over!) Your boys are simply adorable!

  • Chloe

    Reminds me when me, my brother and sister were little :)

  • Tina

    So precious! Those are the best moments. I miss my boy being little…he is 14 now!

  • Michelle in Canada

    Priceless…….huge smile going on here!!

  • NatMcc

    We call that brinner..breakfast for dinner!

  • Deb

    omg that is awesome… Camden and Tanner do the same thing.. I love hearing the boys laugh.


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