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Roni’s Online Fall Festival: A Playlist, Fall Recipes, and Fun Challenges.

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Confession time.

I HATE winter. Hate it with a passion.

I’m always cold. There’s no leaves on the trees. The days are shorter. My skin is dry. It sucks getting out of the shower. I even have to wear shoes, for Pete’s sake!


I’d rather it be hot and humid than a cold and fidget, any day. (Although, I do like a good snow storm or two. ;)

Thankfully we do get to enjoy awesome fall to get to winter, and as much as I don’t like that it means colder days ahead, I do like to celebrate. It’s fun to welcome in all the fun fall produce, the falling leaves, the holidays, sweatshirts, and my fireplace (which I adore!)

I decided to have an online Fall Festival this year to celebrate November 1 and all that I love about the change in season, rather then focusing on the negative.

1. Fall Music

I love music and there’s nothing like a change in season to create a fun new mix. Every year the Husband and I put together our favorite summer songs to listen to on the way to the beach. This year we decided to do the same to celebrate the coming of fall.

Our mixes are always a combination old, new and new to us. This helps us discover artists and songs we may have missed because, as you know, once you get older it becomes increasingly difficult to "keep up." I’m convinced this is why our parents seem stuck in their own generation of music, and I can see myself going down that path even though I’m trying my hardest to prevent it.

Anyway, here’s this years mix. Note: All link will open in iTunes

  1. I and Love and You The Avett Brothers
  2. The Funeral Band of Horses
  3. Ain’t No Sunshine Bill Withers
  4. Yankee Bayonet The Decemberists
  5. Recognition Dinosaur Jr
  6. Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings Father John Misty
  7. White Winter Hymnal Fleet Foxes
  8. Blue Ridge Mountains Fleet Foxes
  9. Mykonos Fleet Foxes
  10. Landslide Fleetwood Mac
  11. Dog Days Are Over Florence + The Machine
  12. Sundown Gordon Lightfoot
  13. The Passenger Iggy Pop
  14. Evil Interpol
  15. Such Great Heights Iron & Wine
  16. Ho Hey The Lumineers
  17. Dramamine Modest Mouse
  18. The Cave Mumford & Sons
  19. Little Lion Man Mumford & Sons
  20. Old Man Neil Young
  21. Hey Hey, My My Neil Young
  22. Black Eyed Dog Nick Drake
  23. Question Old 97’s
  24. Beg Steal or Borrow Ray LaMontagne & The Pariah Dogs
  25. Caring Is Creepy The Shins
  26. New Slang The Shins
  27. Kissing Families Silversun Pickups
  28. The Boxer Simon & Garfunkel
  29. Scarborough Fair/Canticle Simon & Garfunkel
  30. Moondance Van Morrison

It may appear and sound like a depressing group of songs at first, but when I listen to it I’m instantly happy and mellow. I’d love any other suggestions for additions. We’ll be building on this mix all winter.

Side Note: Ryan really likes Question by the Old 97’s which I think is so stinking cute. He told me the other day that he knows the question is "Will you marry me?" then his face turned flush red. Soon I’ll be meeting his girl friends, won’t I?


2. Fall Food

I may complain about the loss of fresh berries and tomatoes but boy do I welcome apples and winter squash with open arms. I decided to finally finish my Best of GreenLiteBites for Fall.

Click here to check it out on Pinterest.

3. Fall Challenges

We all know the holidays are upon us. That means food, food and more food, at least traditionally. This year let’s be a little proactive instead of throwing our hands up and surrendering to all the temptation around us.

Accept that you will not be perfect these next two months. There’s nothing wrong with a little holiday indulgence. Just don’t let it turn into some final brouhaha where you declare New Years Day as your start over date. Lets stop that cycle together, ok?

How about we pick 1 or all of these challenges?

Challenge 1

Join me for another less processed month. Again, our goal isn’t perfection. It’s simply less processed than your eating now. For example, are you hooked on sweetened yogurt cups? Try buying a tup of plain and flavoring it yourself. Do you depend on cereal for quick breakfasts? Try eggs or oatmeal instead. Are you a soda drinker? Replace 1 or 2 a day with water or unsweetened tea.

The goal with the challenge to consciously make small changes because they will add up!

Challenge 2

I’ll be taking the Grow Soul Beautiful Instagram Yoga Challenge thanks to Alan who inspired me last month.

I saw his pictures every day on twitter and Facebook and everyday they made me smile. I’m hoping to spread more yoga joy. I did my first today..

Notice the mess in the background. It was a long stressful day that ended in more halloween candy than I’d like to admit to eating. Instead of throwing myself a pity party I decided to strike a post. The best part? Ryan wants to do it with me.

Will you join us? If you do, leave a comment with your instagram name. I’d love to follow along!

Challenge 3

Find a Turkey Trot near you! That’s right, run or walk this Thanksgiving. Bring the family and if they aren’t game then sneak away. It is totally worth it! Note: Many have 1 mile walk options if you aren’t up to 3 miles yet. Click here to search and see if there’s one by you!

Ok, so now you have new music to listen to while cooking some fun new fall dishes, doing yoga, and training for your turkey trot.

Don’t the next couple of months sound fun now?

Hey, I’m trying here! Have you been outside? It’s cold as crap out there! ;)

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    Lauren C.

    November 1, 2012

    Since you seem to like the Shins, I have to add “The Past and Pending,” which I’ve always thought is the quintessential fall song!


    November 2, 2012

    I’m going to give this a try! Just posted day 1 pose! My username on Instagram is: honeyishrunkthemom And wow, I am NOT very flexible. I could really use some yoga in my life. LOL


    November 2, 2012

    Harvest Moon by Neil Young is a must! Love the rest. I am doing the #YogaADay challenge too. I love Fall.


    November 2, 2012

    This is such an uplifting, positive post. The music suggestions are great, as is the attitude that you intend to make the most of what could have been a sad time. I love it. Thanks.

    Jennifer von Ebers

    November 2, 2012

    yeah – not looking forward to winter – at. all! And I’m in Chicago! It was 34 degrees walking almost 2 miles to work today. #notfun!

    Kathy Osburn

    November 2, 2012

    I’m in SoCal and even I hate winter!!! Give me the heat any day compared to the misery of cold and windy!

    Sheri J

    November 2, 2012

    This is not a fall song but I LOVE “Wicked Game” by Roy Orbison or Chris Isaak.Those sultry voices are great for fireplace cuddling. I also LOVE Michael McDonald’s voice –you can tell I am old school, right?


    November 3, 2012

    Great post….I love, love, love fall…and this is such a great way to get ready for the “W”.


    November 3, 2012

    Great post! Some of my favorites are up there! I think I would’ve had a heart attack if you hadn’t included Mumford and Sons, as they are my ABSOLUTE favorite fall band. The Avette Bros also do a song called Murder in the City that is one of my favorites.

    Arlene Hittle

    November 8, 2012

    Wow … I was just thinking about whether I should sign up for a Turkey Trot, even though I know I won’t be able to run the entire distance. Thanks to your gentle shove, I’m going to “just do it.”

    I’ve thought about the yoga a day challenge, too. I have a timer app … but how do you prop up your phone to take the pictures?


      November 8, 2012

      I just lean it on things. It’s been working like a charm. What timer app are you using? I really don’t like the one I have.