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Lions and Ninjas and Zombies Oh My!

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That’s the boys and I on Saturday after our community’s Halloween parade. Both kids had a blast! We are hopping Hurricane Sandy lets us dress up again this coming Wednesday.

Speaking of, we spent most of the day preparing. They have already canceled school for tomorrow and I only see it turning into another day or 2 depending on power outages.

At this point all I can do is watch the storm unfold.

In other news…

I’ve been keeping up the food journal pretty well. Click here to see recent entries. It’s been fun and I love the challenge of taking a semi-decent photo on the phone. I also love that it stops me from just grabbing mindlessly out of the pantry. Although I did sneak a handful of pirate booty today.

I saw Paranormal Activity 4 on Saturday night with friends and had so much fun! I don’t care what the reviews say, I went in for creepy, cheap scares and that’s exactly what I got. I thought it was way better than the last one.

Finally, I ran the Run For Your Lives 5k Saturday morning and had a BLAST! I was a little worried going alone but it ended up being no big deal. I wore my Tough Mudder shirt which is an apparent ice breaker when in a group of runners. I was also equipped with the GoPro and that always invites lots of questions.

This race is a one of my favorites. It’s basically a 5k trail run with a few obstacles and ZOMBIES! I mean really? It’s like fall fun defined.

Here some of the footage I shot…

My final time was 41:07 and I think, if I’m reading the results correctly, I came in 6th in my age group. Either I’m getting fast OR there aren’t many 30-39 year old women interested in running from zombies. lol

Here I am with my medal post race…

I will definitely be doing it again.

OK, I’m signing off. Hope you had a great weekend. Stay safe!

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    October 28, 2012

    You sure do seem tired for just a 3-minute run (the length of the video)! Haha, kidding. I just want to go and do the water slide part! LOL


      October 29, 2012

      LOL There were long boring moments of just running. I’m getting better at the 3 min edit. ;)


    October 29, 2012

    Omg that run looks like so much fun. WAY TO GO!! I want to do that! You have major arm strength to be lifting over those barriers (I cannot do that just yet)!!! Curious what was so scary about the zombies? Did they come out and spook you? (In the video it looks like they’re just standing there, lol).


      October 29, 2012

      Some chase and some don’t so as you pass them you never know!


    October 29, 2012

    One more comment from me… your food photos are delicious. I can’t wait to try the cucumber, cheese and raisins (hmm, maybe craisins) combo! The yogurt and seeds one too. Keep them coming!


      October 29, 2012

      I actually like craisins better but I was all out. :(


    October 29, 2012

    That video was awesome! I think my husband would love to run away from zombies. Stay safe with the storm coming. Being a New Orleanean I can appreciate what you are going through!

    Jennifer Leigh Rose

    October 29, 2012

    Catching up on your blog…. Definitely makes me want to get back into my running routine! The events you do look like so much fun!


    October 30, 2012

    Zombie Run looks like so much fun. Wish we had one of those here.