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Weekend Quote: Inaction

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“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” -Dale Carnegie

Looooove this quote. It’s so true for me. When I’m busy DOING things I spend less time feeling sorry for myself. I realized this a long time ago.

This weekend I’m putting this quote to the test. I just got back from a date with the husband. We had dinner and went to an art gallery opening.

Look! Someone took my picture! :)

I’ll post more about that on The Unworldly Travelers when I have a moment. Tomorrow I have a U8 soccer game to attend, FitBloggin’ swag bags to stuff, and dinner planned with a ton of friends. Sunday is all about The Tough Mudder and a conference call with the hotel about the conference.

I should seriously be sleeping now. huh?

Anyway, my point is “go out and get busy” it’s so much better sitting around doubting your ability to reach your goals.

Update: I posted about last night! Go check out MATSURI MEMENTO MORI on TheUnworldlyTravelers!

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    September 8, 2012

    Thank you for taking the time to put up–You may also like.
    I find all kinds of interesting things there.

    I know from experience that inaction is such a lose of time in your life. I wish I would have started a bucket list in my 30’s instead of waiting until my 60’s. No one should live with a list of should of, could of, or would of.


    September 8, 2012

    Thank you Roni for putting this up. I was feeling low this morning because I took a long walk yesterday to pick up last minute stuff for my best friends baby shower. My legs hurt last night and even now. Just a reminder recovery from surgery is slow.

    But even though I’m bummed to not be my old self I’m going to have a healthy breakfast. Pop two tylenols and o enjoy my best friends baby shower today. :)

    It will get better and tomorrow I’ll go for another walk.

    Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy

    September 8, 2012

    I love that quote! I needed it today :)


    September 8, 2012

    Love this quote. I think this is why I’m feeling the happiness I’ve longed for – I’m out there doing something about it!

    Greg Kuhn

    September 8, 2012

    Thanks for this post Roni.

    When I examine my fears, I’m always scared of things that have never actually happened to me.

    People have told me that fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.


    September 8, 2012

    Roni I thought of you quite a bit this weekend – its amazing how you can feel like you “know” someone by reading their blog. TOday I did the bird in hand, pa half marathon and the entire time I was running it I was thinking “wow I wish I had a video camera hat thing like roni” … the views, the Amish kids, the country side. It was awesome. Not my best run but definately the prettiest.

    I just posted about it for my friends/family but unfortinately no pics of the scenery or the amish kids giving out water, or the awesome 9 year old that passed me!

    Good luck on your tough mudder coming up… you have inspired me for that too. Im about to go back and reread all of your training post and get some ideas. Im getting a team together for June 2013!


    September 8, 2012

    I have been wanting to sign up for crossfit class..but I’m just wasting time thinking about if I can…if I’m to out of shape.


    September 9, 2012

    Love the quote! I will take this one with me tomorrow as I start the week. you look beautiful in your dress and I loved your post on unworldy travelers. Sounds like you guys had an awesome time, what a fun night!


    September 10, 2012

    Roni — I have to say, you are rocking the summer dresses! That other one you posted (turquoise, I think?) was gorgeous, and this one is stellar! Love, love black and white patterns like that. I’m just used to seeing you in your photos in other types of outfits. Your dresses make ME want to find such pretty dresses to wear. And I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal, like 95% of the time :)