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A Cleaner Eating Day

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I fear saying "clean" eating because everyone defines it slightly differently and I’m not about to get into an argument about what it is or isn’t. To me "cleaner" simply means no processed carby things and minimal stuff from packages.

A naive definition, maybe, but it works for me. Anytime I try to get too technical with my diet (Specific number of calories, low carb, Paleo, etc.) it backfires. I get all obsessed and The All or Nothing Mentality sets in.

Instead, I make a conscious effort to focus on eating things in a simpler form while still enjoying convenience items like bacon bits or packaged cheese. Hey, it’s better then a diet of pretzels and s’mores like this weekend.

After 1 day I already feel great!

Today was quite busy with FitBloggin’ things flying at me from all directions. I started my morning with a workout and that always helps me set the tone for the day.

In the morning I made this with some leftover butternut squash

It was a perfect breakfast and I have the other half for tomorrow!

The rest of the day I picked on a couple things while working and then I experimented with these for dinner…

Cheesy Kidney Bean Burgers. I’m not sure anyone will like them but me but if you want me to I’ll share on GreenLiteBites.

Ok, I think that’s all I got in me tonight. I’m going to head to bed early. Considering waking up to take a spinning class tomorrow morning before the kids wake up. I haven’t tried it in awhile and I feel like mixing things up a bit in the workout department.

Oh! and tomorrow’s weigh in day! I’ll post mine first thing. Expecting a gain. :(

What Why
Super Quick Butternut Hash with Bacon Bits (click here for the recipe) with a scrambled egg on the side I waited until I actually felt hunger this morning and then made the hash. SO good!
Quick tomato salad (3 large one from the farm) sprinkled with basil salt (click here for the recipe) I’ve was craving this. SO GOOD!
Miso soup We ordered in last night and I saved this for today.
2 Cheesy Kidney Bean Burger patties with salsa and roasted broccoli I had enough ground beef for 2 bugers so I decided to experiment with this idea for myself. Very yummy!
Banana Berry Soft-Serve Brought out the old yonanas machine! :)
2 mile run + BodyPump + walk with the kids to the park
Totally rocked it today.

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    September 5, 2012

    Cheesy kidney bean burger sounds good. If you have time I’d like the recipe. If you are too busy don’t worry about it.


    September 5, 2012

    I like the Butternut Hash with Bacon bits..I think I’ll serve this with my family..I like your menus for keeping it simple and clean but also filling to your stomach. I hope you share more great recipes!


    September 5, 2012

    Oh Roni…you MUST share the kidney bean burgers…if not with everyone then just me… I’m kidney bean obsessed! I’ve been told I’m strange that way! :D


    September 5, 2012

    I think you are on to something by not trying to be any one specific diet person.Struggling right now to figure out what fits for me right now.

    Great article! I’ll have to try this myself sometime. With my own twists, of course. ;)


    September 6, 2012

    It’s posted!

    norton norris

    September 21, 2012

    Really delicious. I want to try this at my home and hope it will come good. I gonna try Cheesy Kidney Bean Burgers and will come back to you I succeed in my experiment.