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Bonus Bosu Squats and Spaghetti Squash

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What a great Monday! I’m not quite sure how I did it, but I accomplished SO much: a run, a new logo for a new site (hint: I’ll be checking off something from my bucket list REAL SOON!,) grocery shopping, a long walk with my baby, a new recipe and corresponding post on GreenLiteBites, even a load of laundry!

It probably helped that Little guy was in camp so it was just Baby and me. We had fun too! He’s super into trains and mega block and stacking the sprinkles from the spice cabinet. :)

Anyway, I’m popping in before bed to share a quick video and my food journal.

I haven’t mentioned it in awhile but I am still training for that Tough Mudder in September. Saturday morning I work out with my friend, the trainer, and he always has new stuff for me to do. This weekend it was this…

He had me mix that into a circuit and hold it for 30 seconds I think. I felt it in my legs for 3 days. That’s how effective a move it is. I had to share.

My plan is to post at least 1 fun workout idea video a week. He really comes up with some non-traditional things that make working out fun.

Here’s my food journal today. I went a little spaghetti squash crazy.

It was that good!

What Why
2 egg omelet with onion + peppers + spinach + tomato plus some melon breakfast
2 servings of Spaghetti Squash and Tomato Bake (click here for the recipe) Have to use up the squash and tomatoes from the farm share somehow!
Edameme Nibbled while The Baby ate lunch
granola bar afternoon snack
1 serving of Spaghetti Squash and Tomato Bake I was hungry and it was still a couple of hours before dinner
leftover pork chop with a side of Spaghetti Squash and Tomato Bake Yes, it’s that good! :)
Banana Soft serve made with strawberries and blueberries I used the new Yonanas machine I got for my birthday!
4 mile run + a long walk with baby
I’ve been lazy in the water department.

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    July 31, 2012

    Work it girl! Wish you were my trainer!


    July 31, 2012

    No you wouldn’t. I make a better trainee than a trainer. I hate telling people what to do. lol

    I would LOVE to have those ropes in the basement. I don’t have a Bosu yet but I’ve got a Reebok balance board I could use for those. That looks like an awesome exercise!


    July 31, 2012

    Thank you, thank you for the spaghetti squash recipe! Although my husband has been on board for all my crazy diet changes, he’s a little reluctant in the vegetarian department. I’m currently doing VERY low carb to lose my last 12 pounds and this will definitely help. I can’t wait to see how it tastes with those Jersey tomatoes – yum!


    July 31, 2012

    Every time I go to Target I go by the aisle with the Yonanas in it–is it worth taking up the little space I have in my apartment kitchen??? I do like the banana ice cream and make it often.


    July 31, 2012

    I’m planning a whole review on it. I’m torn. I don’t think it’s a necessary tool but it sure is fun and I do get a really good texture out of it. If you are already making it successfully in a device that’s working for you, I wouldn’t run out and buy it.


    July 31, 2012

    Great post! Your legs look so strong! I did a boot camp class yesterday and by the end of my 90 seconds on the bosu doing bicep curls I was shaking so bad I thought I was going to fall off the bosu. I have mixed feelings still about working out sometimes, great that I am doing something so good for my body, but also “Man, this hurts, can I be done already?”. Your posts are always so inspiring. Also cant wait to try the new recipe. YUM!


    July 31, 2012

    I’m looking forward to your Yonanas review. I love banana soft serve, but think I should just stick to my food processor…but…the yonanas looks so EASY!!!
    Have a wonderful Tuesday Roni!!!!


    August 2, 2012

    I made this tonight for my family. YUM!!! I used a can of petite diced tomatoes instead of fresh so that it would be more kid-friendly (smaller bites). I gave my kids (ages 5 and almost 3) a bite before dipping up their plates and they both asked for HUGE helpings on their plates. Winner! I could eat the whole thing myself. thanks for sharing this!


    December 29, 2012

    I am so amazed when I found your website, I was looking and on a hunt task for recipes that I think are smart, healthy, and fun. But then, I stumble upon your blog which looks really great. I feel like I found a jackpot! I am a health enthusiast because my line of business is into medical stuff. I have a pill dispenser business. You see, health is always on my mind and I came across your recipe and this is really remarkable. Thank you so much!


      January 1, 2013

      You are so welcome! Glad you found me. :)

    Ashley Hubbard

    September 11, 2014


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