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Blue Toes and Fireworks

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It’s summer!

Today I treated myself to a quick pedicure. Summer just isn’t summer for me without blue toes.

I spent most of the day working. Getting done almost all of what I needed to. Even posting the Simple Peaches and Cream Smoothie that I mentioned on Sunday.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed because the to-do list never seems to get any shorter but then I realize… Hey! I’m my own boss!

That helps relieve some of the self-imposed pressure. :)

After work I made a quick dinner (recording a fun video for GreenLiteBites too!) and we took the kids to play putt putt. It was fun even though I got my butt kicked by the husband.

On the way home he HAD to stop here…

Ugh. I’m not the biggest firework fan but we came home and lit them in driveway. The kids had a blast and I had fun watching them watching the fireworks. :)

What Why
1 egg/1 egg white omelet with yellow squash, scallions and bacon bits Breakfast. Shared the second egg with Little Bean. He’s really into eggs too. :)
orange Because I was hungry and it totally hit the spot!
Tuna Roll + Shrimp and Avocado Roll + small green salad We hit our cheap sushi place for lunch again!
Turkey burger on a lettuce bun and a side of green beans Quick dinner. We had a family date at the Mini golf place.
Small Diet Snowball Dessert with the family at the golf place
greek yogurt with frozen blueberries and a sprinkle of cocoa nibs I was genuinely hungry. This was perfect!
run to the gym + BodyPump class
Better than yesterday


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    July 4, 2012

    I just got a pedicure too… and I ALWAYS get blue/blue-green. Can you believe that the place I went had NO blue/blue-green choices?!?!


    July 4, 2012

    My place had slim pickin’s too! What’s the deal?!

    Toes look cute! Smoothie sounds delish! Great food journal. I don’t seem to do all that well with water intake either. Water is just so…boring! Ugh!