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A Farm Friday Date Night

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Just popping in quick to share my food journal and our farm share this week. The Kids and I picked those raspberries, beans and cherry tomatoes. It was so fun! We also got edameme, a melon and a spaghetti squash!

Later, The Husband an I did dinner and movie. He chose sushi. Again. It cracks me up how obsessed he is with the California roll, but I welcome it over his old addiction of McDonald’s. :)

We saw Batman. I liked it but I was expecting more. I think the second in the trilogy was much better. Don’t throw stones, I know I’m in the minority. Everyone else seems to love it.

Anyway, just a quick food journal. I’m feeling really good these days. I almost grabbed a slice of pizza the babysitter left just because it was there and then I said to myself, no, no, I Like How It Feels. :)

What Why
2 egg omelet with onion + peppers + spinach and a few bites of shredded wheat with frozen blueberries back to my eggs!
Lemon Chobani Late morning snack
Portobello panini will share this on greenLiteBites. I made a light lunch using the last Portobello cap I bough last week.
cliff bar snack ont he run split some with the kids
picking at the farm cause I’m picking fresh veggies and I HAVE to taste test.
Split 4 maki rolls with the husband on out date night! He’s obsessed and I’m totally ok with that! :)
popcorn + unsweetened iced tea my go to movie treat!
rest day but I was out in the fields picking for about 45 minutes.
a little better today. Honestly, I’m just being lazy and not filling up my jug.

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    July 28, 2012

    That’s an amazing amount of produce you have there! My husband and I have been going to our CSA every Saturday morning (on my way there in a few minutes alone as he has to work this morning :-( and we have not gotten some of the vegetables you have, mostly greens. Last week we picked the cherry tomatoes, green beans and blackberries. We also put in a little work at the farm in the form of weeding which is great exercise. I’m discovering greens I’ve never eaten and learning new ways to cook them. Last week I made collards for the first time! I’m hoping for some of those Jersey tomatoes this week.

    Your share looks awesome! So happy that my veggie garden is doing really well this year. My cucumbers have been amazing!! I love date nights too:)

    Greg Kuhn

    July 28, 2012

    I would love to raid that table, Roni. Last night my wife and I had awesome salads with spicy peanut dressing. Now that’s easy for me to feel good about!


    July 30, 2012

    Beautiful veggies and fruit! Are those half and half squash? Amazing! Nice work resisting the pizza urge :)


    July 31, 2012

    THey are half and half.. so pretty!