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I’m here! Made it to Seattle!

My plane didn’t leave until 2PM so I spent the morning packing, tidying up, and cooking. I had to leave the boys with SOME food or I fear The Husband will live off the fast food.

He probably still will but I’m not. going. to. worry. about it.

Really, I’m not.


Anyway, thought I’d share my travel food journal. Spending 12 hours traveling is quite challenging!

This morning I made myself a quick smoothie for breakfast. Honestly, I wasn’t that hungry after the chocolate chip cookie fiasco last night but I refuse to skip breakfast all together. That always ends in disaster.

On the way to airport I had a Uber bar from Larabar

They sent me samples to try when they came out. I didn’t think I was going to like them but I must admit, pretty good. Basically just a much of nuts and dried fruit held together loosely with some brown rice syrup.

My flight was delayed and after sitting at the airport for 2 hours I started to get hungry. With so much junk around I decided not to fight it. I didn’t want to get too hungry and regret a quick decision later. So I grabbed this…

It cured my growling stomach but it wasn’t very good. Not sure what I expected from the airport news stand.

I made it to Houston with an hour between flights and scrambled to find something to eat that didn’t come on bread or with a side of fries. Success!

That was a burrito bowl sans rice with beans, chicken, roasted veggies, and bit of cheese.

TOTALLY hit the spot.

On the plane I ate the other Larabar I had in my purse and shared some Pringles with another passenger. I don’t have any pictures because I shut off the phone. I would have used my regular camera but I forgot the battery.

That’s right, I dragged the camera clear across the country battery-less. ugh.

I did find a camera shop a few blocks from the hotel so I’m hoping to pick up a spare. I really wanted it while sight seeing on Sunday.

Anyway, here I am in the hotel room.

It’s 3AM my time but I don’t feel that tired. I think I’m too excited to be here and I’m already loving my alone time. looking forward to the conference and exploring the city of the next few days.

More later.

Good night! :)

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    June 8, 2012

    It really is tough avoiding the junk food when traveling but you managed and survived. The last time I was at an airport I even bought a banana there..even my hubby was shocked. I never would have done that before I started losing weight. Enjoy Seattle!

    Great food choices! Hope you have a fun time:)

    Aren’t airport restaurants the best? (Dripping with sarcasm) We were in Honolulu in the middle of the night last month and the only thing open was Quiznos where we ate the most expensive ($26) subs in creation. ERG!!

    Have fun in Seattle!


    June 8, 2012

    Glad you made it there safely and nice job on the food choices while traveling! Enjoy every minute of it.


    June 8, 2012

    Have a great trip!


    June 8, 2012

    I love Larabar’s. I haven’t tried those ones, but like the traditional ones. Such simple ingredients- what’s not to love?! My daughter (2) loves them as well- a GREAT snack on the road (or air!). Happy Trip!

    Wow, you did GREAT with your eating while traveling! It’s often so easy to just give in and have an excuse to eat poorly. I’m curious what smoothies you make. Do you use a particular brand? As you can tell, I’m asking for a reason ;)


    June 8, 2012

    I LOVE Seattle, have an awesome time! Make sure to make it to Pike Place Market,


    June 9, 2012

    Deanna – I don’t use a mix. Sometimes I add protein powder but that’s about it. Here’s where I share my ideas…