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Full Force FitBloggin

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I have 82 days left until the conference and it’s BLOWING MY MIND! I spent the whole day doing things. Emailing, planning, updating, promoting, stressing. It’s time consuming yet doesn’t feel like work.

I think that’s how you know you’re doing what you’re suppose to doing. Right?

It’s nice. :)

I got the Who’s Comin’ Page updated. Most of the speakers bios are up. The schedule has been update. I also started going through the applications for Assistants and wrote tons of follow up emails.

I feel so productive! Yet much still to do.

I’m nervous about it but excited too. It’s definitely a roller coaster ride.

Anyway, I also posted a new idea on GreenLiteBites. Yummy Sweet Mozzarella Caprese Quinoa Salad.

The conference, the recipe and a double kid doctor check up appointment was pretty much my day and now I’m spent. It’s time for bed!

What Why
Protien shake experiment Working on a post for a client. Have to integrate it into my food intake!
Sushi with husband AGAIN. 1 spicy tuna roll 1 calofornia roll + miso soup We found a super cheap lunch place close buy. This may become dangerous.
orange + a few pretzels Was a little hungry and hit the pantry on the way out the door.
grilled buffalo chicken wrap sans the blue cheese sauce + some of the family fries Dinner was out too. It was an "on the go" type of day.
strawberries & watermelon YUM! nighttime snack with Little Guy. :)
run to the gym + BodyPump
Lacking today and definily feel a difference.

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    June 29, 2012

    YAY!!!! So excited for FitBloggin’!!! We will be there!!! :)


    June 29, 2012

    You are amazing Roni. All that runnin’ around, and still runnin’ to the gym and working out!!!! Glad FitBloggin’ is coming together. One day, I would so love to attend. Have a fantastic Friday!!!


    June 29, 2012

    I know you mentioned in a recent post that you’re not following WW anymore, and that you’re doing your own plan instead. I was wondering, when you get the time, if you could elaborate your new eating plan. Like do you keep a running total of your calories so you know you haven’t gone overboard or what? I’m very curious as I have been following your blog for a long time now. Thank you for your truly honest posts. It’s so nice to know others out there struggle, too, even after they’ve lost the weight.


    June 30, 2012

    It’s in the works! :)