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I’ve been in overdrive since yesterday.

Recently, a soon to be mom asked me what is so time consuming about having kids and I honestly didn’t know how to answer. They just are! I feel like every moment of every day is spoken for and it’s exhausting!

But I wouldn’t have it any other way. :)

That being said today was fairly productive.

It all started with my favorite breakfast.

I really missed my morning eggs!

After breakfast I caught up on some work. I have a sitter come in on Tuesday and Thursday so I can devote some undivided attention to work. This morning I was in FitBloggin’ follow up overdrive. I spend 3 hours simply sending and replying to emails. wow.

I really didn’t have time for lunch as I also had a few errands to run. I grabbed a svelte.

They sent me samples to try and I must admit… not bad! I was expecting a slim fast taste but they are creamier with a nice sweetness. I’ve tried the chocolate, vanilla and now the Spiced Chia which I didn’t think I’d like but it ended up to be my favorite. Totally reminded me of a gingerbread cookie!

Notice the husband in the background. He was running out the of the shot because of his hair. He’s turning into the Alien guy…

and is begging me to give him a hair cut. lol

Ahhh I love internet memes.

Anyway, I heated up lunch for the kids while they played on

A couple of hours later I was hungry so I made a Greek Yogurt Parfait minus the Parfait. ;)

Irish wasn’t amused by my little joke either.

Before I knew it, my best friend and Godson came to visit. They were stopping by for dinner on their way to a Orioles game.

How cute is that picture? They are 12 years apart. TWELVE! Creepy in a holy-crap-I’m-OLD kind of way.

We went to a local pub. I had a cup of Maryland crab soup and this…

That’s tuna, veggies and sweet potato fries.

Afterwards we headed to Barnes and Noble. Someone’s at the prime train table age.

That same someone is also almost walking!

Before we left. Cold Stone. I had chocolate yogurt and peanut butter with a couple of reese’s.

Let’s call that a craving. :)

It was a great day! I was productive at work, spent time with my boys, and caught up with an old friend. Now all I have to do is clean the house. lol

Oh! I spent some time pinning fun summer recipes too. I even made a burger only board all while munching on my frozen grapes. :)

MAN do I love frozen grapes! I shall be stocking up when they are on sale.
This is NOT a sponsored post. svelte send me samples to evaluate. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions expressed are my own.

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    The picture of you is beautiful!!


    June 13, 2012

    Love that pic of you! And looks like you have a mystery daughter (who looks a lot like my cousin’s daughter, Peyton!)


    June 13, 2012

    I always felt the same way about how being a mom just took so much time and I could never explain to my husband what I did all day when he asked me!


    June 13, 2012

    Thanks Shelley! I should have mentioned she’s a long time family friend. Her and Ryan have known each other since 6 months!

    Kim |At Home With Kim

    June 13, 2012

    I just stumbled across the Fitbloggin conference site…. I mentioned it to a friend and we are thinking of trying to meet up and attend. PS ~ I have not yet tried the frozen grapes, but hear they are delish on a hot summer’s day… adding that to my to~do list this week. :-)

    Looks like a great day! I’m going to go throw a few grapes in the freezer. My co-worker used to rave about them and I’ve always forgotten to do it!


    June 13, 2012

    Cute question the soon to be mom asked. My sister had her daughter when my youngest was almost 3 and she says to me all the time..yeah I thought you were crazy before I had her but, I totally get it now. Children up your game….they are awesome. Going away is fun but coming home again is heavenly!


    June 13, 2012

    OK…I admit, I laughed at your parfait without the parfait joke. “Irish, it is SO funny!!! BTW, nice belly!”
    Irish is a carbon copy of our late tabby Raleigh, who used to lie like that if he was hot. Our current cat Neva lies like that ALL the time. She’s a tramp and will let anyone rub her belly. Better her than me I guess. Have a great day Roni!!!!


    June 13, 2012

    Cold Stone Peanut Butter Perfection is the bomb! My absolute favorite. I’ve never tried frozen grapes, but maybe it is worth a try. Did your banana soft serve mixed with frozen strawberries. My husband loved it. He eats way too much ice cream and this substitute is a winner.

    Lauren T

    June 14, 2012

    I’ve never heard of Svelte before. How long does it keep you feeling full? I love chai, so I think I may have to try those! Also, I just can’t get over how adorable your sons are!


    June 14, 2012

    Thanks so much!

    Honestly, I didn’t notice a difference between svelte and my normal breakfasts. It’s a large serving, takes a while to drink and kept me pretty satisfied.