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A Few Fun Food Photos and a Training Update

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I worked out this morning! Seems so minor with my training schedule and all, but honestly, I’ve been out of sync since the weekend.

Monday I was still sore from the Half so I decided to take off, Tuesday I was simply too tired to get out of bed, and Wednesday I was just not in the mood to go.

Like I said, I’ve just felt "off" but this morning I was ready to get back into the groove. With only 10 days left until the Mudder, I can’t stop now!

I’ve updated my training page so you can see what I’ve missed.

In the food department I’ve been making conscious choices overall but again struggling with nighttime snacking. That’s what happens when I get into a funk.

I didn’t keep complete food journals each day like Monday, but I did snap a few fun shots throughout the week so I thought I’d share…..

My original Mommy and Me omelet partner. Breakfasts are our special time and always will be. :)

My second breakfast partner and I sharing the only fruit he’ll eat consistently.

Not quite a food photo but so cute I had to share. He enjoyed our 2 mile run this week.

How do you say no to a Triscuit offer from that face?!?

Long story but I had to record a video for The Laughing Cow and that was the subject. I’ll post the link when it goes live on thier site.

Been eating this all week! Seriously in love and sad I only have one bowl left. :( (Click here for the recipe.)

Dinner the other day all cooked on the grill. Noticed my hacked potatoes. I split both with the kids have been doing it that way for ever. They get the middle I get the skin.

My favorite breakfast smoothie: Banana, blueberries, spinach, protein powder, cocoa powder. Click here for the specific recipe (sometimes I use kale, sometimes spinach just depends on what I have on hand)

Lunch yesterday. Notice I did not succumb to The Husband’s McD’s offer. :)

After school snacks.. those darn pretzels have been haunting me all week — SUCH a soft spot for them.

Tonights dinner. This was SUPPOSED to be a recipe for GreenLiteBites until I dropped it. lol Still tasty but I’ll have to make it again before I post. It was a fun burger idea I was experimenting with.

A fun drink I made up tonight. I just wasn’t in the mood for water. (Click here for the recipe.)

That was FUN! I may have to start sharing random pics more often. I must admit I’m a little snap happy. Taking pictures makes me happy but I also don’t like to be a slave to the camera so I walk away from it too. That’s why I could never do consistent photo based, daily walk through posts like the ones on Sunday. Sometimes you just have to be without the thought of how to capture the moment for a blog post.

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    May 4, 2012

    OK I love the promise of VLOGS but find I never have the time to watch them (even my own :) ever).
    I adore the pictures and the RANDOM most of all.
    For me it is such a glimpse into who the blogger is.
    What s/he loves and makes a priority.
    What motivates her.
    I also may or may not spend eons looking around the periphery of the photo.
    checking out the stuffs and clues to you,errr, the bloggers life :-)

    you know, until I just come and visit and all…


    May 4, 2012

    As wasteful as this seems to me sometimes, I have been only buying pretzels in the individual packs for my kids. For whatever weird reason, I will not eat them that way. But if I buy the regular size bag, my hand just goes in and once it starts….


    May 4, 2012

    Kudos for you to not having McD’s and sticking to your plan!

    Have a great weekend. I haven’t done any exercise since my half marathon last weekend, but I’m going to do SOMETHING tomorrow!


    May 5, 2012

    Never apologize for the pictures! I love them – and enjoy them all the time!