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…I, we, seized the entire weekend! I mean we seriously sucked the marrow out of it. These pictures were taken in order starting Saturday morning.

That’s a frame from one of this weeks Tough Mudder Training video. I’ll post more tomorrow!

Big Brothers are the best breakfast entertainers.

My giant egg/multiple egg white omelet with onion, spinach and bacon bits.

The Husband reading about our new compost bin. I picked one up from the county at a discount and then hit up Trader Joe’s WITH my re-usable shopping bags. I’m trying! :)

Glove prep and sword play.

Lunch! I had A Cuban-esque Sandwich. The boys requested hot dogs and carrot sticks.

Ready for the park!

Running the bases.

Walking the grounds.

Swinging. :)

Sliding. For more picture of the Little Bean’s Weekend check out Toddler Times. I’ll be sharing more there tomorrow! I just can’t help myself! Update: It’s posted! Click here for Little Bean Weekend Adventures!

Post park treat!

It was too nice out NOT to wash the cars.

Out to dinner with friends. I shared a vegetable delight with Little Bean. He ate a little tofu, broccoli, noodles and rice. I’m not giving up on my he eats what we eat rule. Click here too see what I’m talking about.

Carnival’s in town! The boys HAD to go on the Tilt-a-Whirl.

Best. Face. EVER.

The next morning. . .

Pre 9 mile run this morning! I listened to podcasts and enjoyed the hour and half out pounding the pavement. Well, actually it was just over 1:41. Not bad with 2 weeks until the half!

Brothers bonding over waffles.

Hike Prep.

My passenger.

My Walking Buddy.

I left the boys EXHAUSTED! (We came home from our hike the same time Dad came home from his football game.)

I had a date with a friend at Cold Stone and then we went to see The Cabin in the Woods. A very entertaining flick for my fellow horror movie fans.

Dinner on the grill! Click here to see what I did with those pineapple slices!

I cooked. He played. Little Bean ate. And Dad weed wacked.

It was the most amazing, active, product, weekend EVER.

  • Sana

    You make me want to get married and have kids! Sooo much fun :)

  • Nancy

    Great Weekend! I’m amazed you went on a hike, with a baby on your back, AFTER having already run 9 miles. You are one fit chick!!!!! :-)

    I have to ask. Did you cook the beans in the can on the grill? Does that work? I never thought of doing that, but it seems genius!

  • roni

    Yup! I’ve been doing it for years! One less pot. :)

  • Teresa

    Roni, what half are you doing? My next is the Iron Girl in Columbia. It would be great to meet you!

  • James

    Looks like a fun weekend!

  • The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh

    Looks like a wonderful weekend! LOVE your son’s face on the slide! Hilarious!!!

  • Jenn@slim-shoppin

    I also brought my own bags to the store finally! Usually they are in the trunk and I have to get plastic bags every time. Great weekend Roni!

  • Sherri

    Great pics as always.

    I noticed the dinner plates you have and I think I have the same ones. I need to replace them because most are broken but the store I got them in over 20 years ago is out of business. Any idea where they came from?

    P.S. You have been such an inspiration to me. I started running a few months before my 45th bday. I am now outside and considering signing up for a 5k soon. Thanks for all you do!

  • Tina

    What a kick-ass post, Roni!!!! A family with so much ENERGY! Love the photo of the boys bonding over waffles. I also love the one of you and little bean walking around the park… good gravy you’re looking tiny! I also am in awe that you did a hike after a 9mile run!! Just curious… what time do you go to bed on a weekend like this (in order to get an early start on a Sat./Sun.)?

  • Andrea

    Jenn and Roni–Reusable bags FTW! Great job!

  • roni

    Teresa – I’m doing the Ocean City half on the 28th. It’s my anniversary so we are making a weekend out of it!

  • roni

    Sherri – My Mom bought them for me when I graduated college. I think she got them at Boscovs. It’s a local department store.

    SIGN UP FOR THE 5K. You’ll have a blast! :)

  • roni

    Tina – I didn’t make much past 10:30 this weekend. Normally I stay up to midnight but this weekend I was spent! lol

  • Becky

    Awesome weekend all around.
    P.S. Cold Stone really is FANTASTIC ice cream.

  • Laura

    I saw Cabin In The Woods this weekend too!! Thought I’d hate it but I agree – it was entertaining!

  • connie

    the grilled pineapple looks delicious. Curious if you can heat any metal can on the grill. that is so smart. I am all for 1 less pan and easier cleanup!

  • roni

    I’m sure someone is going to tell me I’m killing myself but I’ve been heating in the can for years. As long as it’s liner free. Some cans now come with a white liner that I wouldn’t trust over high heat.

  • connie

    thanks Roni. some would say my Diet cherry coke daily with crushed ice will kill me and I say..At least I will die happy LOL Thanks for the tip!

  • Elizabeth

    Which podcasts do you listen to?

  • roni

    I’m trying a few out and will post a list in the next few weeks! Yesterday it was Jillian and 60 minutes. :)

  • shauna marie

    Man – I feel like I didn’t do ENOUGH! Killer time on your run btw – I ran my last half in 2:43 so you’re kicking my butt!

  • roni

    Thanks! I’m shooting for under 2:30. I’d love to average 10 minute miles but I doubt it.

  • Tina

    Wow, you’re able to stay up till midnight and still have Sensational Sundays! Awesome. I’d be sleeping until 10am, lol.
    I also wanted to add to my earlier post above that the egg breakfast you made yourself looks DELICIOUS.

  • kay kessler

    Hi Roni! So inspiring! I am making the next step to a 10K and then maybe a 1/2 by next spring. Do you have any adivce/tips? I am wondering about water accessories, diet, etc…I like to stay low carb for the most part and wondering if this is even possible kicking it up to the next level. Any feedback would be appreciated.
    Keep up the good work! Very proud of you and look forward to seeing your progress and updates!

  • Laura James

    Wow! What a weekend! I hope to be as awesome a mum as you are when I have kids one day lol. Composting rocks! I compost everything (everything compostable anyway) and use it on my veggie garden, so it goes full circle. I know it’s a little odd for a 24 year old to have a compost and a veggie garden but whatever =) I have to say that I am a bit sad to admit I didn’t see any “birds” in this weekend update =P. Keep up the awesomeness Roni!

  • roni

    HA! I told the husband the same thing! I said, you know I’m sharing a bunch of photos of you and no bird? Your fans are going to be disappointed. lol

  • roni

    Kay – I don’t have much advice in the diet arena, I think I’m still trying to figure it out for myself. I have added more protein/fruit smoothies since working out but overall my diet is the same.

    As for water, I don’t carry any. I have a handheld water bottle from when I trained for the full but only used it on runs over 10 miles.

    Hope that helps a little. :)


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