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My Monday in Food Photos

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I thought it would be fun to photo food journal today. I wanted a bit of extra accountability after my fun, indulgent weekend.

I decided to start the day with a nice glad of water and a grapefruit. I wasn’t really hungry but I didn’t want to skip breakfast.

Late morning I cooked up the most amazing soup out of some stock I made on Friday. I was hoping to get it up on GreenLiteBites today but I just ran out of time. Tomorrow, I promise. :)

Lunch was more soup and a hard boiled egg sandwich on a whole wheat bun. Notice the husband’s snack of choice in the background. lol

Afternoon snack.

Bean had some too. :)

Another afternoon snack.

An after school snack. Cucumber slices smeared with the Laughing Cow and turkey pepperoni.

Dinner was a mish mosh of leftovers. I had beans, broccoli and leftover chicken tenders from takeout.

Finally, and I almost forgot, an apple smeared with a bit of almond butter.

That’s all I have in me tonight. I’m off to bed. Tomorrow’s an early morning work out day!

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    May 1, 2012

    Alright! I’m not the only one who peels her grapefruit like an orange!


    May 1, 2012

    I just recently started doing it! SO much easier!

    I love mish mash dinners. The other day we had mini chicken tacos and vegetable spring rolls. Mexinese!


    May 1, 2012

    oooo–looking forward to your GLB post. I have several jars of fresh made stock in the fridge. I’m packing most of it up today to freeze–but some nice soup to go with my salad would hit the spot.


    May 1, 2012

    How did you cook the broccoli on the grill? I’m new at grilling and am experimenting with veggies.


    May 1, 2012

    I just put broccoli (fresh or frozen-whatever I have) in an aluminum or grill pan with a little olive oil spray and some kosher salt. throw it on the gril and shake while it’s cooking. Frozen only takes about 10-15 minutes, fresh a little longer, maybe 20-25. I do this with Brusseles sprouts and cauliflower too!


    May 1, 2012

    Your dinner looks yummy! Not to be a nag but you really shouldn’t heat up a can with a white lining (will contain BPA’s). You actually should really try to avoid eating canned foods that have a white lining the BPA’s are linked to lots of health problems.


    May 1, 2012

    I noticed that your family eats turkey peperoni, hot dogs and luncheon meat. From the packing I have seen it seems that they are not nitrate fre but maybe I am wrong. I was wondering if you buy them nitrate free. Maybe it is the pediatric oncology nurse in me but most of the doctor’s I work with say if they could have people forgo one food additive it would be nitrates. They are so carcinogenic and so many stores now carry nitrate free products due to consumer demand.