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Post-Party Sunday-ness

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It all started with my tough mudder training. I’m proud of myself this week. I had to do a little shifting of the schedule but I completed all workouts except a run that I plan on doing tomorrow. Basically I swapped my Monday rest day for this past Friday to prepare for the party.

I’ll post more details tomorrow but here’s a peak at the stations we set up…

When I got home I made myself a smoothie for breakfast. After yesterday’s food-fest it seemed like a nice light way to start the day.

I used banana, frozen blueberries, spinach, almond milk, cocoa powder and protein powder.

After breakfast I decided a warm bath was in in order.


A few laundry bombs to kick start our chores.

Notice Grandpa in the doorway. :)

New birthday toys to play with.

Lunch time!

I made the boys grilled cheeses.

And I made myself a fun wrap using this new yumminess…

Click here to check out my Sweet Cinnamon and Pear Chicken Wrap.

After lunch we were ALL tired.

Baby went down for nap and we decided to relax and watch some golf.

It was my idea. I knew it would knock me right out and it did.

I had the bed head to prove it.

Post-nap we cleaned up, kept the laundry moving and I made The Little Guy lunch for tomorrow.

I’ve been slacking on the lunch box ideas. I think I just needed a week off. I’ll start posting again this week.

Dinner was homemade pizza again.

It’s really the perfect meal for our Sunday night picnics.

We ate, we watched and someone practiced their walking. :)

It was a low key day/night ending with the family putting away laundry, baths and stories.

I really had one of the best weekends ever. I’m going to bed with a big smile on my face ready to tackle another week of craziness!


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    March 19, 2012

    That pizza looks delicious! I had homemade pizza too. Just wondering – for people (like mwa) who don’t have a trader joes handy, what would you recommend doing for the crust? I’m slightly lazy in regards to making my own.


    March 19, 2012

    That’a SOOO funny that you put golf on to take a nap! I thought I was the only one! I think it’s all about the soothing voices and affirming crowd clapping…BEST naps ever!
    Another great Sensational Sunday post…I really look forward to these every week!


    March 19, 2012

    Dion – I normally only buy Trader Joe’s or make my own ( but I’ve seen other whole wheat options at the grocery store now. I think even boboli has one. If that’s not an option use tortillas, flat breads, english muffins, etc. Honestly, I can make pizza on anything. lol Here’s all my pizza-ish ideas…


    March 19, 2012

    I LOVE the pic of Lil Bean crying! I have a few of my lil guy like that and they always wind up being my faves of the bunch. Too cute! I was not up for a workout today and after reading this I am getting mu ipod for a run. Thanks for reminding me how good I will feel afterwards!


    March 19, 2012

    Yep golf is my nap inducer as well. Little bean looks like my son when he is sleepy…and mine is 3! Once he starts the whining, crying out of nowhere and is clingy, time for a nap.


    March 19, 2012

    Good for you for taking a nap and a bath!! You deserve it.

    Quick question, does Ryan ever lose the tops to your lunchbox individual containers? I need to buy my little guy a lunchbox but I am worried he will forget/lose the tops!


    March 19, 2012

    In 2 years we’ve only lost the little one and to be honest, I think I did. lol


    March 20, 2012

    HI Roni, I love your family shots. AWWW…little Bean…glad the nap made him feel better. I’m such a goof to say this, but “Hop on Pop” was by FAR my favorite book when I was little. My parents used to read it to me, like your hubby is to little Bean. I remember too, when I learned to read, I’d read it back to them, even though I wasn’t reading, I knew all the rhymes off by heart (and still do). Fun. I STILL have my tattered old copy….I didn’t have kids to pass it on to, but I cherish it…that, and my old copy of “Green Eggs and Ham”. Thanks for sharing the family pics, and inadvertently giving me a trip down memory lane. Have a great week.